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September 19, 2006


Dr. Eric

Didja hear about the new Pirates of the Carribean Movie (Part 3?)


Scott W

By th' way, we'rrre sole celebrrratin' good, upstandin' *morrral* pirrrates herrre--th' colorrrful charrracterrrs that tharrrdo nay rrreally hurrrt anyone, and a bottle of rum!

That bee 'cause ye secured yer letter of marque, making all ye plunder from heretic nations legit.



This is the book you should be reading today. :-)

Michael R.


You arrr a pirate!

John E

How in th' ol' salty sea immaturrre! I ne'errr imagin'd somethin' like this frrrom yon th' likes o' ye Jimmy! Just sprrrogdin', and a bottle of rum! Cool!

John E

Is it possible ferrr th' Brrritish orrr th' Austrrralians t' be rrrattlin' on like a pirrrate, when t avast ca nay say arrrrrrrrr?


It bugs me that I'm not able to understand this Talk Like A Pirate Day thing. It must be the third annual one I remember. I must be missing something. But have fun w/ it.


Aaaarrrrr 'tis a wonderful day now git back to swabbin the deck or there'll be no bottle o' rum fer anyone.....

Scott W

Aarrgh, pillage' yer local library and keep a sharp eye fer a book called Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates.

Brent Brown

Yo-Ho! I knew that tharrr Jimme had pirrrate blood flowin' thrrrough his veins! He spy like a cowlad, but turrrn that tharrr hat black and tie a patch t' his deadlight and he be pirrrrate ferr surrre.


Arrrr (and that's the last of the PirateSpeak from me!).

You LIKED the Linda Ronstadt Pirates? You must be the only one. Her alto voice is fantabulous. Her shy little soprano, not so much. Plus she coopted a song from another G&S just so she could have another solo (doesn't even make sense in the context of the story).

(who played Ruth (the Angela Lansbury role in the movie) two decades ago!)

Fr. Stephanos, O.S.B.

Pirate working as an apologist
makes a desperate ad hominem self-defense:
I'd stare ya' down,
but I only gots one eye.


Jamie "Captain James Kidd" Beu

Be sure to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day by getting yer own piratey name. Arr!

Gene Branaman

An' did ye be knowin' what a pirate's fav'rit letter o' the alphabet be?

O' course, it be R!

So now ye be knowin'! An' that fancy pirate talkey generator most assurredly proves this t' be true!

An' a bottle o' rum!

John E

Karrren, be lettin' me help ye, and a bottle of rum! This be how in th' salty sea ye should say it:

"It bugs me that tharrr I'm not able t' rrreckon this Tal kie Like A Pirrrate Day thin', and a bottle of rum! It must be th' thirrrd annual one I rrrememberrr, and a bottle of rum! I must be missin' somethin', and a bottle of rum! But have fun wit' it, and a bottle of rum!"

I thin kie that tharrr pirrrate trrranslatorrr puts in t' boot many bottles o' rrrum, and a bottle of rum!

Annalucia aka Red Anne Vane

Thanks to Captain Kidd for the link to the ``pirate name'' quiz.
In order to live up to my new moniker I've decided to wear a bandanna and learn pistol shooting. Arrrh!


Shiver me timbers!


Arrr, hoist the sail and head out to capture some Paynim drommunds! Arrr.

Gene Branaman

"I thin kie that tharrr pirrrate trrranslatorrr puts in t' boot many bottles o' rrrum, and a bottle of rum!"

Arrrrr . . . Be there sucha thing, matey? Methinks not!

J.R. Stoodley

OK, I'm worried now. My pirate name apparently is Mad Jack Kidd.


Yaaaaarrrrgh Matey...ships ahoy...y'all see thar beyonde ye olde barnicles an bottles o' rum, aay hey.

Ole Silver Shane heer, reportin' in fer dooty (and booty, aay hey!)...

Tis warmin' the les of me olde hart ta see me Dogin Mateys havin a spot o' fun, an' bottles o' rum!

Not onlie Blind Pew himself, but ole Tom Merton would've had fun with this and his ole matey Lax!


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