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October 05, 2006



Once every couple of months, my name disappears. I don't know if my computer is automatically erasing it for some reason, but I don't look all the time to make sure it's still there.


Thanks Jimmy for notifying us!

By the way, I know this should be rather obvious and common sense, but for those of us who lack the latter, would you kindly provide us with examples of exchanges that were considered impolite in case there are those of us who were not even aware of the impolite nature of these exchanges in order to have them refrain from initiating such exchanges in the future?

God Bless!



Dr. Eric

That last one was mine!

I thought I'd do that before anyone else thought of it!


peace |

not a problem


It's my fault entirely ;-)


Well, of course, you expected comments like these now didn't you? ;-)

The Lego Guy

See.. I don't like posting as an unknown. I want people to know that it is me who is saying things.

Now mind you I have several differnt SN's to chose from.

On an unrelated note, I had my first showing with Lego Church Project 07 this past weekend and it was a very big hit!

-JM Kraemer
-The Lego Guy

Anon isn't going to like this one bit.

Jimmy Akin

Well, of course, you expected comments like these now didn't you? ;-)

Oh, I don't mind if folks have fun with the anonymous thing in *this* combox thread.

In fact, all of the above anonymous comments were authored by me.

Well . . . either all of them or none of them.

I forget which.


Hey nonny nonny
and a hot-cha-cha!

Some Day

I agree. There has been some really soft people who say controversial (usually because it is wrong and contrary to Church teachings) things and are too scared to say it outright with their blog tag.

Ray from MN

When I see a lot of trashy comments by anonymous or people with handles, I tend not to go back to comments sections.

My time is too valuable to look at trash, even if there might be the occasional important comment.

I started out on Catholic Answers using my full name. Then when I started frequenting the blogs I debated long and hard if I would have a "handle" and finally compromised.

I like to know with whom I am exchanging information.


This is a good way to run a blog.

Definitely, people should put something in the 'Name' field to keep things coherent. The time or two that I didn't, it was just forgetfulness.

But I do like to keep things "anonymous" (which is in scare quotes because everyone here is anonymous unless they give real, identifying information). I just don't like the ad-hominem stuff that invariably happens, and: 1. I tend to take it more personally when I have become a known 'regular' who has exposed bits and pieces of my real personality over time; and 2. it's just a lot harder for people to make personal attacks when they haven't been provided with personal information. (Not that it stops them: "I'll bet that you ...")

Anyway, my first few posts at this blog were with the intention of sticking with a consistent handle, but even the first little bit of information became immediate fodder for bullying instead of discussion.

People occasionally suggest that an "anonymous" poster lacks credibility or is unworthy of reading or replying to. They're entitled to their opinion, but I think posts should be taken on their merits. A lot of "anonymouses" are a waste of time, but a few regulars are too.

Anyway, the point is, this is a good way to run a blog.

-- IDLPA (I Don't Like Personal Attacks)


I know some blogs/blog software doesn't allow a comment to be posted without *something* in the "name field."

Mary Kay

IDLPA, have you found yourself a new blog name?

As one who has said that I won't respond to anonymous posts, it's mostly for the reason Jimmy said of difficulty keeping the Anons straight.

As for lacking credibility and unworthy to respond to, if an anonymous poster wants to be taken seriously, it's wise to not add an unnecessary additional layer that the readers have to sort through (and which anon is this post from? I think it's Anon A, but I'm not sure).

Consistently commenting anonymously does come across as hiding or "not having the courage of their convictions." That's just the reality of the world we live in.

Civilty is important. But this is an imperfect world and personal attacks to happen. The thing to do is to just call it. Sometimes it's the heat of the moment. Sometimes it's a misunderstanding. But even if an intended personal attack, the only way to address it is to say so.

That's my two cents.


I have a personal dislike for those who lack the guts or the creativity to put something in the name box (if you forget, then that is a different matter) but I absolutely must use my handle as opposed to my real name.

Some of us could never comment at all if we could not use fake names.

Besides, it is kind of nice to have a super alter-ego!

These pipes... ARE CLEAN! :)

Megan Elizabeth

What about more than one person with the same first name? For instance, I think there's more than one "John" commenting here regularly.

I use my middle name for this very reason. You wouldn't believe how many people there are named "Megan," and I'm not comfortable using my last name on the internet.

Not Necessarily the Same Lily

OK, I think I have distinguished myself from The Other Person Named Lily Who Is Probably Sick of Being Mistaken. ;-)

Stephen JPG

I think that you should try and set it up so that TypePad generates a random name. Preferably something very Catholic and which includes "Anon," just so it is clear that this isn't a regular user.

Like "AnonTabernacle" or "AnonMagesterium" or "AnonVatican."

What if your name is really ?

What then?

Can't please everybody, always say.



I know you reprimanded me the other day for a post and probably quite right-but I was being attached personally and that seemed to go unnoticed by you-and all I was doing was posting factual data posted by well known news organizations and was attacked again

I just wanted to speak my mind a bit-but you are the boss as they say


The strange thing is how many people on today's Internet seem to get off on anonymity. In the old days of the Internet, or even back on the BBSes, handles were more for the coolness factor than anything else. (Well, and disguising the fact one was female from overexcitable teenagers.) Even trolls wanted to build a reputation of sorts.

Handles were consistent identities, ways to be known. A lot of times, you knew someone's real name, but still thought of them by their handles! :)

There is still a great deal to be said for anonymous freedom to speak one's mind on the Internet. There are some people in this world who need that freedom to survive. So it's sad that so many more fortunate people use it for jackassery.

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