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November 16, 2006


Brent Robbins

I wouldn't trust anything the Russians give as evidence. That's just me, though.


Looks like a cut-and-paste job to me, unless he's another Dorian Gray.

Nathan Tyler

If that photo is real, that is Ahmadinejad.

Jeb Protestant

The guy on the left does not look 25 years younger than the guy on the right.


Noses get larger as people age. Apparently we are expected to believe that Ahmadinejad had a 50 year old looking honker at the age of 25.

Ann Margaret Lewis

Correct photo or not, didn't the hostages, who had been in his presence for 444 days, say he is one of the hijackers? Why don't we take the eyewitnesses' account for it?

Just wondering.

If he did have bags around his eyes like that back then, why doesn't he look a whole lot worse today?

I think he does look a lot worse today.

Correct photo or not, didn't the hostages, who had been in his presence for 444 days, say he is one of the hijackers? Why don't we take the eyewitnesses' account for it?

Just wondering.

Yes, Bruce Laingen, the charge' d'affaire of the embassy, first brought it to the attention of the press, that they are one and the same.


The two posts above are mine. Last time this happened, I wrote down when my name disappeared. It was one week ago today. Guess it's something that I'll have to keep in mind for the future.


"It would severely inflame the U.S. public against him "

I doubt it. We have very short memories. What passes for our media doesn't really care so it won't be in our faces day afte day.

What would he care if the American public is inflamed? The American public is irrelevant to him. He is on a mission from Allah, after all.


Same face, different ears. Do ears get bigger with time, too?

Ed Peters

Prescinding from what terrorist acts one might have done 20 years ago (notice I said "prescinding", not excusing; one can still go to hell for something one did 20 years ago if it is not repented of, so, prescinding from that), if one is currently the head of a terrorist state (assume "head" by sufficiently free choice, etc), doesn't that make one a terrorist today?


yes, ears and nose both get bigger with time. scary isn't it?


Do ears get bigger with time, too?

Yes, actually, sometimes.

FWIW, I looked at the larger version of the image up close in Photoshop. The earlier photo is of significantly lower image quality than the newer photo, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. There are jpg artifacts, but no definite visual evidence of tampering that I can detect.

Which is only to say, if it's Photoshop work, it's good clean work -- which of course does happen. I'd say examination of actual prints of this photo from the time (if any) are the only way I see to settle the question.

IMO, if the photo is authentic, it's a startling match, and apart from possible age considerations I would say it's definitely the same guy.

Regarding the question of how Mr. Ahmadinejad may or may not have aged: Surely Mr. Ahmadinejad and/or his family could produce photos from this timeframe that would help settle the question of what he looked like at the time?


The picture is new, but this story has been going since before he was "elected". I think he's the same guy, but it doesn't really matter. What he's currently saying and doing is alarming enough for us to topple the regime. Because of the elecion, our hapless president, and Europe's dhimmitude, we won't and I expect mushroom clouds over Isreal, Iran and probably other places.


Correct photo or not, didn't the hostages, who had been in his presence for 444 days, say he is one of the hijackers? Why don't we take the eyewitnesses' account for it?

Because eyewitness identification is notoriously unreliable. See the research of Elizabeth Loftus at the University of Washington. (I might also mention the example of John Demjanjuk, who was "positively" identified by former inmates of Treblinka as "Ivan the Terrible," a guard who had abused them. It turned out that the identification was completely erroneous. The fact that he may have been a guard at Sobibor rather than Treblinka does nothing to validate the identification of those who were "sure" that he was the guy at Treblinka.)


Someone alluded to this, but if we could get clear photos of each person's ears, it could be determined if they are one and the same. Ears are very unique, and are often overlooked.


There is no discernible detail in the area of the neck in the alleged 25 year old photograph.

c matt

I could see the Russians wanting to get the US more riled up over Iran, enough to make us do something rash. If the US got involved in another Iraq-like debacle, it would pretty much finish us off as the pre-eminent international power broker paving the way for Russia (if it can keep favorable ties to China) to become the true world power player. For better or worse, Britain has pretty much hitched its influence wagon to the US. It seems Russia is hitching its wagon to China, and a ploy like this could help derail the US.


... If the US got involved in another Iraq-like debacle...

I highly doubt that. Our current resources are already spread so thin as it is.


The bags under the eyes could be from fatigue. Revolutions are tiring, and one doesn't necessarily get one's beauty sleep. That said, the "earlier" photo does *not* look 28 years younger to me. Of course, he could be one of those people who age but whose features never substantially change - you can always tell it's them.

I would not be inclined to trust eyewitnesses from almost 30 years ago; they're unreliable enough when they're fresh. However, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it turned out to be true that Ahmadinejad was involved in the hostage situation.

What I wonder is: if Ahmadinejad denies having been involved, why doesn't he just release a picture of him from that era to quell the nonsense? Although I suppose he may not have one, for any number of reasons.

My final concern is this: even if it is Ahmadinejad in the picture, as far as I know it's only "reported to be" one of the hostage-takers. He could have fought in the Iranian revolution without being involved in the attack on the embassy, and that would account for the weapon and fatigues.

It's a pretty thin rope to try to hang someone on, IMHO.

Tim M.

Ditto on the above...

maybe it is him and maybe it is not him.

I know that I did some things 28 years ago that were very illegal and very stupid. I am not the same person that I was then.

and I would be whistling dixie out of my nose with happiness if my picture today looked the same as it did my senior year in high school : )

Mark P. Shea

I'm skeptical 'cuz they look about the same age. I could be wrong though.

The age is too close
I wished I looked that good as I did 28 years ago

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