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September 08, 2006



If you liked this, you should check out the Chad Vader videos, also on YouTube - Chad is Darth's less ambitious brother, who is the day shift manager at a grocery store...


I want a coffee splatter shield for my keyboard or a warning next time. This was awesome!

How's my typing?

I loved it! Thanks for the laugh.


Thanks for the laugh, guys.

I'm still bummed, tho.

Tim J.

Bizarrly enough, and against all probability, I actually saw Barry Manilow perform live back around 1980.

"Copacabana" was a BIG production.

The song AND the Star Wars movies have been around for 30 years and nobody ever thought of this before? This guy should be the new Wierd Al.

Anyone know if this has come to the attention of Dr. Demento?


If you find the Chad Vader episodes you should know that there is some rude language. Just FYI.


Tim J. - I am pretty sure that the soundtrack to that video IS a Weird Al song. I saw the song attributed to him years ago but someone correct me if I'm wrong. (It's not a new song) :-)


Chad Vader! HAHAHAHA Yes, fellow nerds, definitely look that up on Youtube!


I researched it and I think I was wrong about it being Weird Al's song just because I saw it attributed to him since a few years. Looks like the attribution in the video is likely correct. :-)

Randolph Carter

Good stuff. Good stuff. Not quite as laugh-out-loud funny as some parodies I've seen, but it did keep my smiling through the whole thing, and managed to wrench more than a few chortles out of me.

And don't worry, PLUTO; you're still a planet in my book. Don't let the bigotry of Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn get to you; they're all full of gas.


Ah, that was great! Good to see talent on display.

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