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October 24, 2006


Rob in Maine

Out of the mouth of babes? Here is one for you...a sad tale.

My non-religious sister in law once took her 5 year old boy (now 25) to the local mall around Christmas time where there was a Nativity display (wow! That dates this story!). After being told the child was the baby Jesus, he replied, "Why does he have a swear word for a name?"

Funny? Cute? In this case, what came out of the mouth of the babe was awfully sad.

John E

"babble language" -- Perhaps she was speaking in tongues?


When I first saw this pic about a month ago it made me laugh and cry at the same time. What a precious moment these parents caught, and what a lesson it teaches all of us who are blessed to see it.


Awww, that's a sweet photo. What lucky parents, and what a lucky child.

Whenever we pass the picture of Benedict XVI at church, I always point to it and say to my toddler, "Look, there's the Pope!" Now, whenever she sees it, she'll point to it and say, "Pope! Pope!" It's too cute.

 Josephine Gatchell

This picture is so beautiful I saved it to my pictures, this is truly how we should talk to OUR Mother of our Thrice Blessed Lord, Blessings

Pio Magnus

I must have seen you at mass Joanna, because on sunday this cute little toddler starts pulling on her parents, pointing at the picture of Benedict XVI and yells "pope! pope!"

She also had learned "door! door!"


I've seen this picture elsewhere--I sure hope I can come close to having the faith of that young girl. Also, it reminds me of a similar experience...

At mass a while back, at the point of elevation, a young child in the back of the Church shouted out "it's JESUS!!." Our Pastor's face just exploded into joy. Following mass, Father, usually a rather austere fellow, thanked the young child for the exclamation of faith--all the while wiping back tears.

Children really are the best believers.


My 1 year old son babbled "grace" the other day. We were just about to begin when he started "talking" quite convincingly, with his hands clasped, nodding and intoning just the way we usually do. He was so sincere that when he was done we all crossed ourselves, said Amen, and started eating!

I love this picture.






Pio Magnus, if you live in North Dakota, then that's a possibility! Do you?

Mark W.

Did anybody notice the date???


Anyone else notice the date on the newspaper is one year after 911?

I was wondering if it would be possible to get this in raw, digital format online. The scan of the clipping is somewhat smudgy and I would like to make more copies of it.

Anyone know if this is available somewhere?

Catherine L

StubbleSpark--that came from the Clarion Herald (the newspaper of the Archdioces of New Orleans). Their archive only goes back to 2005, but you could contact them to see: http://catholic.org/clarionherald/

J.R. Stoodley

Notice not only the date but the location. I wonder what happened to that family.

A Simple Sinner

I think this is an excellent example of why we should retain the statues, icons, frescoes, stain-glass windows in modern churches. The parish I attended grade school at was built in the "Spirit of V2" and was as plain and sad as a catacomb.

On weekends I spent with my grandparents I got to go to their parish - the fourth oldest in the Archdiocese of Detroit. I remember as a little kid just being fascinated by the fresco of angels & saints behind the altar, wanting to know all about the saints in the stain glass windows, thinking the Marian side altar was so beautiful. I would beg my Grandmother to go up to it after Mass and light a candle where we could say prayers for people.

It isn't smells & bells - it is pious and beautiful.

I certainly hope this family has not been devestated by the tragedy in NO. We should say a prayer for them.

My Cat's Name Is Lily

"Except you become like little children, you will in no wise enter the kingdom of God"....


So cute!!!!

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