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September 05, 2006


Tim J.

Spammers, Jihadists, liturgical consultants...

Oh, and POP-UPS!

John E

"Winter Holiday"


"Spammers, Jihadists, liturgical consultants"

Dude, aren't these, like, synonomous?


Oh, the cold and flu people! STAY HOME, it's not a sin! Get over your scrupulosity and don't get my little kid sick!

John E

TimJ: Nice artwork!


Capitalism, Nancy Pelosi and church advertisements at Major League Baseball games (saw a "Second Baptist" ad up for 2 innings at an Astros game last weekend!).

Evangelical Catholicism

Jared Weber

I'm putting on notice those who write "Who are you putting on notice" instead of the CORRECT "WHOM ore you putting on notice."

J.R. Stoodley

Ecofeminists, Cafeteria Catholics, SSPX, Creationists who use the dumbest arguments, priests and religious who don't take their vocations seriously, and the people who price college textbooks.


Thanks for sharing that :)


Monica - not entirely synonomous - you might be able to negotiate with a Jihadist, but absolutely never ever with a liturgical consultant!


Catholic Answers - get those forums up!


I am putting Jared on notice for correcting the grammar of others, and for using "ore" instead of "are".

If you're going to take others to task for their spelling, typos, and/or grammar, you'd better make darn sure that yours is beyond reproach, my friend. :)

Besides, using "whom" in this context makes one "sound" like a pretentious bastard.

Ed Peters

Jared did not correct typos. He corrected grammar. There is a difference.

I am, btw, putting on notice people who do not know how to conduct debates in comboxes, including those who over-read or under-read their own meaning into the otherwise perfectly sensible statements of others in context, and who are generally clueless when it comes to anything having to do with logic.


That's an interesting question, Jimmy and commenter Brynne -- does sickness relieve you of your Sunday obligation?

I was sick at mass on Sunday. You wouldn't believe how many times I needed to say/repeat "I'm sick" rather than shaking hands during the Sign of Peace.

Fr. Stephanos, O.S.B.

I made one of those:


Some Day

Funny thing Derek,
I once had a burn on my hand (hot wood doesn't look very diferent from normal wood) and was in Brazil. I looked so silly explaining in Portugese that I have burn on my hand.
But the latest Synod brought up the concern that the Sign of Peace might be inapporpiate. But whatever


ON NOTICE: the Bush administration and each and every Republican in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate that supported the administration policies. See November 7, 2006 for further details.

Jared Weber

I'm putting myself on notice not not correcting typo sooner. And it's still WHOM.

Sa there.

Dr. Eric

Jared you're still On Notice for your new typo!

I'm Karl Barth and St. Augustine 87%.

I put my wife and kids On Notice, along with: Al Gore, TSA, Road Construction Crews, Radical Feminists, and Insurance Companies!

john F. Kennedy


Are you also putting on notice all of the Democrats who supported the War on Terror? I doubt it. You are a political creature and are a leftist partisian. I thought Jimmy's site was for some insightful thoughts and some fun, not for political hacking.

Say some rosaries and give it some thought. I know it's hard, but give thought and prayer a try.

John F. Kennedy


I completely disagree with realist; that's reassuring.

Jared, you appear to be having a Monday.


O.k., now I am putting Ed Peters on notice for failing to recognize that I didn't criticize Jared for correcting a typo, but for correcting another's grammar. My overall point, which I thought was perfectly clear, was that whenever one criticizes another's writing (on technical, rather than stylistic grounds), one better make sure that their own writing is beyond reproach in that respect. That point stands.

And in any event, I used a smiley face, dude. That was meant to convey to Jared that I was having a little fun at his expense. Geez. Thankfully, Jared took my comment in the spirit that it was offered.

In sum, there's no reason to be so serious, Ed. You might try switching to decaf. :)

J.R. Stoodley

It is clear enough that Jared is joking around with his last set of typos.

That said since "Whom" in this context would sound so unnatural I am prepared to say this is a case of accent and/or the English language changing from where it was in the 19th century when these "rules" were written, either case making it wrong to criticize. The correct way to speak English is the way native English speakers speak it. There does have to be a standard for books and that kind of thing, but for a site like this I think one's personal dialect is fine. Those who say their own dialect is superior to all others is an elitist in my opinion.

J.R. Stoodley

Oops, I meant "dialect" up there in the first sentence, not "accent."

Some Day

Now in other languages there are "local"words.
But in English, there isn't much of that, only bad ussage. For the most part.


JFK and bill -

I find it interesting that this web-site is for insightful thoughts and fun whenever anyone slams Democrats or "LLLLiberals" but when someone criticizes the administration or Republicans then it's politcal hacking.

I did not mention the War on Terror which we all support...and that has nothing to do with the Invasion of Iraq or any of the other plethora of administration policies.

here, President "W" Bush can do no wrong... yet, when he supports the Plan B morning after abortion pill, not one word is mentioned and the silence is deafening.

john F. Kennedy



No need to stutter. While your thoughts are unclear we do understand you, unfortunately.

David Omaha

I am putting on notice:

Meeces (mice) invading homes (like, say... MINE)

Backbiting co-workers

Friends who haven't returned phone calls in two years and show up unexpectedly on your dorrstep while you are napping...


People who ask how many children I have and then immediately ask "are you done?"

Tim M.

people whom I am putting on notice:

* people from companies that phone your home and the first thing they say is "I am not a telemarketer".

* all those in the advertising industry (yes, including pop-ups) that make their living shoving down our throats and trying to convince us that we really do need everything ever manufactured in human history, especially the latest, newest and "must haves"... the only thing I "must have" is to hear Jesus as say to me on that day, 'Well, done, good and faithful servant."

* oil company execs who say "it's not about the money" as they pull in $10 Billion per quarter in profits as they earn $18,000 per hour.

* east coast media members for their bias against non east coast sports teams.
no matter how important you think your opinion is, 65% of the population could care less about YOUR teams.

* "cafeteria" Catholics... if you don't believe, hold and profess what the Catholic church believes, holds and professes to be true, then just leave the Church. If you don't believe Reformed theology, you don't join a Presbyterian church. If you don't think that the charismatic gifts are for today, don't join a Pentecostal church. Worship with those that believe as you.

* TSA, Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies, and those "extra" charges that amount to 25% of a cell phone bill.

Tim M.

p.s. on whom I am putting on notice:

* all those people that are brilliant yet mean / evil enough that write and then give us SPAM, computer viruses, trojan horses, phises, hidden destructive computer programs, et alia.


"...I am, btw, putting on notice people who do not know how to conduct debates in comboxes, including those who over-read or under-read their own meaning into the otherwise perfectly sensible statements of others in context, and who are generally clueless when it comes to anything having to do with logic..."

What does he mean by that? and is he talking about ME again?

Some Day

Tim M. ,
Perfect except for the * east coast media members for their bias against non east coast sports teams.
no matter how important you think your opinion is, 65% of the population could care less about YOUR teams.

Sorry but the East coast runs it. I'd make a joke on making it infallible but that is too much.
Yet somewhat adequate.

Some Day

Dophins 12-4 district champs.
Super Bowl? Maybe.

Some Day

I am putting the Patriots on notice.


I am putting the Dolphins on notice, because that 12-4 record is just one less than the Patriots 13-3 record.

Jimmy Akin

here, President "W" Bush can do no wrong... yet, when he supports the Plan B morning after abortion pill, not one word is mentioned and the silence is deafening.

Realist, you clearly haven't been reading with sufficient regularity. I have been openly critical of several things President Bush has done and expressed my opinion that if I were asked whether I approve of the job he is doing I would presently say no, though that has not always been the case.

President Bush's support for Plan B has not been brought up because I haven't done a post on it yet and there are technicalities that I must first investigate regarding the precise way that Plan B works before blogging on it. I check my facts first instead of writing reflexively based on my inclinations (which are to denounce his support of Plan B strenuously).

Jimmy Akin

I would, however, advise keeping the "On Notice" thread apolitical. Otherwise it just turns into a political tit-for-tat with people putting those of opposite political persuasions on notice.

Let's keep it humorous, not partisan.

Thus note that I included nothing political in my original image--specifically for this reason. The things are all JimmyAkin.Org in-jokes based on things I've complained about before.


Bloggers who think they have the right to control their own blogs.(Is that humorous enough, Jimmy?)


Hmm. Who should be on notice...

- J.R. Stoodley, you're on notice for conspiring to murder the English language. ;-) I agree that we as native speakers do not necessarily speak correctly in casual situations, and I accept that we'll slip up, but that doesn't mean it's right. In fact, when no one points out errors like "who" v. "whom", we begin to lose our awareness that there *is* a standard English that is used "for books and that kind of thing."

Some Day, there are "local words" in English - just look at what we call a can of Pepsi-Cola in different parts of the U.S. There are also dialectical differences among native speakers in the U.S., Canada, and Britain, all of which speak English. You, however, are not on notice. :-)

- "Realist", you're on notice for insinuating that people on this blog are looking the other way about Plan B. I know I've seen a lot of common names posting around the St. Blogs blogs, and I've seen an awful lot of people (a) criticizing President Bush, and (b) specifically taking him to task for not opposing Plan B. If Jimmy didn't specifically post on it (I don't remember if he did), I wouldn't say that that equals a deafening silence.

- St. Joan of Arc Parish in Minnesota is on notice for advertising a priestess Mass in their church bulletin (among other things).

- And I am on notice for being a pest about everything I mentioned...except St. Joan's, which IMHO should be put on notice by the Holy See. I stand by that one unequivocally.


Some Day

I am putting Cheerleading on notice.
And Condalezza Rice. She looks like a tiger.
Don't ask why.

Some Day

Tom Brady, on notice, because Tom Brady is gonna get run over by the Dolphins' D.
AND you can't put me on notice just cause I said that the Patriots suck. Maybe they don't suck but the Fins are gonna suck it up.

Some Day

And I'm putting any one who hates the Church on notice.

No wait. They are already on notice.

Jared Weber

Guys, "Sa there" isn't a typo.

It's an onomatopoetic spelling.

That's the way I said it in my head.

Sa there.

Gene Branaman

I'm putting on notice:

- The dust bunnies that accumulate around the house - even thought I vaccuum at least once every other month or so.

- The Dodgers. Knock it off, already! I mean it!

- People who still don't believe Dumbledore's dead.

- Any Halloween candy I peep out prior to October 1.

Brent Robbins

I second Shane. I'm putting Catholic Answers on notice: PUT THE FORUMS BACK UP!!!!! WE AMATEUR APOLOGIST NERDS ARE GOING NUTS!!!!!

Dr. Eric

I still don't get the evil .pdf thing. What's that about?

On Notice: Drug Company commercials: Side Effects include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained muscle weakness, and in some cases... even death.

Ed Peters

Feddie, i think you did go after nice Jared for a typo, but then, I have not had my ocffee today. :(


I'm putting onomatopoeia on notice, because I had to learn how to spell that vile word in seventh grade. Didn't like it then, don't like it now.

I'm putting Jared on notice for triggering junior high flashbacks like the Preposition Song. ("With, on, for, after, at, by, in...")

I'm seconding Some Day's putting cheerleading on notice, because I firmly believe that one should not have to PUT ON make-up to do a 'sport'. Any other sport involves taking make-up OFF.

Aaand...I'm putting mortgage companies on notice, especially mine. I want to know how they make money by selling each other mortgages without changing the terms. How?! It's crazy! And I only closed June 28 - how can my mortgage already have been sold?! (grumble, snarl) ...record-keeping nightmare...

Some Day

I'm noticing this thread might beat the middle east one.

David Omaha

As per Kasia:

I am putting my mortgage company on notice for spiking my premium for no reason that THEY can explain (how does that happen?).
Keep it up, and my lawyer/black-sheep brother will have to get nasty.

(Dad was a social worker, Mom was an RN. Get it?)


Karl Keating, for not writing his *weekly* newsletter since July.

David B.

Ed Peters,

With regard to your first post, am I picking up some negative vibes?


Mazurland notices are up!


Wow. All these posts make Stephen Colbert look really good. I mean, how do you put a 40 word notice on the board??



Good call re your notice choice!

Sounds like not only does St. Joan's Parish advertise a priestess mass, but it also engages in gay/lesbian/transgender retreats for its large population of the same (many with children).

This is part of the reason why my family and I bailed out of the ELCA (indecision on the whole gay issue, and the "gender-neutral liturgy looming on the horizon")...thank God for the Majesterium!



I hereby put my neighbor's dog on notice. Every morning he bypasses trees in his own yard to do his business on our tree. I'm Like, dude, stop peeing on my tree.

Ben Hammer

“.PDFS” lol. Your second item Jimmy?

I am putting on notice the people that drive those stinky diesel trucks. The ones that have to open the throttle wide open just as they pass me while I am pumping my legs as hard as I can to get me and my bike over the crest of the hill!


As an individual whose Catholic-Adventist apologetics website includes mostly .PDF files, I disagree. (Do check out my website.) .PDFs are wonderful--preserving the integrity of a page layout (including footnotes) when viewed.

The issue lies in web browsers who must rely on Adobe Reader (which takes a million years to load) in order to view .PDFs. I use Mac OS X; .PDF support is built into the operating system. Viewing .PDF on a Mac is quick and efficient.


I used Foxit Reader for opening PDF files. It's much quicker than using Adobe Reader. Here is the URL for it: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php

J.R. Stoodley

I'm also putting Dow Chemical on notice for its TV ads. "The human element." Give me a break.

And I'm putting on notice all those who don't think English has dialects and/or who think the "standard" English language is more correct than the way anyone actually speaks.

Some Day

Goth people are on notice.
And wanna be gangsters.


With regard to Tim M's comment on cafeteria catholics-

This is something I've been wondering about a lot lately: why is schism better than heresy.

Some Day

its not. It could be less worst. But not better.

Jared Weber

Liturgal Dance ...

... is on notice.

Clapping at Mass (either "rhythmic" or applause ...

... notice.

90% of L.A. drivers

... yup.

Holdin' hands, rushin' the altar at the Consecration, and True Presence-denyin' homilies ...

... one and all ... on NO--TICE.

Jared Weber

Oh yeah, and it's still ...


Brother Cadfael

Two excerpts from the current bulletin from St. Joan of Arc Parish in Minnesota, although I'm certain the pastor fails to see the connection:

I don’t say often enough how much I love being a priest. In all honesty I often don’t invite others into the priesthood because I feel how exclusionary it is to women.


Our income continues to be very soft...and the Finance Committee is having an emergency meeting to try to find some solutions to our financial difficulties.

Do you think maybe he should be on notice?


Joe, it's not the neighbor's DOG, it's the DOG OWNERS. ALL are hereby put on notice. Cat owners too. I can't tell you how many piles of cat poo I have picked up in my backyard, AND WE DON'T OWN ANY CATS.

Gene, I howled over your 'Dumbledore' comment.


I don't know, Bro C, maybe you should pray about it. :) For the record, I'm with Jared on the WHOM issue. I know you all were dying to know my opinion.

Some Day

I solemnly proclaim all math and science teachers of all levels of edumacation to be on notice.


you rock in putting St. Joan's on notice. I second that! Others on notice include, cafiteria Catholics, young students on my campus who think they know everything, radical fems, absolute idiot bikers who have know concern for others on the side walk and last but certainly never least, professors who don't make their materials available until the first day of class!

Jared Weber

What the heck. I was the one who put myself on notice, so, darnit!


Ya heard. Er ... uh ... read.


But especially Clapping At Mass. That's on, um, extra-notational Notice. With a capital 'N.'


I have spoken!


My notice list:

George "Plan B/Where's the WMD?" Bush
Maureen "Eternally Single" Dowd
Planned Parenthood
Fr. Richard McBrien
Women "priests"
Haagen/Haas and their respective ilk

Jimmy Akin

I have spoken!

Per the Mammy Yokum Dogpatch Dicshunary Of Linguistification, the correct formation is:


Jared Weber

Oh dag yo.

"Dear Diary:

"Today, I corrected Jimmy Akin's grammar.

"Then, he corrected mine.

"I may just swoon."


On Notice:
Native English speakers for making SEVERE grammatical and typographical errors when they write flame mails or spam. (You guys aren't included here)

Anti-Catholics who suddenly become prejudiced and hateful to the point that they will threaten, Revile, and judge Catholics as if they were God.

People who think Chinese Characters are cool yet miswrite them or give them some meaning far from the original.

Pouring Soy Sauce over rice in a Japanese Restaurant...the Japanese never does that. They place condiments separate from Rice. The same goes for sushi (Which is distinct from sashimi)

People who still think 'Geisha' means prostitute and call Mount Fuji "Mt. Fujiyama". It's rather redundant as 'Yama' means mountain. Besides,'Fujiyama' is now obsolete in Japanese.
Historical revisionists who deny that Japanese War Crimes happened.

Racists,Cafeteria Catholics,Feminists, Sedevacantists, Liturgical Abuses, Pro Choicers, People who think Catholics are intolerant bigots.

I'll post Part 2 later.


I noticed (No pun intended) that I put on notice a lot of things about Japan. I now hereby declare myself aJapanopologist.


People who confuse "dialectal" and "dialectical". ;)
(Actually, linguists usually just use "dialect" as an adjective to escape these fraught questions.)


The makers of my motherboard.

That's about it.... :)


I'm putting on notice folks who made so many combox comments that I gave up after reading the first five. There are 70+ comments for this thread already!

I have no idea what was said after the first five -- maybe even the same comment I just made.

(Were my grammar and spelling OK? I don't want to incur the wrath of the combox language gestapo, thus eliciting even more combox comments!)



I second the second of WHOM. As my 11-year-old daughter once said, "Standard English doesn't sound awkward if one regularly speaks it."

Also, why did someone put EWTN on notice?



Native English speakers for making SEVERE grammatical and typographical errors when they write flame mails or spam.

I am quite certain that severe typological errors in spam are intentional, more often than not, in an attempt to evade spam filters. Fortunately, many spam filters are now sophisticated enough to catch them anyway.

Nevertheless, spammers who intentionally misspell words are hereby put ON NOTICE. :-)

I also put on notice people who abuse their relatives' handicap parking permits, by parking in a handicap space when they have no need to; and people who stop in a handicap space sans permit with the attitude "I'll only be a couple of minutes".


Amen, Edward! I'll add people who park in Fire Zones.

(I remember reading of a guy who parked in a fire zone and there was a fire inside the store he was parked in front of. The Fire Department broke windows on either side of his car and ran the hose through it. Ah, justice!)


bill912, here's a photo of that situation (or a similar one!)



- 'Thann, as a deputy of the Combox Language Gestapo, I grant you full immunity from "notice" for any minor spelling or grammar infractions. ;-) (Jimmy and Jared, of course, as the Supreme High Pooh-Bahs, may override me.) You are, however, ON NOTICE for posting without reading the previous comments!

- I want to also put ON NOTICE the people who leave their SUVs running while they're in stores so their dogs can still enjoy air coonditioning. That kind of s**t is part of why gas costs so much!

- Bro. Cadfael, I agree that Fr. DeBruycker of SJA needs to be ON NOTICE (for SO many reasons).

- I second Laura's putting ON NOTICE professors who don't make their materials available before the first day of class. Professors who don't even bring the syllabus to the first class are likewise ON NOTICE.

- I am amending one of Patrick's listed items. Anyone who uses Japanese or Chinese characters "because they're cool" but doesn't even know how to say "hello" and "goodbye" in said "cool" language is ON NOTICE! >:O Oh - and per another of Patrick's: historical revisionists in general are ON NOTICE.

- Monica is ON NOTICE for putting me, a cat owner, ON NOTICE. My cats are indoor-only, and the only people who have to deal with their poop are people who have been inside my home. However, Monica brought up a good one earlier. Anyone who presumes to make cracks about how many kids someone does or doesn't have is ON NOTICE. Monica, for having brought that up, is now OFF NOTICE for the cat crack. ;-)

- And J.R. is ON NOTICE for being such a linguistic relativist.


Oops - and I'm back ON NOTICE for having a typo in my post! "Air coonditioning" - how did I do that?!

But note - it's still wrong, even though someone typed it! :-)


Alright, Part 2..

Rain. It's already Autumn here yet it's still SO HOT. Then today, a typhoon came out and it became severely cold.

Computers with only a few gigabytes of memory.

Windows 98. Limited possibilities.

Curry (as in the food). I don't understand why Japanese love Curry so much. Add to that Mayonnaise (Mayonnaise and Shrimp Pizza, anyone?).

People who think that Vatican II is the only council that existed. Same goes for people who think the same about Trent.

Bad "Liturgical" Music.

Liturgical dancers. I only saw 2 instances of such, and i hope never to do so again.

People who still think cartoons are for children.

People who argue about English.:) :D

The clock in my bedroom. Always stops working.


On notice...

...drivers who don't use their turn-signals.

...people who use "pimp" when they really mean "ladiesman".

...any commercial that makes an STD seem like no big thing.

...people who are fans of something obscure and then act superior when other people don't know it. (No, I don't speak Klingon.)

...giant Gila monsters left on the bathroom floor.


Tim J.

"...giant Gila monsters left on the bathroom floor."

Yeah, I HATE when that happens.


"...giant Gila monsters left on the bathroom floor."

Surely, thereby hangs a tale.

MissJean, please do not leave _us_ hanging!


My two cents.....

On Notice:

Sr Joan Chittiser

"Y'know" and "really" amd "like" (As in, "Like, y'know, I was, like, really happy when this, y'know, topic came up on Jimmy's really neat, y'know, blog.")

People who swear by the "spirit" of Vatican II without having read the "Words" of Vatican II!

Oriental Trading catalogues.

Drivers unaware when their directional is on.


Whom do I put on notice?

Let's see:

Bush and the pro-life with exceptions republican party
The pro-abortion with no exceptions Democratic party
John Kerry
Ted Kennedy
Nancy Polesi and the femi-nazis
Hilary Clinton
Bill Clinton
partisan politicians

Sede Vacantists
Ex: Mel Gibson

Bush supporters
Kerry supporters


Charitable organizations that put money (either U.S. or foreign) in their mailings to you, which to me has the effect of making me think they're trying to guilt me into sending something back, are hereby put ON NOTICE.

J.R. Stoodley

I'm putting on notice anyone and everyone who puts EWTN on notice.

And people who freek out when they see black squirrels here in Syracuse. Dang squirrel racists.


I'm sorry, but I must agree with Jimmy, Jared and Kasia about standards within the English language. The vocabulary, grammar and diction of most people who are native English speakers is positively dreadful these days. And, if no one corrects you, how will you ever learn what is the correct usage? Of course, it must be done gently, so as not to come across as a know-it-all. I am well-known for telling people in stores and restaurants when something is spelled incorrectly. However, my personal bugaboo is apostrophes. I cannot understand why such a minor grammatical point, and one where the rules are *actually consistent*, should give so many people trouble. My theory (for the benefit of those of you who think it isn't important to correct written English) is that people made mistakes, were never corrected, and their ignorance spread, like a bad disease. These days, most people get confused by this and the ignorance had become widespread. That's bad, mmmkay? When I read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" and the author mentioned wanting to join the Militant Wing of the Apostrophe Protection Society, I laughed out loud. Then I wondered how I could join.

So, to all of you who think it isn't important to protect our noble and beautiful tongue, shame on you! What would Professor Higgins say? Probably something like this:

"Look at her, a prisoner of the gutter,
Condemned by every syllable she utters.
By law she should be taken out and hung,
For the cold-blooded murder of the English tongue."
(Why Can't the English Teach Their Children How to Speak? from My Fair Lady)


Tim M.

putting further ON NOTICE:

if you put Cheerleading on notice for not being a sport, then I must put on notice:

* poker

it is a fun game but it is NOT a sport and should not be on three different sports channels.

* myself on notice... it is only by the grace of God that I can do anything and as the Psalmist said, "all I have accomplished, YOU have done, O Lord". every moment of every day I need humility and God's mercy to please Jesus and not take myself too seriously.

John E

Spiders in the bathroom sink when you want a drink late at night.
People who say "Tex Mexing" when they mean "text messaging".
Text messaging short hand: "Dud how r u?"

David B.


If, by "zionist" you mean a Jewish state, I must tell you that G.K. Chesterton once said that the Jewish people probably would be better off with a nation all to themselves.


Now, for my "On Notice" board:

*Katie Couric.
*TomKat, TomKitten, and TomKitten's doody.
*Rosie O'Donnell, with or without "The View."
*Pharmaceutical companies with advertising campaigns. What on earth makes them think that we, the patients, should be advising our doctors about what prescriptions we should be on? Did I go through medical school? Then they charge us astronomical fees for prescriptions - gee, could there be any connection? (I believe I'm seconding someone else's "on notice" there.)
*I must second the "oil companies" one as well.
*Companies that give bonuses and raises to executives while the company is floundering, then proceed to lay off employees or insist that they take pay and/or benefit cuts.
*People who insist that B16 was a Nazi during the war.
*People who throw around the word "Nazi" - words have power, and when you use "Nazi" to describe people who haven't actually murdered millions of civilians, you take away some of that word's impact, and belittle the suffering of people who actually suffered at the hands of actual Nazis.
*Blog trolls.
*People who don't like the Catholic Church, but refuse to leave, deciding instead to try to sink the Barque of Peter from inside the boat.
*Historical revisionists.
*People who are amazed when Nature acts like a wild, untamed thing. (Either animals or the weather.)
*All the news about the new Japanese baby prince. Am I the only person who remembers that the Japanese were supposed to lose their royal family when Hirohito died? It was a condition of surrender at the end of WWII. If Germany and Austria had to lose their royal family, why shouldn't the Japanese? Fair is fair. Either that, or we ought to find the descendants of the other royals and give them their thrones back.
*"Jeopardy," for dumbing down the show so much that I am too irritated to watch it.
*Pedophiles and/or child murderers.

Wow! And I'm just getting started! Am I a curmudgeon or what?

JR Stoodley, I think black squirrels are prettier than either red or grey squirrels. But I still worry about my car at night. (grin)

Seriously though, where did they come from? When I was a kid, we only had the red ones in Detroit. Now we have all 3. Where are they immigrating from? Oh, wait. I know. CANADA!!!! Secure the border NOW!


Larry D. said, "Y'know" and "really" amd "like" (As in, "Like, y'know, I was, like, really happy when this, y'know, topic came up on Jimmy's really neat, y'know, blog.")

You forgot "whatever." Either with the drawing out of the "-ever" (exasperated) what-evvvverrr, or just the general "whatever."

I love the episode of The Simpsons where Lisa has an opportunity to fit in with a bunch of cool kids (they're on vacation) and she stands in front of a mirror, practicing. "Like, y'know, whatever."

I must confess that I believe it was my generation that started this horrendous practice (thank you, Moon Unit Zappa, for introducing all of us midwesterners to Valley-speak), but it seems to have just gotten worse and worse. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

No. It's worse.



I forgot the Detroit Lions! How could I forget the Lions?!? The Lions are on SUPER DUPER NOTICE.

Also those stupid walkie-talkie phones that chirp. That takes cell phones to a whole new level of annoying.


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