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November 06, 2006



Especially pray for South Dakota, where we are confronting the abortion culture head on. We need prayer support in this spiritual warfare.


Prayer to Continue to Fight for God
Lord, if your people still have need of my services, I will not avoid the toil. Your will be done. I have fought the good fight long enough. Yet if you bid me continue to hold the battle line in defense of your camp, I will never beg to be excused from failing strength. I will do the work you entrust to me. While you command, I will fight beneath your banner.

St Martin of Tours, Italian Soldier, Hermit, Bishop pray for us!

Take care and God bless,

David B.

And for Missouri, that they won't be fooled by amendment 2, which seeks to make human cloning a constitional right.

Dave Mueller

I pray that people won't sit this one out because the GOP has made its share of mistakes while in charge. Putting the Dems in charge would be a much greater disaster, for babies and other people. The terrorists are hoping for a Dem landslide, need we say more?

Amy P.

Amen, Dave.

I also believe this will be a turning point for religious freedom in this nation. From same-sex marriage amendments - like in Wisconsin - to the likely prospect that another Supreme Court seat may open up before 2008, it's imperative we don't allow the anti-life, anti-religious, party to gain control now.

The results would be a disaster. Especially for people of faith. And don't even get me started on the issue of national security. The terrorists are HOPING the Democrats win; it will open the doors for so many of them to attack, threaten, and kill Americans and assault Western values.

The GOP is far from perfect, but when you weigh the options, I'm not willing to sacrifice my faith, my morals, my values and my safety by not voting at all.

John E

Here's a Voter's Guide on specific issues put out by Priests for Life. Page down for state-by-state issues.

In Colorado we're hoping voters vote Yes on Amendment 43 which defines marriage as being between one man and one woman and vote No on Referendum I which creates something called "domestic partnerships" between same-sex non-related couples that are exactly the same thing as "marriage" in the eyes of the law: everywhere "marriage" and "spouse" are mentioned, "domestic partnership" and "domestic partner" will be inserted.

Jamie Beu

As Dennis Miller said, "you've got to vote, even though the choices often look like deciding between the 3am showing of 'Beastmaster' on Showtime vs. the 3am showing of 'Beastmaster 2' on Cinemax."

I'm beginning to wonder just how much it would take to have a truly effective 3rd party in this country - especially one that runs on the Catholic principle of right to life (from conception to natural death) as well as issues of social justice (e.g., comprehensive immigration reform, wages, education, racism, etc.)domestically and abroad. Unfortunately, neither party (right now, at least) fully represents the Catholic political position.

Please pray for our country, both on election day and everyday thereafter. "Put not your trust in princes..." (Psalm 146:3)


The choice is (as usual)between bad and worse. Make sure worse loses. Vote early and often.


Personally, I've noticed significantly larger numbers of pro-life democrats recently. But maybe that is just me.

I think we make a big mistake when we expect government to "fix things". There is a reason why "I'm from your government and I'm here to help" is the punchline to jokes.

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