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September 14, 2006


Bill Logan

I think this would provide some of what you are looking for, although I've seen only the bibliographic record for the work and not the work itself, so I don't know the exact contents.

Title: Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal. With the Motu Proprio of Pope John XXIII and other pertinent documents ...

Author: Leonard J Doyle; Catholic Church. Congregatio Sacrorum Rituum.; Catholic Church. Pope (1958-1963 : John XXIII).; National Catholic Welfare Conference.

Publisher: Washington, D.C., National Catholic Welfare Conference [1960]

OCLC Accession Number: 13901458

I found the record at worldcat.org which is OCLC's public version of the WorldCat library records database. The accession number is used for InterLibrary Loan requests. According to WorldCat, UCLA has this somewhere, although St. John's Seminary and University of San Diego have an edition published by Liturgical Press.

I'd recommend playing around with the Worldcat website (or asking a librarian--do you have access to a theological library down there?). You could try WorldCat searches such as <"catholic church" and rubrics> or <"catholic church" and missale>, and limiting your results to English.

Paul Hargadon

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter has a publication at their website http://www.fssp.com/main/publications.html
entitled "General Rubrics of the 1962 Missal" with a subtitle "An English translation of the rubrics of the Missale Romanum."
Maybe the information in that booklet would help.


This may or may not be helpful in this particular instance, but Google has available the full text of many books that have fallen out of copyright at http://books.google.com/

Select 'Full View Books' beneath the search box and the search will bring up results that allow you to read any page of the book.

Searching "Catholic" brings up some interesting results.

Brian Day

I can't help directly, but the gang at The New Liturgical Movement would be a great resource.

(Fearless Leader) Shawn Tribe is in England for a conference, but emailing your bleg to the other contributors might get it posted there. The posters there are very well imformed as well.

David C

I have a photocopy of the front matter of an English translation of the Tridentine breviary. That suggests that somewhere out there exists what you are looking for....

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