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October 04, 2006


J.R. Stoodley

The picture looks to me like a bunch of proteins with cytoskeleton above and maybe a biomembrane below. I can't get the video without instaling something I don't want.

By the way, is it a sin to HATE molecular biology?

J.R. Stoodley

"Behold My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!"

Dispair is the key word.

Anonymous Coward

Judging from the soundtrack, I think this cell is about to get cancer or something. Or explode.


Here's a link to how the video came to be, and a bit of what it represents. Fascinating stuff.



Yay Bio. This is why I study it.

Some Day

Science, gift from the Holy Spirit.
Science teachers, results of the Original Sin.


"Now if only I had enough molecular biology background to understand it all--or someone to explain it all to me."

Didn't Marcus Grodi major in Molec. Bio.?


I dual majored in toxicology and molecular biology. Both are awesome (at least, many of my peers sat with mouths agape during lecture).

Nearly the first half of the video shows the cytoskeleton and the various microfilaments and microtubules forming and destabilizing. A cute myosin protein walks along a microtubule with vesicle in tow.

It then shows RNA shooting out of the nuclear pores. Ribosomes clamp on and start churning out proteins.

The ribosomes then attach to the endoplasmic reticulum and churn proteins into the ER (in order to be modified) and sent on to the Golgi Apparatus for packaging and delivery (and the repeat of the cute little myosin).

Thanks for the video link, Jimmy. I am going to pass it on to my mol bio professor.


Ok - only tangential to the post, but what does "CHT" mean. It's been driving me nuts for months! I presume it's an acknowledgement or thanks of some type.

Brian John Schuettler

You don't necessarily need to understand this one. Just enjoy the the magnificience of the Creator!


Carolyn, that's 'Cowboy Hat Tip'.

Jordan Potter

Isn't it amazing how all these intricate processes and structures just randomly arranged themselves together all by themselves, without the slightest involvement of any higher intelligence and without displaying the slightest trace of order, law, or design. ;-)


So, I showed this video to my old professor, and his first response was

"I think I've found my next midterm. Class? Name everything."

wow great really! incerdible


Yeah, I saw this video after taking cellular biology and EVERYTHING in this video was on my midterm. I'm even talking about vincolin, the yellow protein that snips actin to make it crosslinked.

So basically, yeah, every aspect of this video you can find an intro to cell bio course, which is super cool

i'm a mol bio nerd :^)

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