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November 21, 2006



JA for Pres! :) Congrats, buddy - good to see you enjoying a great hobby like that!


Good on you Jimmy. I know you will be a great president.

At least it might keep you away from taking photographs of mud for a while! lol

I would also like to know, if it's not too personal, how your diet is going. I sent the picture of the meal which you photographed on your stove to my daughter; I had never seen such a clean stove top! lol


Of course, you can promote the club by introducing a liturgical square dancing program at your parish. But then you would have to write a chapter condemning yourself in the next edition of Mass Confusion. Oh, the dilemma!


I think it is appropriate here to say:


Congratulations Jimmy!


Congratulations! You are a man of many and varied interests! Probably the only multiple-dead-language speaking/radio personality/Catholic apologist extraordinaire/author/square dancer in the world!



God speed... jimmy aikens

Scott W

Square dancing was a required PE class in my elementary school in Virginia. Of course we would make up our own calls like, "Take your partner, swing her around, throw her in the toilet and flush her dowwwwwwwnnnnn.


You can do it. Congrats and have fun with your new presidential projects!


Wow ... Jimmy for President. Who woulda thunk?

First, Square Dancing.
Then, the United States of America
Last stop, the first non-Cardinal elected Pope in a long, long time.

Ed Peters

Mr. President, please outline your square-dancing club's position on the following important matters: 1) the border fence; 2) the war in Iraq; 3) Roman relations with the Orthodox; 4) flat tax; and 5) discipline in public schoools.

Thank you.


What Ed Peters really wants to know is where can he buy his Jimmy Akin for President! YEE-HAW! cowboy hat?

Take care and God bless,


The President-Elect's spokesman has asked me to pass on his answers:

1) The Border Fence: "I'm in favor of it; it keeps my neighbor's dog out of my garden."

2) The War in Iraq: "Let's win it!"

3) Roman Relations with the Orthodox: "Only after marriage."

4)Flat Tax: "I'm against it; flats are enough of an aggravation without having to be taxed for having one."

5)Discipline in the Public Schools: "What discipline?"


You inspire me to run right out and find a dance class! I think I'll opt for ballroom dance though, after watching 'Strictly Ballroom'. Maybe we'll do square dancing next, if I can find a club.

Ed Peters


Jason in SA

Better update your curriculum vitae, pal.


Congratulations to the president-elect! Just look out for the interns... (I think I'll stop the post there.)


I used to love square dancing when I was a munchkin, but now I don't remember the steps. I wonder if they have a club here in DEE-troit?...

Congrats on your election, Mr. President(-elect)! And for the record, I'd vote for you for other presidential positions as well. I want a Jimmy Akin for President cowboy hat! :-)


And then a former president of the club turned to me and said, "Jimmy, what I want to know is: Would you be willing to step forward for the office of president?"

I was flabbergasted.

I wonder if this is how Karol felt when he was asked to become Pope? ;^)

Jimmy Akin




Actually, the thing that sprang to mind was Pre-16 watching the guillotine fall at the most recent conclave.

Matt C. Abbott

Kewl! I, too, enjoy dancing -- ballroom dancing, in my case:




Actually, the thing that sprang to mind was Pre-16 watching the guillotine fall at the most recent conclave.

JIMMY AKIN, You're both a Scholar and a Gentleman!

Usually, it's often the Humble (like our Blessed Mother) who acts thus when bestowed with such a great responsibility!

Not that you'll be helping to save the world anytime soon in this capacity, but, hey, who knows just where all this square dancing may lead to in your case! ;^)

(Besides, I think with your great apologetics, in a way, you already are!)

God Bless you, My Brutha!

John F. Kennedy

Being President is a lot of responsibility. Just have your glavel handy.

Good luck.

John F. Kennedy

John E

When can we expect to see "Square-dancing with the Apologists" on TV? Would you be a contestant or a judge?


Thanks Jimmy - I e-mailed a couple of the close-by ones. :-)


It's true what they say -- if you don't attend meetings, you're the one who gets drafted! :)

Looks like I'll have to address any emails as Dear Prez...

Bill, great answers!


Jimmy, now that you are in a position of power, i'll let you in on a little line that will get you out of every jam:



Jimmy, I would pay a million dollars to see you on next season's "dancing with the stars."

Watch out Emmitt! Here comes the real deal.

mary martha

I guess everyone figured you weren't busy enough!

Good luck as president.

Square dancing sounds fun... but I am more into Swing Dancing myself (which is incredibly fun with lots of great people!)

Sunny in Cali

what is round dancing?
I've done a square when I was a kid.

Jimmy Akin

It's basically ballroom dancing with a square dance caller.

In other words, you're doing ballroom dancing, but you don't have to have the dance memorized in advance. The caller (known in round dancing as a "cuer") gives you oral cues on what you're supposed to do next.

Square dancers like it because they're already used to taking oral instruction during the dance on what you're supposed to do next.

See this link for more info:


Some Day

These dances seem to be the remains of what used to be a more organic and familiar society.
It is one of those legitamate pleasures of the people that are rare. Now most people go to obscene dances.
It says a lot of good things about you Mr. Jimmy.

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