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October 31, 2006




I see why Sci-Fi is so fascinating to you. When they separate Baltar's head from his body in the final episode of BSG, God better not give his head absolution. He deserves to dwell in Hell's well for eternity.

Dr. Eric

Does that mean that the stories of St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio; St. Anthony and the mule, the restoration of the severed foot, and the reanimation of the young prince; St. Gregory the Wonderworker stopping the earthquake; etc... are all pious legends?

Rob in Maine

"There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do. "

Except go through his pockets and look for loose change.


Hey, Jimmy--

Happy All Saints Eve!

Your "possibility #4" makes me think of the Poor Souls from Purgatory. One of the Catholic explanations of "ghosts" is the souls of purgatory requesting prayer/Mass/sacrifices offered up on their behalf in order to lessen their sufferings. Whether it is the actual soul or somehow an image of it being projected or transmitted is not known, but from the study of many Saints and visionaries, this is not an unheard-of occurance.(If you'll forgive my vanity link: Ghosts: The Secret of Poor Souls in Purgatory) But if they are requesting the Sacraments, it sure does seem like they'd need some life in them.

Thanks for the fun and spooky post to think about.

BTW, when will you be featuring another Literary Club story?

St. Gimp

These sound similar to the legend of the Emperor Trajan who, according to the story, was raised to life 500 years after his death by the prayers of Pope Gregory I so that the emperor, a pagan in life, might be baptized a Christian and allowed into heaven.

But I prefer the skeleton story.

Ed Peters

"such stories are best regarded as the pious legends"

IMHO, such stories are best regarded as stupid.

(Of course, there was that Lazarus incident I read about.)


There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.

I'm sorry, was that a Princess Bride reference?



Section 8 of Lumen Gentium, the section about Blessed Mother, says that devotion to her should avoid "vain credulity". That phrase that came to mind when I first read that story of the penitent skeleton about a decade ago. It makes for a interesting story, but I highly doubt that it really happened. Yes, I believe that miracles can occur, and have no problem with the wolf of Gubbio and other such stories. Yet this just massively violates what the Church teaches about the separation of soul and body at death and the state of souls after death.

Let's just appreciate it for the truth it tries to illustrate: that Our Lady will watch over her true devotees and make sure they get to Heaven.

In Jesu et Maria,


Isn't it wonderful how Princess Bride quotes can be worked into most any conversation?

Kevin Jones

Was Lazarus all dead or mostly dead?


Oh Jimmy, you've opened a can of worms quoting the best movie of all time...

Hey, I thought of a good one for Halloween!

"I'm not a WITCH, I'm your WIFE!" ("But now I'm not sure I even want to be that anymore...")

Tim J.

And don't forget Nearly Headless Nick.

Or he could be called *mostly* headless...


Ed Peters,

"IMHO, such stories are best regarded as stupid."

Wait, I am confused, are you possibly talking about Edward Scissorhands?

Now as for one of the best movies of all time...

The Grandson: A book?

Grandpa: That's right. When I was your age, television was called books.

Take care and God bless,

Ed Peters

I would luv to respond guys, but I've got my wife's murder to plan, the whozacallits to blame for it and, well, I'm swampped.

Gene Branaman

"And where are the vocal cords getting the air needed for speech to make the confession?"

This reminds me of something that's sorta slightly OT.

I was in a production of Danton's Death - an 1830s play about the French Revolution &, specifically, the events that led to the death of Georges Danton. (Hence the title.) I was playing Danton. In the research I did for the role, I discovered that the guillotine sometimes severed heads below the vocal chords, allowing the head to speak briefly; so quickly did the guillotine do it's work that the head didn't realize it was dead & kept talking!

That creeped me out!


He deserves to dwell in Hell's well for eternity.

We all deserve to dwell in Hell for eternity.


Why did one of the stories happened in the City of 'Aragorn'?

Reminds me of that City in an Ancient Travelogue with the name of 'Narnia'.


Why did one of the stories happened in the City of 'Aragorn'? Reminds me of that City in an Ancient Travelogue with the name of 'Narnia'.

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