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September 21, 2006



Can't you bilocate or something? :)


What about topics that haven't come up for discussion recently that have been emailed to you and have received no response? For example, requirements for tabernacle placement in newly constructed churches. I really don't want other's opinions as it is a topic likely to start a flamewar, but I need current specifics in order to explain to my MIL what the Church actually says. Where can we go to seek the answers for those questions if not through you or your blog? A point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated especially if a detailed response is too time consuming.

Mary Kay

SW, for your specific question, I did a Google search with "tabernacle placement" and GIRM and came up with:

1. from Catholic Answers (the second questions)

2. from EWTN

3. from Adoremus

Hope that helps.


It does and it doesn't . My MIL is being told by the new pastor overseeing the construction of a new church for her parish that it is a matter for the parishioners to decide. He has stated that due to new regulations, behind the main altar is no longer an option. He even eluded to problems (I don't know what they are) that the latter placement causes. I would like to know from Mr. Akin where we can find definitive answers to questions such as these as it seems that everyone has their own opinion. This is the reason I like his blog, he always makes a distinction between his opinion and actual Church teaching.

Mary Kay

SW, all three of those sites are very orthodox and quote from the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

Jimmy has a lot of resources and could give you a more complete answer. I offered those three as an interim, a starting place.


Hey SW, why don't you try forums.catholic.com?

They have an "Ask An Apologist" thread that is very good.


To SW: The "problem" I've heard of is that the faithful become "confused" by having the tabernacle in the "worship space" as mass is conducted...I dont understand it either. Try humming, "Gifts of Finest Wheat" as you say it over and over.

To Jimmy: ( I assume youre reading your own thread). I've often wondered at the singualar nature of blogs. you are one of the few with multiple posters (postees?). Seems you could wrangle several friends to monitor the posts each day and cut off any flame wars. Posters may have to understand that beyond your intital post interaction may be minimal. Amazing what people expect for free.


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