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September 27, 2006


Jared Weber

Oh, man, that just sounds painful. Get well, soon.

Mary Kay

Hope it's better soon.


We had a horse with that problem omce,way,way back in my farm days. I helped my Dad bury her..she was a nice horse.I think she was called Dock..maybe it was Bell...anyway one of them lived.


well, Jimmy, I pray you fare better than those horses!

You are in our prayers!


I have two words for you, Jimmy: muscle relaxers.

Oh, and 2 more: Feel better.


Will pray for you.

Try this out, it always works for me and saves that $30 co-pay the chiropractor charges (-:

Find a good sturdy door, like the front door of your house. Open it and then hold the inside door handle in one hand, the outside door handle in the other. Now place your feet together with your big toes and part of your foot placed on the edge of the bottom of the door where it meets the floor. Then SLOWLY start to move your butt towards the floor pulling on the door knobs and stabilizing your body with your feet. You will NOT go all the way down, use your feeling to guide you, in other words if it hurts...stop. You should feel a pulling in your upper back (between your blades) that moves outward, you may even get a good crack in. It works wonders for me when I spend long days in the office.


The last time I had back pains was in the area of the sciatic nerve. Doan's pills worked like a charm.


Get well, Jimmy. And when the pain abates, treat yourself to a massage!

Tim J.

Ooooohhh... sorry, Jimmy.

I pray you heal up soon.

I hope you get better soon---back pain is crummy.

Gene Branaman

I hope you feel better soon, Jimmy - you're in my prayers!


Always take off any days you need whether hurt or not. Your blog is a blessing and we don't want you to burn out!


Is this going to affect the timing of the release of any of the Secret Projects?

Hope you feel better Jimmy,
Get well, we miss you already,

This is the secret project! The plan is to turn Jimmy into a robot--the Apologimatic 5000!

Then no more back pain!


SteveL: speak for yourself!

Get back to work Jimmy! :)


Oh, shoot. now we're gonna have to call the vet ta come over and put ya down. :-(

Jimmy Akin

Is this going to affect the timing of the release of any of the Secret Projects?

Not materially.

In fact, I have been working from home today on Secret Project #4 via phone and e-mail.


take aspurin or something like that, actually, ibuprofen is better for this kind of thing because it's a muscle relaxer. In any case, get rest, lay on a heating pad, and feel better soon.
Laura and the dogs


Oh Laura ( and those dogs,too)...surely you mean LIE on a heating pad..this ain't no chicken we're talking about here


Oooooooo... tough break.

I'll be praying for you. Feel better!


Don't be shy about painkillers, suffering can have nasty effects besides painkillers.

Brent Brown

That's what you get for trying to do all the contortions necessary to figure out how to be your own grandpaw!

Just kidding.. Rest and get better soon.


I've got that in my lower back (pinched nerves) because of a hyper-bent spine down there. Sorry you have a pinched nerve too. I know you'll remember to offer it up, but I still hope you're better soon.


*sheepishly peeks around corner* The shame overwelms me. I know it should be lie because... because, I'm an English major! sigh, if my professors could see me now... it's my final year at school and I make a mistake like that? Too much coofee.
thanks Charlie,
the dogs, and their misguided master


now I flubbed up coffee, wow. I need to get some sleep

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