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September 29, 2006


Can Daleks be saved, or since they are not human, do they not have need of salvation?

J.R. Stoodley


Daleks are an alien race with naturally evil souls, though of a crueler and more "borg"-ish sort than most humans.

Their mantra is "Exterminate" and "Resistance is useless!"

I would say that salvation would be more difficult for them than humans (assuming Dalek's have active and rational souls to save), considering that Daleks have no mouths.

I suppose they'd have a little difficulty with the "Stairway to Heaven" as well... well, at least back in the day... apparently they've tackled the whole stairs issue since then.

Ann Margaret Lewis

Yeah. They had fun with the stair thing that last season. I fell off my chair laughing.

I can hardly wait for tonight. My DVR is all set. :)

The TARDIS beckons...


I am unable to watch it, nor the last season. Help!


Please no more Daleks the worst Who nemisis ever created! give us better aliens BBC


Exterminate EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!!!!!


The Doctor should have asked the Daleks, "Can't we all ust get along?"


You guys are slipping. I set you up, gave you almost 3 hours, and, still, no one has posted:

And the Daleks would have replied: "No! It is we who will eat you!"


I believe this season they'll introduce the origins of another of the classic enemies of the Doctor--the Cybermen.

Where did I leave my Glitter Gun?


Back to back shows last night of the "Christmas" episode and the 1st show of the 2nd season. David Tennant seems to show a lot of versatility a la Tom Baker (#4) and Jon Pertwee (#3). Great start to the 2nd season!

And if you didn't get the "Harriet Myers, Prime Minister" lines, you have to go back and watch the "Aliens in London" episode from the previous season. Nice tie in!


Daleks were genetically engineered from a human-like alien race into squishy things which live inside mechanical shells, and neuro-engineered not to have any of the softer emotions. However, it's fairly clear that they do indeed have souls.


To elaborate on the Dalek soul thing -- if Daleks didn't have rational souls, then I'm not sure you could say they were naturally good or evil more than you can say that of an animal -- they'd be sort of pre-moral. On the other hand, since they are descended from the human-like Kaleds, it is likely that they do have immortal, rational souls. In that case, no matter how much extensive biological manipulation they'd undergone, those souls would still be created directly by God, and would be naturally good (though still suffering the effects of original sin passed on by their apparently fallen Kaled ancestors).

A Dalek might not have access to emotions of love or compassion, it might be programmed to believe in the total superiority of Dalek life above all else, and it might be trained to hate from its earliest development, but it would still have access to reason and natural law, and a capacity for feelings like loyalty. The end of season one (new series reckoning) also demonstrated that in extreme circumstances they are not entirely immune to religious impulses, however misdirected those ended up being in that case.

In that vein, I wonder what the life of a Dalek who did seek after God to the best of its ability (however drastically limited by its conditioning) would be like? A righteous Dalek, so to speak.

It might even be that the situation of most Daleks could constitute invincible ignorance, and the conditioning could even make it relatively difficult for a Dalek to commit an act which met the criteria for mortal sin.

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