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October 17, 2006


Ed Peters

Oh, good. They are at different times. At first I thought your secret bi-locational abilities were going to get out.


I think there's something wrong with the HERE link for the pictures. It's asking for a username and password.

Jimmy Akin

Link fixed.

Roger H.

Maybe while you're there, Jimmy, you can ask La Shawn Barber about her affinity for the anti-Catholic James White.

francis 03

"any time our friends across the confessional aisle reach out . . ."

Oh no, they're putting aisles in the confessionals now? And they're letting Protestants in? And I thought the traditionalists were mad before!

francis 03

To all concerned, please note that that was a JOKE.


With all the Catholic bloggers out there, why don't we have a Catholic Blog Con?



One warning I want to give you. I have some connections associated with Biola University, and I want to tell you that there is a very anti-Catholic strain there - much more than at many evangelical universities. It might not be evident at this conference, but trust me, it's there. Just a word of warning.

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