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October 09, 2006



Isn't the Catholic Faith a beautiful thing?

We err on the side of generosity here...God errs on the side of generosity and long-suffering and we follow him here.

A friend was recently remarking on a sort of parable that Msgr. Ronald Knox described in one of his sermons. Think of a pane of glass at night in the window of a lighted room. One sees insects gathered on the pane on the outside who never quite make it through whatever chinks or openings are available, but are still attracted by the light. These stand for those poor souls who we note frequently who are mesmerized by the beauty or appeal of the Church but somehow never quite make it inside.

But we also see insects gathered on the pane from the inside, looking out at the moon or the night and pining for the freedom of the uncircumscribed world without. These are a figure of those many souls in the Church who hanker for escape from the loving embrace of their Mother, but never quite manage to flee. Held fast by invisible bonds they are helpless to break.

Deo gratias; to God be thanks.


It would be easy to convince oneself under the circs that Dad was in denial of his impending death rather than refusing the sacrament altogether, as one wouldn't want to see a parent die in a state of rebellion. If there is any question at all it seems the right thing to do is err on the side of generosity in giving the sacrament.


I have seen various religious articles such as cards, medals etc. which say "I am a Catholic...please call a priest," which are supposed to be worn or carried with the idea that if one is in an accident and unable to request anointing one would still be provided for. I'm wondering whether the carrying of such an article would be seen as an implicit or explicit request for extreme unction?



Just make sure when you're on the cruise ship you insist on a movable bed so your feet can always be pointing to the East...


That would be an explicit request for anointing. Why else would a priest be needed for a person incapable of speech?


Just make sure when you're on the cruise ship you insist on a movable bed so your feet can always be pointing to the East...

I thought Vatican II changed that rule.


Admission of lousy upbringing: I am 38 and only JUST finished Brideshead Revisited. It is really one of the most profound and beautiful books I have ever read. If you haven't read it, do so immediately; it is a little tough going for about 60-80 pages, and then all reward after that.


In for a penny, in for a pound. Pierce.

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