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September 01, 2006


John E

Speaking of blog days off, whatever happened to forums.catholic.com? I haven't been able to get to that site for days. This isn't part of one of those top secret projects is it?


cool store, jimmy, that was a nice addition. I also like how you redid the 'sites' section. I just noticed.

Michelle Arnold

"Speaking of blog days off, whatever happened to forums.catholic.com?"

The forums are down for maintenance. The technical support staff tell me that they are working hard to get them back up ASAP. Please keep their efforts in prayer.



I am not cleaning up after you this time.


I do hope it gets fixed. I can't wait to get back there.

John E

Ouch. It's still down. This can't be going according to plan. I'll pray that they can find a solution soon.

John E

It's back! If you're into all that bickering and whatnot. Somewhat kidding -- I enjoy the catholic.com forums.

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