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October 17, 2006


David B.

Maybe it's a lot of birds that keep dying whenever then appear in different clothes. :-)


Call me dumb, but I couldn't tell how they did it.

Carolina cannonball

me neither. But I bet some where Superman is ticked because his secrets out!

Pio Magnus

Add another to the Dumb bunch.

Someone better explain that.

Randolph Carter

It's witchcraft, I say!

Ahem. What I mean to say is, that the quick-changers probably aren't wearing real clothes, just layers of cheap cloth that look like clothing, and which can be removed very easily from one's own person, thus revealing the next layer of "clothing" underneath. At least, that's how I think it's done.

Of course, they could always be diabolists, in which case I'll bring the stake, and the rest of you can bring the torches and pitchforks :)


He only changed clothes once. She's a hologram.

J.R. Stoodley

in some cases I suspect she didn't really change clothes, just the clothes themselves were weird so you pull some flaps or something and it looks completely different. Other times the old dress was definitely in the cloth thing the guy had put over her, and stuffed away behind wherever.

I still don't really get it though.

That series was the only reality TV show I actually enjoyed watching some of. I was so rooting for the yodeling girl.


that's amazing. I'm exhausted just after watching the vid. oh my. :)

Joy Schoenberger

I don't know. The explanations offered so far don't really cut it for me. Sometimes the outfit was larger, sometimes smaller, different colors, different styles. Even if it was tucked away inside the thing used to cover her, how could she possibly change that fast? I just don't get it.


Am I the only one who's already seen this same act in a liturgical dance?


"Am I the only one who's already seen this same act in a liturgical dance?" HAR HAR HAR!

I was rooting for the irish dance family.


Someone please (PLEASE!!) correct me if I'm wrong, but this appears to be a copyrighted broadcast from NBC. Isn't it a copyright violation and thus stealing to post such materials on the Web? I'm surprised that posting a link to such illegally distributed material would appear in this blog.


CuriousReader, since the show in question has been publicly broadcast on TV already, and since Jimmy is not going to profit from having the broadcast appear in his blog, and since the above clip can actually work as a positive word-of-mouth promotion, I sincerely doubt NBC is going to care enough to go after him.


"Isn't it a copyright violation?"

Oh gosh- please.

Anyways, distractions aside, this is a fantastic act! I hope they won it all.


Very clever.

Look at her first sequence of changes, the outfits get progressively shorter and less poufy.

When she's wearing the little green Peter-Pan getup and steps into the purple ring, it looks like he's fiddling with her back a bit. Then just before she drops the ring you can see the bottom of the blue outfit fall into place.

At the end when he dumps the white bag of blue confetti over her head, it looks like there's some white cloth left in among the confetti as he pulls the bag back. I imagine it's arranged to fall open over her shoulders as she holds her arms close in.

There's more, but it's a really well done routine. They deserve whatever they won.


I do festivals for a living and they were performers in the Big E Circus here in Mass. I missed them but my Mom and Uncle got to see them do it in person. They said they were great.

BTW, I think velcro plays a big role.


Explanations thus far aren't cutting it. Time to 'fess up, Jimmy. What's your theory?


I want to hear more about the copyright issue. I want to be able to watch the Simpsons online. :D



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A Simple Sinner

This video just got me steamed!

Three years of sharing a bathroom with my sister as a teenager and she couldn't even do her hair in less than an hour!

After I email her this clip, she will have A LOT of explaining to do!


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