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October 13, 2006


Ann Margaret Lewis

Think you'll run into James White there?

Okay, maybe I shouldn't ask that question....:?

Brian Day


If you have a chance, get to know Mr. Hewitt:
1) It would be great if you could appear on his radio show to talk about all things Catholic.
2) From how he talks on his show, it sounds like he would be receptive to returning to the Faith. Perhaps you could give him a nudge? :-)


I'd like to know how you reconcile an aggressive apologetic stance with working with Christians of other confessional backgrounds. I run into this issue as a Scout Leader. I typically do not proselytize or accept proselytization at Scout events. Your reflections would be interesting.

Ed Peters

Curious, you might start by distinguishing between "apologetics" and "proselytism", and likewise between forums designed for intensive theological discussion and Boy Scout camping trips.

John E

I believe you meant "Bridging the Christian Divide". "Briding the Christian Divide" sounds like you're attaching yourself to the divide in some sort of intimate way.

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;-)

"Bridging the Christian Divide"- A great name for a good and gracious attempt to bring convergence to religion. Hopefully, next year the dialogue will be entitled "Bridging the Religious Divide".(Or "Religion is Simply the Vehicle for the Journey).

Tim J.

Your "convergence" sounds more like syncretism, which is a horrid idea.

If there is to be convergence, it should be convergence on the Truth, which is Christ.

The REAL Christ, the incarnate Deity, not some "historical Jesus" fantasy.


And the journey continues!!!

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