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September 01, 2006



I love the line about quiting!

Dr. Eric

Mmmmmmmmm, Eggs Pope Benedict! Arghlarghlarghlarghl! *drool*

ala Homer Simpson.


My favorite Demotivational phrase from despair.com is:

"Individuality: Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else"


Since the Holy Father thinks humor is important:

During the Revolutionary War, George Washington was visiting Benedict Arnold. In the morning, Arnold asked: "What do you want for breakfast, George?" Washington replied: "I'll have eggs, Benedict."


Shrieks of agony are now echoing all through the blogosphere.


I would say that "cracked" me up, but that would be too hard-boiled of me.
(more shrieking echos)


I guess the yolk's on all of us. (possibly the worst shrieks yet)


I should stop egging y'all on...

Randolph Carter

Eggscuse my laughter, but this is just plain funny.


That's 'Egg'citing, isn't it? 'Shell' we eat now?


This is absolutely despeggable.


Just one problem about the picture:

Eggs Pope Benedict needs to be served in a hubcap . . .

Because there's no plates like chrome for the Hollandaise



Scott W

Guys, stop PUNishing me!



At least Eggs are of the same color as the Vatican flag.
Scott W.,
Not 'pun'ny anymore is the comments box?At least the Lord said:
'You are the 'yolk' of the earth, You are the 'white' of the world'.
('Sore'y for the bad pun, it is rather 'pain'ful.)

J.R. Stoodley


At least our Lord also said "my yolk is easy."


Good one!
Here's another:
'I am the Good Chef-erd.'

Kevin from Ohio in Virginia

It's so cool to see that our Holy Father is human. I love to see the "regular Joe" side of people like the pope.


I have to say those eggs look mitre delicious to me.


Eggcellent... truly eggcellent...

Randolph Carter

Eggcellent... truly eggcellent...

My sentiments eggactly.

You know, I was going to use this space to eggsplore the flaws of eggalitarian societies, but that would be so eggscruciatingly off-topic that I have eggscluded it from my post (which was most eggcelent of me, if I do say so my self).

All this talk of eggs sure has eggsausted me! I haven't been this eggsuberated since my eggspedition into the Canadian wilderness last spring, when I eggsplored the wilds of the Yolkon Territory.

Also, remember, everyone, to keep all your posts free of eggspletives!


Finally, We now have a food for 'Pius' people. I'm really sure that the Pope will grant 'Benedict'ion to it. This good, 'Clement','Innocent' dish is really fit for the Vicar of Christ.

Noticed this combox is full of puns now. .


Existentialism happens if you let that breakfast sit out too long

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