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November 29, 2006



On the topic of the "Little Black Book for Girlz" ... just looked it up on Wal-Mart.com and it's nowhere to be found. I wonder if they're getting smarter.

Randolph Carter

On the matter of the matter of the Playstation: It was my thought that everyone who wanted to buy a Playstation 3 should have had his worthiness tested by (get this) playing a videogame on the system, and the people who performed the best would get to purchase the system. Everyone else would have to wait out in the bushes until someone who got to purchase the system walked by, at which point they would leap out from behind the foliage, grab the game, and make quick tracks.

Alternatively, we could have just had everyone who wanted to purchase the PS3 stick his hand into a tiny box, which would then use nerve induction to cause his hand a great deal of pain. If he managed to keep his hand in the box until the ordeal was over, he would get to purchase a PS3; if not, then we'd jam a poisoned needle in his neck and he'd die. Quite economical if I do say so myself, thought it *might* be illegal in some states.

Joy Schoenberger

The blog you linked for the Little Black Book For Girlz says it's no longer sold at Walmart.


So we shouldn't shop at Walmart, Hugh Hewitt says we shouldn't shop at Target, I can't shop at Toy's R Us because they R incompetent. Where, oh where do I go to buy Mr. Potatohead for a Christmas present???

Tim J.

"The blog you linked for the Little Black Book For Girlz says it's no longer sold at Walmart."

Wow! That was quick.


They sell condoms at Wall-Mart...how is it that enough outrage can be produced about a book that promotes immorality, but not products that make it "safe."


Anyone try to buy a greeting card at Walmart recently?

The last time I need to get a birthday card for someone, and I happened to be in Walmart, I had a very hard time finding one that wasn't sexual in nature, or containing crude jokes about bodily functions, etc.
I was disappointed, and a bit surprised.



Do you honestly propose eliminating the mystique surrounding the sale of these ridiculous games, thereby depriving these lovely people of the ability to resell them on eBay for (literally) thousands of dollars? The idea!


Jimmy, I want to pick up on your comment re: B16 being a 'man's man'. I've been awestruck by his courage & composure in the face of his adversaries. I'm also wondering if those who (loudly) espouse a Male Spirituality for the Church are taking note. About all you have to do is follow in his footsteps & do what he's doing.


Really nice portrait, by the way! Do you sell sketches and such on ebay like onionboy? (my other favorite catholic artist.)

Tim J.

No, Monica, but I'm getting ready to start my own internet "project". My current pricing strategy (cheap) is part of that.

Call it market reseach.

I have already had very interesting results elsewhere (a private message board), and thought I would run up the flag here at Jimmy's, too.

Thanks for the nice comments. Monica was the mother of St. Augustine, my patron.

Eileen R

Kris, I think the Little Black Book was so outrageous because it was actually targeted at kids, young girls, and the contents were all about separating these girls from their parent's advice.

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