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October 05, 2006



That's cool.


"This photo sponsored by the RJ Reynold's company and your pal who Joe Camel, who reminds you that nothing is more useful in the desert than a pack of Camels..."


This was on Snopes. It's like an optical illusion.



Tim J.

They'd better be quick. I see wormsign.

Brian Day

1) I'd question whether the "picture was taken directly above a bunch of camels walking in the desert..." the picture looks like it was taken from the air, but not "directly above".

2) This looks like a false-color image. Perhaps an infrared image, taken at night.

3) The white in the picture has me stumped. At least one white spot slices through a "camel". What would account for that, I have no idea.

4) Photoshop!

Some Day

The picture is taken from above and the dark images are not the camels but their shadows. The Sun is shining from "under"the dark things. Ergo the white things are the camels. There is even two riders aparently.

Brian Day

Some Day,

Shadows, yes.

Still, there are two problems:
1) Some of the camels, have both white and black spots, while some only have black spots in the feet area. If the camels are the white spots, how is it that there are shadows and no camels. (And why is it there is a white "camel" that splits a shadow (look in the lower left quanrant)?

2) The angle of the camels suggest that the camels on the left are going up a hill, while the camels on the right are going downhill. With such long shadows cast by the camels, the sun must be low in the sky. Why doesn't the hill(s) cast a shadow?




Remember Jimmy saying this is "from a perspective above the camels".

This should clue you in to the answers to your questions.

Brother Cadfael

And why is it there is a white "camel" that splits a shadow

He is standing in another camel's shadow.

Some Day

look up optical illusions and camels...

David S.

Is this a photograph of actual camels? because when I look more closely, it seems to be a photo of a clay pot with camels painted on it using black glaze, or something like that.

Some Day



Shadows. It's a cool picture.

David S.

finally saw it! very cool.

A Simple Sinner

doh! I only had to stare at it for 15 minutes before I broke down and read the comments...


Thanks Jimmy.


I had to zoom in, but I finally saw that this is DIRECTLY over the camels, so the camels are thin slits to our eyes, since it is DIRECTLY over them.


A little fire is quickly trodden out. Digory.

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