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November 02, 2006


Ann Margaret Lewis

I wonder how many people know #6 is from The Prisoner?

Cool video.


This makes two straight videos that I've been able to hear, but not see. Anyone have a suggestion?



Evil non-working video thingy...


It worked for me...and scared me to death. Putting children into huge beach balls and throwing them into the water...not the smartest idea.

Scott W

Number 6: I am number six.

Homer: I am not a number! I am a man!...Oh wait...I'm number five. IN YOUR FACE NUMBER SIX!

Seriously, go out and rent or borrow all seventeen episodes of The Prisoner. Cheesy 60's effects, but an excellent show.


Help me out, who does Number 6 refer to?


BabyBro raves about that show since reruns ran on TV back in the early '90s. I've never seen it, though.

Scott W

Help me out, who does Number 6 refer to?

Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Prisoner

Rob in Maine


How do they breath? Running in a watertight plastic ball must use up the oxygen.

Unzip the pod door, HAL.
But Dave, you're bubble is running out of air and you have no helmet.


These Yahoo videos never work for me either.

Brian Day

The Firefox (www.mozilla.com) browser used to be buggy about playing videos. I haven't had any problems since FF2.0 came out. If all else fails, fire up (evil) Internet Explorer.

I see at imdb.com that "The Prisoner" is available in DVD. Cool.


No good, Brian. I use Internet Explorer, and it isn't working.


No good, Brian. I use Internet Explorer, and it isn't working.

Are you under any kind of firewall?

Ed S

Try depressing the "control" key as you click the "play video" button and then be patient for a moment. On my computer, it's a pop-up issue.



You might have to be a Yahoo subscriber. Go to Yahoo.com and register.


Hmm . . . interesting. Child Occupied Beach Balls. Or, "C.O.B.B." for short. Perhaps this is a veiled reference to "Cobb," the former colleague that Number 6 meets in the first episode.

It may also be a reference to the second episode, "Chimes Of Big Ben" which has the same initials.

The more you watch the show, the more connections like this you start to see.

Dave Mueller

The only #6 I know is in Baltar's imagination (among other places)


Fans of the prisoner should check out "The PrisonBear". So a search for it on YouTube. Someone with a lot of time on his hands has encapsulated several Prisoner Episodes into two episodes of The PrisonBear, which is performed completely by plush animals...and yes, filmed on location at PortMeirion.

Be Seeing you!


A million new video formats, and none of them work.


I couldn't play it on my PC at work, but on my shiny new iMac at home it works just fine!



I believe you must be a Yahoo.com subscriber to view the video.

Jared Weber

This looks like such an incredibly bad idea. It's got to air tight to work at all (limiting your oxygen) and if you happen to puncture it on anything (rocks, tree branches, your own keys which you forgot to take out of your pocket) you're absolutely screwed. Eesh.

It won't work for me either and I'm not about to joint some Yahoo group.


I subscribe to Yahoo and I have a Mac. But I still get only sound.

(Maybe my Mac's not shiny enough. Would it help if I sprinkled it with holy water?)


Yahoo subscription not required. My shiny non-Yahoo-enabled iMac, running the latest version of OS X, has no problem.

Holy water unlikely to help, but not likely to harm either, unless applied very, very heavily.


Hey there, SDG!

Actually caught you on Life on the Rock!

Just a suggestion though, you might want to ask that they replace the picture they've got of you, the one they put up when you're telling the reviews of a movie over the phone.

I didn't know exactly what you were looking at during the time it was taken, but it almost appeared as though you were looking out into space! ;^)

Fr. Erik Richtsteig

Reminds me of an idea I had a few years ago; The Toddler Freedom Ball. It is modelled after freedom balls they have for hamsters. (Good thing I will never have kids eh?)

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