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November 03, 2006



I say we nuke 'em!


Longest. Photo. Caption. EVER!


"Great. Just great. 'Meet me at the Great Wall,' she says. 'I'll be the one holding the red fan,' she says."


Did one of the Chicom bigwigs want to fly a kite that day?


I think it was a plot to blow fallout from the North Korean nuke test toward Japan.


It could be the longest line of people in history; maybe they were trying to get into Guinness. (Why am I suddenly thirsty?)


It'll never work. We have the biggest blowhards in the world right in Washington DC. Just adjourn congress for an hour and call for a group press conference on the East steps of the Capital building.

Tim J.

"And this is a picture of my Fan Club..."


Oooooo. Polyvalence. Good one Tim!

Brian John Schuettler

Oh, oh...the Chinese are trying to break the Sixth Seal. They have no idea what they are doing...This could be the end..."And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig, when she is shaken of a MIGHTY WIND." Where is Superman when you need him???


Did you author this background story yourself!


So Exelon can now sell "red energy" along with "green energy"??

Ed Peters

I went to school with Wink Blinkely. I wondered whatever became of him.

Mary Kay

Best thing I've red today.

Ann Margaret Lewis

I bet you could see them from space.



Did you see this Chastity Video yet? It's the Chastity Rome-Chick Blues Video!

Here is the link...



David B.

Well, it appears that the Chinese are trying to remind us that they are, after all, Communists, and are aligned with North Korea. >:->

David B.

"5,300 volunteers took part in the event, part of a series to gear up the Chinese capital for China's first ever summer Olympic games."

"volunteers." Yeah, right.


I wondered why it so windy in Detroit today...


""I can't give any details on precisely how this photo arrived in our hands," said Blinkley, "but let's just say that the photo has touched off a crisis that is Cingular in the history of Sino-American relations.""

I hope the writer meant "singular". I don't believe this would be any sort of cellular moment in history... :/

Jared Weber

Oddly enough, the Boxers Association did actually accuse Westerners of causing the droughts of the late 19th/early 20th century by standing (naked) on their rooftops and using bewitched fans to blow away rain-clouds.

Sorry for the intrusion of my nerd-dom here.


"Where is Superman when you need him???"

He's in the picture, near the upper left, but his back is to the camera, so all you see is his cape. (What reporter did you think broke the story?)


He took the picture, too. (Hey, the guy *does* have super-speed).


Bishop Morlino from Madison, WI has a message on the important issues for everyone before you vote. Here it is…





'The Chinese found a solution for Global Warming.'

I knew this was fake when I saw the Red Fan/Hot Wind thing. That's like saying 'Beef Stew' means 'Fried Hamburger'. :D


i wonder if anyone's ever heard of HAARP??????

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