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October 27, 2006


Jeff Miller

Actually I think this was the first of a new series.

"At his Oct. 25 weekly general audience, Pope Benedict said he would begin a series of talks about important personalities of the primitive Christian community, beginning with St. Paul, often called "the 13th apostle."

Tim M.

As he began his General Audiences on the 12, he "named" the series to come with the talk on March 22, 2006, "THE APOSTLES: Witnesses and Envoys of Christ"

And Pope B16 has intimated "calling" his new series, which began with St. Paul on Oct. 25, 2006

"The Figures of Men and Women of the Early Church"

This is taken from the first paragraph of his address on St. Paul, "Today we begin to approach the figures of other important personalities of the early Church."

so, I would guess that Barnabas would be on deck or in the hole. I, too, would guess that he would take more than one week for St. Paul, as with St. John.

One comment and gone as per Rule 1:

Hopefully, B16 will use JD Crossan and JL Reed's book, In Search of Paul, as one of his reference guides. The book does not involve historic Jesus studies. One of the great aspects of the book is the review of archeological sites to/from where Paul traveled to include many pictures and drawings.

Jimmy Akin


Compliance with Rule 1 does not mean that you get to bring up JD Crossan once per thread. It means that you do not get to bring him up *at all.* (Or at least not for a long time.) You've shot your wad on this subject. Leave it alone.



Kevin Miller

I think that the series on the Apostles - and the new series also - are part of a larger series on the Church - if I recall correctly what he said when he began on the Apostles.

Kevin Miller

In fact - yes, that's what he's been doing.

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