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September 20, 2006


Scott W

ROFL! I should get one of my students to form a Ninja Club at the High School. What a great yearbook picture that would be.


That's me - second from the left. And that's Kasia on the far right. Can't you tell?

Those tramps are SHOWING THEIR HANDS! You know what Dad used to say - you stick it out (of the car window, usually) you're going to lose it!

Or, as the Red Queen would say, "Off with their hands!"

Brent Robbins

That chick second to the left is a real hottie.

Mary Kay

5 complete burka outfits in various sizes: $250
1 pocket camera: $ 30
1 Pointless Family Photo: priceless.

(charge to Jimmy for one now useless keyboard: well, maybe not this time)

Brother Cadfael

It's been a long day. That was too funny.

Fr. Stephanos, O.S.B.

"I don't care if you say 'cheese'-- just don't blink!"


at least you wouldn't have to worry about having spinach in your teeth.


What you see is a Muslim theologian explaining islam in pictures.

Actually, this isn't a family photo... it's a fashion shoot!


Can anyone say "Religion of Peace: the swimsuit edition?"

"maybe we pushed the 'suitable women's attire for Mass' bit too far"- marcel lefebvre

A Simple Sinner

I have read that Saudi department stores are filled with wildly colorful sexy dresses. Beneath those abayahs could be some true fashion statements.

Second one in from the right looks pure Versace to me.

NEWSFLASH: last one on the left, that Dior is sooooooo tired and three seasons ago, you ain't foolin anyone, baby!

Some of this language is inappropiate and if you tell me to lighten up I'll say take it up with God.


If he had a panoramic wide angle zoom, he could have one helluva photo!

--I suppose the question of color or black and white is moot.

Jared Weber

Anonymous poster: Um, what language would that be? I've not read anything in here that's out of line. Can you give some specifics?


Jared, didn't you know that you go straight to hell if you say the word "sexy"?

Methinks our anonymous friend has gotten some of his sensibilities from Increase Mather...


I can't find the innapropriate language here either. Jummy, maybe you should post some pictures of wacko priests in the vestments they wear now. That way we could poke fun at goofballs of all religions!

In regards to the black garments, maybe they could loan a couple of outfits to some priests in America. Closest thing to a cassock I've seen in a whle.


Sorry, I meant Jimmy, not Jummy.


Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen.

"... Don't fire 'till you see the whites of their eyes!!"


Ah yes, the preview of the new hit show in the Islamic world: Algeria's Next Top Model


"Darn. I closed my eyes. Take it again."

shey luk jus like er mother.


"Can we try another one sans glasses? The glare is horrible."


"Fatmah, could you please stand closer to your sister, it's not like she's gonna bite you. Even if she did, it wouldn't hurt."


"I was nowhere near the scene of the crime and I have an alibi--this photo, um...er...well can't you tell that's me on the left?"


"Now look closely and carefully at each of them, sir. Do you see the person who robbed you?"

If that dude squats any lower, he is gonna make a serious split in that robe.


Atleast he's not wearing jeans and a t-shirt, if you get my drift.

"Call me Loretta. I want to have a baby."

Jared Weber

"Congratulations to each of you on passing your driver's tests. Now we just snap your photos for your ID's."

Francis DS

"Ok, change places."



I spent 5 years in Japan and couldn't get a single ninja to pose for a photo for me and this guys gets 5 all at once.

Life is so unfair!

Second one from the left to her sister on her right: "Do I look fat in this?"

Her sister's reply: "No, you look fine. How's my make up?"


I was thinking it was the annual photosensitivity(sun allergy) convention.

My mom wishes that she was able to have the name of more of our ancestors names on old photos. I bet this family is REALLY good at that. How else would they know who the heck is in the picture?


Great, just great - laughing so hard, I cried and my tears of mirth shorted out my laptop...


That is funny. But this isn't. It sure is a different world.


Re: ELC's link, I thought that other women could view a Muslim woman's face (or hair, or whatever), just not men outside her immediate family. You'd think that the woman could unpin her veil enough for the (female) cop to verify her identity...

The funny thing, moving back to Mary's comment on the original picture, is that I'm sure I've heard references to the Islamic law of modesty as stemming from an encounter Mohammad had with a young woman who was 'immodestly' dressed. (I don't know if it involved spaghetti straps - grin.) But he allegedly told her that the only things that should be visible are her hands and her face. So where do they get off covering their faces?!

Jared Weber

You all do remember this one, right?


'Cause my comment makes no sense without it.


I got it, Jared. (I almost fell out of my chair laughing at some of these...)


Not as funny as the photo of the Israeli border police matching an ID card photograph against a woman in a burkah like the ones above.


How shocking! The one second to the left is a MAN!


Yeah, yeah, fellas I know those things are hideous, but at least your bombs don't look big in a burqua!
Fatima, you brazen hussy, stop flashing your foot!
Ardent jihadist Osama is delighted with his latest consignment of blow-up dolls, and photographs them before their departure for paradise.
Hey ladies, do you want this picture blown up?


Smile please.........


Kodak vs. The Koran?

What.. you don't have any morale sence.
How can I watch with this with my family. How do I bring my family to this place? Its horrible all of these people ( may be ladies) are showing their hands.. Allah will punish them


is the grass greener across the veilside? ;)


!!!!!!!!!!!SILENCE...I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Brian: Excuse me. Are you the Judean People's Front?
Reg: !!ck off! We're the People's Front of Judea

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