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December 07, 2006


Pietro Bartoli


It is a shame how the media distorts stem cell. I know of a very good lady who recently died of neurological disorder and tried the more radical remedies overseas--it did not work. Even the practical science, at least at this point is overrated.

But the media makes it look like Galileo or the Scopes trial and us neandrethal Catholics as stupid. Kass at the U of C (I think Jewish) has had some good articles also.

Ed Peters

Yes, a very good, if obvious, choce.


Congrulations, Dr. Haas!

I knew Dr. Haas back in my St. Charles Borromeo Seminary days. Though I never took a class with him, I discussed theology with him on a number of occasions, and attended a couple tapings of his televised "St. Charles Forum."

Ed Peters

SDG: fine article in CWR.

David B.


You REALLLLLLLLLLLY liked that article, did you not?


Also, as evidenced by its July 11 press release on HPV, Dr. Haas is gradually changing the NCBC's previously erroneous position on conscientious objection to immoral vaccines (conscientious objection being supported by, among others, the PAL, the CMA, American Life League and Human Life International).


SDG: fine article in CWR.

Thanks, Ed! Finally got my copy of CWR, so now I can return the compliment -- great write-up on the BBC Panorama piece!

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