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September 05, 2006


David B.

"they didn't know about sinking electrodes into the brain's pain reception center."

Uh, dude, I didn't know people did that either. It sounds real nice.



As far as I found, the deepest hole ever dug is 7.5 miles.

Also, that "screaming voices" story has been refuted before as a sham to raise money by televangelists.

I think some people can't wrap their minds around a concept like multi-dimensional existence or infinity, so they assume hell is under our feet and heaven is in the clouds.


I have found Ratzinger's volume, Eschatology, to be quite helpful in coming to terms with Hebrew and Greek imagery that was employed by early Christianity to illustrate hell. The book is dense reading, but well worth the effort. Also, Hans Urs von Balthasar's "A Short Discourse on Hell" in Dare We Hope? has some helpful comments, though much of his writings in this regard are speculative, yet for the most part substantiated.

Evangelical Catholicism


"they didn't know about sinking electrodes into the brain's pain reception center."

This is beyond creepy. I didn't know people did this either... how evil can people be? *shudders at the thought*

J.R. Stoodley

I do sometimes wonder if those in hell will after the general resurection be present in the "new Earth" anywhere, likely in the magma beneath the crust of the earth.

Then I think, if that is to be their destany eventually, might the souls of the dead in some way be present (obviously not physically since they are not physical but in a spiritual way) there all ready, and perhaps able to induce the perception of screeming (not with actual physical sound of course) in those living humans who get closer than normal to the interior of the Earth.

Or might this, with perhaps some of the above factors being true also, be a case of God allowing people in these situations to "hear" the screems of those hell for their own sake?

This is a whole lot of very questionable ifs, and that these stories are just made up may be the more likely possiblity, but I would not automatically dismiss these reports.

I agree completely with Jimmy's statement about worms though, except I generally connected "the worm" more to internal parasites (also a common experience in those days) being a symbol of torment more than the worms infesting dead bodies.


Jimmy, you should take this quiz and share your results...



I was Anselm. Interesting quiz TBB.


Good post! However, this has raised a few other questions for me. Can we be absolutely sure that the lack of physical form or lack of speech organs prevents a spirit/soul (maybe these cannot be used interchangeably) from making noise? Afterall, the angels are spirits but they can verbally communicate with human beings.

Also, Matt. 25:30 says "And throw this useless servant into the darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth." Does this refer to hell?

Tim J.

I'm Karl Barth.

"While stories about hearing what sounds like sounds of hell are scary and interesting to think about, I find it very unlikely that there is any truth to them"

Oh, sure, Jimmy... next you'll tell me that it's not ghosts that are making my kitchen faucet drip at night (it's never dripping when I go to bed), or that John Edwards doesn't really talk to dead people.

Marty Helgesen

I saw the Hell found in Siberia story many times in e-mail to lists in the early 90s, but haven't thought about it in years. Snopes has an article about it at http://www.snopes.com/religion/wellhell.htm


Along the lines of Alois' comments regarding the, "wailing and grinding of teeth"...it seems most of our images of hell derived from scripture or tradition include us perceiving things if we find outself in hell...either desolation, eternal fire and burning, that sort of thing...using your argument re lungs, etc., all of these things are sensory in nature, along with that which makes us wail, the actual wailing itself, perceiving the wailing of others, etc...all of these actions required nerves, a functioning brain, ears, and the physical structures to make wailing noises and grind our teeth...even to perceive desolation and separation from our Lord requires, using your argument, the existence of physical structures to think, and reason, and feel. I would argue that the soul being in hell has an ability that physical science can not describe, enabling these abilities independent of a body...so the damned soul may wail, "feel" pain, grind its "teeth", long for contact with the Lord, etc...

Thank God our Lord has provided us with a means to avoid learning the answer to this interesting question first hand!



"You couldn't go to heaven with a space ship or to hell with a backhoe."

This may be true. We've known many cultists dying because they are to take the final voyage on some space ship.

However, my money says you could get some pretty good attention if you were to make the Big Dig to Hell your next backyard project.

J.R. Stoodley

According to the quiz I'm Karl Barth too, though I had 93% for both him and Anselm. I think the "tie breaker" I did must have been between those two, but I thought it was unfair. Which is more true, that all theology must begin with the Revelation of Christ or that sin is primarily disobedience of God. I chose the former just because I think going deeper than disobedience the root of sin is lack of love for God.


I have found the little "The Four Last Things - Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven" to be a very interesting read. The author to the best of his abilities attempts to describe what the physical nature could be like based on scriptural references - the sounds, the sights, the odors, the pains, etc. - and Church Fathers teachings. It's not infallible by any means, of course, but the book presents a vision of Hell that at the very least prompts me to recall the author's words when I feel I may be straying from the narrow road. IMO, the most profound line in his discourse on Hell is when he writes that just as St Paul taught that ear has not heard and eye has not seen what God has in store for those who love him, so too ear has not heard and eye has not seen what Satan has in store for those who die in a state of mortal sin. Chilling and sobering consideration.

All I know - I sure as heck don't wanna go there!

Some Day

Mr. Jimmy,
St. Thomas said that Hell is in the center of the Earth. That could be disputable, but I believe him.
But you said Heaven and Hell were not physical places. I believe that is incorrect. I have been told by many theologans and good priests that know there stuff that these are physical places.
I really can't come straight with the backing up.
I will soon, but I just know for certain that they are physical places. In fact even spirits, except God, need a place to to be in. Although the spirits take no physical places or qualities, one can describe the spirit to "be"were it "works"or "acts". Our souls are in our bodies, as that is where "they act". Angels are where they act as well. Now God is the only One that doesn't need a place to act as he is the only self-sustaining being and he is the only one who is omnipresent. I can give you details when I study the issue further. But please respond something to see what you think.


Jimmy wrote that they are not physical places "in *this* universe". They may well be physical places in other universes, but you can't get there from here.


Of course, Reepicheep got to Aslan's Country from Narnia, so I guess it's possible to get there from there.

Now, excuse me...gotta check the Wardrobe.

Some Day

Seriously though,
There are no other universes. The word itself implies one.


And "atom" means "indivisible", but we sure have split a lot of them in the last 61 years.


Tim J,

I also came in as Karl Barth...Anselm and Augustine as close seconds...neat quiz.


J.R. Stoodley

God does not have to be present anywhere, but he is present everywhere because he is active everywhere, holding all of creation in existance if nothing else.

Atom is just a misnomer, so I don't think it applies to this discussion. The Universe it seems to me, or Creation if you perfer, by definition is one. There are no others (aside from the imaginations of human beings but these have no real existance of their own beyond being mental images). Therefore, heaven and hell, though the words most importantly mean a spiritual status, if they are physical places must be in the Universe. Whether that Universe is limited to what we currently call the Universe I don't know.

Also, I have not heard that a spirit must be present somewhere. If it is present anywhere it is because it is at work there, but if the souls in heaven or hell are not acting on any part of physical creation then I would think they could not be said to be present in any physical place. I am just speculating here though, I would be interested in what Some Day might provide on the matter.

However, those in heaven with real bodies, and eventually everyone (after the general resurection) I think must be in a real place. If you have a physical body must not that body be somewhere? It is fairly clear that the saved will inhabit the surface of the New Earth, but what about the damned? The firey center of the New Earth sounds like a good possiblity to me.

Some Day

See the current state of the souls of heaven is spiritual, yet they are in a place. Heaven is not just a state of being. It is a place. And Heaven is composite. Heaven has many places, and more importantly, type of places. Many Catholic writers have adressed this. An example (if I'm translating right) is "pyrical heaven". Imagine being in a part of heaven where there is a fire yet it doesn't burn and is a beutiful fire, everything is made of fire. Imagine that. That is just an example. In fact fire is probably one of the least of the essences. In Heaven there are greater essences and things. A diamond might seem like a dirty piece of mud in comparison.

Ah, until that day....


Got Augustine in that quiz. Anselm is second place.


Took the quiz - tied between Barth and Anselm with Augustine in third. Pretty cool quiz


There's only one cosmos, but it apparently includes lots of other universes. Although maybe they're just teeny-weeny stunted universes.

Re: Aquinas

The dude was working by the most recent scientific evidence available to him, not Divine revelation and direct observation. IIRC, he also believed that space was made up of concentric crystal spheres and that the Earth was the center of the solar system, because that was the best anybody in his day knew.

The sainted Aquinas would be the first guy to tell you _not_ to believe arguments founded on faulty data or incorrect premises.


I always assumed that Heaven and Hell(Purgatory too) are, At the same time, Places and States; however, they cannot be found in this Universe. I think that Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell are not in the grasps of this world. They are Places, yet doesn't occupy a place in this Universe. If they are in this Universe, then God would have the Universe in such a way that no living being can see, Hear, Feel, and go into them while still having their bodies (Of course, He can, of course, make exceptions, as in the case of Jesus and Mary;He's God, after all...)

Some Day

Uh what about Paradise?
St.Elias and St.Enoc are there, but "no living being can see, Hear, Feel, and go into them while still having their bodies ". But that is because it is hidden and not because it ceased to exist.

garry harriton

I would suggest everybody to read Zecharia Sitchin, as many books as you can.

It will bring back your senses my dear people...

Steve G.

When it comes down to it, the subject of heaven and hell are very facinating indeed. And we can speculate all we want about it. But one thing is for certain.
God sure went through an aweful lot on our behalf to save us from the pit. And He has given us everything
we need in this life to avoid it. All we have to do is respond with a resounding yes, and make use of the means that Catholic Church makes available to us to save our souls. I personally believe that hell will
be a devastating experience for the lost. But it is
a good thing to meditate on hell, just for the mere fact that it might spur us on to be better people.
On the other hand I believe that heaven is a much better thing just for the mere fact that, God is heaven
itself, and that being the finite beings that we are,
and God being infinite in every respect. I think
that those that love God are in for a real surprise,
one that in my opinion will blow the living socks off us all. And if you want to take it a step further, I
personally believe that we should do whatever it takes
to save our souls. The salvation of the human soul is a precious thing, and Our Good Lord proved that point by doing what he did on the cross for us. So simply putting it, heaven is friendship and union with God and hell is separation from God. Where it is really isn't all that important but being a matter of relationship or not having one with God is really what is important. Because you could be in the middle a deserted island with absolutely nothing, but if you posess God thru sanctifying grace, then you already posess heaven.

Maps M

It's better to believe and live like there is a hell and find there is none, coz at the end of the day you live your life well; than to live like there is no hell and wake up one day in....

Help us Lord

Bernard Adams

Good evening to you sir,
My name is Bernie Adams and my wife has asked me to find her the sounds of hell but I cannot find the internet address for this.
I can find the articles but I cannot find the volume.
I was wondering if you can send me an email address where I can go to hear the sounds of hell.
Thanking you in advance for your time and hospitality.
Sincerely, Bernard Adams


I dunno. Sounds like a party.



Hi all, well belive it or not, accept it or not,one thing is for sure. When we die in this life we go on to spend eternity somewhere, that being eternal life with God the Father through Christ Jesus, or eternal separation from the creator and giver of life. I know what I have chosen, and I hope and pray everyone reading these posts makes the right choice too, because eternity is a long long long time, with no turning back..... Bless you all Andy


Hey Bernard Adams I struggled with sound too, but someone has put it up on you tube.....www.youtube.com

Robert Stewart

You do notread very well do you. Jesus said it would be better for you to cut off your hand, your foot or pull out your eyeball and go thorugh life that way than to have all three and then die and go to HELL. Hell is as real as you are my friend and Jesus died to keep your doubting soul out o there. The rich man an Lazarus is not a parable. The rich man coul see, hear, talk taste, feel and move. You ave let some educated idiot talk you out of your bible just like Eve let the devi talk her out of waht God said. Get it. God said it. If you die lost you will find hell is is real just as fast as the rich man. Rev 21:8, Acts 16:31

Robert Stewart

You do not read very well do you. Jesus said it would be better for you to cut off your hand, your foot or pull out your eyeball and go through life that way than to have all three and then die and go to HELL. Hell is as real as you are my friend and Jesus died to keep your doubting soul out of there. The rich man an Lazarus is not a parable. The rich man could see, hear, talk taste, feel and move in hell. You have let some educated idiot talk you out of your bible just like Eve let the devi talk her out of what God said. Get it. God said it. If you die lost you will find hell is as real just as fast as the rich man. Rev 21:8, Acts 16:31

John Wren

The bible is very clear that hell is below us (in the earth) why is the center of the earth so hot ? Where is all of that energy coming from / Have you ever seen a volcano ? Molten lava sure looks like a "Lake of fire" to me. I don't know why some of you think that the spirtual world doesn't have physical attributes... Do you think that our dimension is greater than theirs ? FALSE, theirs is greater than ours, we live in 3 dimensions with time being the 4th. The second dimension is greater than the first, the third greather than the 2nd, the 4th (Time) affects us all, then the 5th (spiritual realm) is greater than ours (meaning it can take our form, but we can't take a spiritual form or break the 3 dimensional rules that regulate us. Trust me, hell can easily be both physical and spiritual... Remember, we see things through a "blury glass" I would not be quick to think for one minute you as a mortal human could place limitations or try and regulate a dimension that is much higher than ours, angels can take a human form, or walk through walls. When you guys can do that one, then start giving advice. And if you don't believe in hell or Satan, congratulations.. You just fell vicitim to his (Satans) first lie.


It is such a shame that we humans are willing to take the chance that hell does not exist. The Bible is extremely clear on this issue and mentions it more often than heaven. I have heard the tape of screaming coming from the bowels of the earth.

If I am wrong - I've lost nothing because I serve the Lord - but - if you are wrong - you have lost everything. Please reconsider your position. Eternity is a long time. May the Holy Spirit speak to your heart and soul.

David B.

Robert Stewart,

Chillax, man. You don't read very well. Jimmy doesn't deny that people have gone to Hell, or that the Devil exists. He just said that Hell doesn't exist on Earth . The Bible says that earth will pass away. If Hell exists on earth, logically, it too will pass away. But that is not the case. Hell is a place of spiritual 'aloneness'. It won't have physical punishment until The End of the world.


"The rich man an(sic) Lazarus is not a parable."

Then what is it if it is not a parable?

"Parable: a short allegorical story designed to convey a truth or moral lesson." (Random House College Dictionary).


Why wouldn't it be real?

Why is everyone talking about it, like it must be hell?

What if what the people hear, where screams of human been? I personally think these where the screams of real human beens being encaged. I have now looked more over 30 websites, and none of them relate the "screams of the hell", or the screams of living human beens(how i would like to call it) with underground bases and facilitie's that are being blackbudgetted by the goverments. It is wellknown(but almost no evidence, because evry peace of evidence or material has to be left when leaving, that fysical evidence excist few, but eye witnesses exist in abundace> even peopele who died because they told their story..note phil Schneider) that these faciliti8es exist and that in certain levels human beens are encaged, by the own goverment.

I'm realy interested to to see if anyone wants to share his views on this matter, as i'm all about always discovring the truth, by not believing a word of the media. The truth is out tehre, but we have to think for ourselves to find it, cause goverments and co-goverments will never give up information, that makes them control the mass.

I hope i shared some vieuws of mine, and i'll respond to real questions or other views

-the truth will set u free-

with kind regards
Bene dicto


Legend: Scientists drilling in Siberia went too far and ended up punching a hole through to Hell, where the screams of the damned drifted up to them.

Status: False.

Example: [Brunvand, 1993]

Geologists working somewhere in remote Siberia had drilled a hole some 14.4 kilometers deep (about 9 miles) when the drill bit suddenly began to rotate wildly. A Mr. Azzacov (identified as the project's manager) was quoted as saying they decided that the center of the earth was hollow.

Supposedly, the geologists measured temperatures of over 2,000 degrees in the deep hole. They lowered super sensitive microphones to the bottom of the well, and to their astonishment they heard the sounds of thousands, perhaps millions, of suffering souls screaming.

Origins: This legend is quite popular among Christian groups as it "proves" Hell (and therefore God) exists. Popular endings to the story have it that the scientists ran screaming Cartoon of the legend from the site, or that since the discovery conversions to Christianity are occurring at an unprecedented rate.

If there is a Hell under Siberia, scientists have yet to discover it. What we have here is an enthralling legend that's been spun off an actual event.

In 1984, an article about an experimental well in Russia's Kola Peninsula appeared in Scientific American. The Kola well reached 12 kilometers into the ground, where scientists encountered rare rock formations, flows of gas and water, and temperatures up to 180°. (That's 180°, folks, not the 2,000° usually reported in any "Scientists Discover Hell!" screed. It was hot, but it wasn't hellishly so.)

Those who did the actual drilling of this very real well did not break through to a hollow centre, and certainly no piteous screams of the damned were heard. That part — all of it — was pure embellishment added after this real event was turned into a legend. (Yes, we know that any number of web sites offer audio clips purporting to be the screams of the damned as recorded in the Well to Hell, and all of them sound like they could be the noise from a typical bar on a busy Friday evening.)

The report on the digging of that well and the difficulties encountered during the project were collided with someone's vision of what should have been found down there. A little exaggerating about depth and temperature, some fabrication about hollow centres and screams,
and all of a sudden there was this great story to throw back at those who claim there is no God.

Though it's impossible to pinpoint when the news story about a well in Russia transformed into a story about scientists breaking into Hell or who was responsible for that transformation, we do know that in 1989 the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) aired a "Scientists Discover Hell" story and placed the event as happening in the Kola Peninsula. A Norwegian schoolteacher visiting California heard that broadcast and took the story back to Norway with him. He then mailed it to a Christian magazine in Finland. In the form of a letter from a reader, it reached a Finnish missionaries newsletter. From there it returned to the United States, reaching both the TBN people and other evangelists who then claimed they had gotten it from a respected Finnish scientific journal.

In the spring of 1990, the legend as we now know it appeared in both Praise The Lord (February) and Midnight Cry (April). Debunkings of it showed up in Christianity Today (July) and Biblical Archaeology Review (November). Even so, the Weekly World News ran the story in 1992, this time setting it in Alaska and claiming thirteen oil rig workers were killed when the Devil came roaring up out of the ground.

You can't beat that for embellishment.

Barbara "just a spoonful of auger helps the 'men has sinned' go down" Mikkelson

Last updated: 17 July 2007

The URL for this page is http://www.snopes.com/religion/wellhell.asp

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by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson
This material may not be reproduced without permission.
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I think that the screams were real and I believe that people are held against their will in underground bases run by Reptilian/Satanist/World Government Organizations.
Remember, dark energy feeds off of human suffering at the worst level, i.e. Iraq/Afghani Wars and others.

William Cooper, Al Bielek, Phil Schneider and many others have spoke of this. These people never see the light of day again. Hearing screams from the earth is nothing new though. If you take the time to go through some of these stories going back to the 1800's you soon see:

These people need to be rescued. Read the Dulce War or the Dulce Book and you will get a full scope of what the hell is going on. There are different alien races beneath the surface. The main ones we need to worry about are the reptilians. I believe the screams are real because I have read other cases about this same subject.




I think many of you are taking way too much liberty in what you "know". We don't know what spirits have or don't have. God didn't give us every detail of spiritual beings, nor do we know anything from our own research. It is simple. We have FAITH. Faith is the belief in things unseen. We may never get to see Heaven, or Hell while we live, or see God or Satan, but Christians have faith that these people and things exist. We make way too much controversy of things we cannot prove. It simple, have Faith in God and the Bible or don't.

William David Kelso

Is anything impossible with God? There are sound levels humans can't detect and colors not visible by human eyes. What we detect is what we are allowed to detect. Love God and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's 2008, keep your eyes and ears open for what happens after Pres. Bush is removed from office.


I've recently stumbled acrossed these supposed "Sounds of Hell" in my in-depth research that I repetitively do.
First, I acknowledge that I am a christian. But that doesn't make me nieve or blind.
I've relized a long time ago, that people often error on both sides of the fence, and draw their own sometimes irrational conclusions, or lay stakes in claims that can't be proven or disproven. It's a win win for them. And for the thrill of the hunt seekers, pertaining to"The "unknown" they get to plunge into this world of paranormal and indulge in fantasies.
There are many reasons for this propaganda. No supportive measuring stick in which to measure authenticity, lack of wisdom, wealth prosparity and/or some other gain, mass hysteria, making a name,and a myriad of others.
In this case I must have supporting evidence and not just something toying with my emotions or proclaiming something that we know very little about. If their claim that this is the literal biblical hell, that bounds the tourmented damned, by axioms concreted by God (Elohim), then of course, I go directly to the source (bible) that mentions it. The bible, mentions hell more then heaven. Hell is described as a place where the wormwood never dies. It's a place of everlasting punishment and a firey lake.
Now, is the bible giving a metaphorical aspect to cross reference with what we can use in comparrison with our finite minds? Or to blind the ones who refuse to see? Well, first off, God will not lie, thus, must be giving us an accurate comparrison in accordance and agreeance that would be a truthful and earnest comparrison, and not a contradictory statement. We must do our homework and not just assume. That's a BIG mistake.
Given the fact that God is not flesh and bone, but spirit, we are commanded to worship Him in spirit and in truth.
The problem for most is we are commanded to read daily. Why...discernment. It is for proof, reproof, and correcting us. Before we can ever know truth we must personally, as individuals go on that walk (quest, journey) alone, aside from what we're seeking .
My questions are
1: If there was a hole dug to the depth of hell why doesn't any damned soul escape? Would they be tourmented no matter where they go, or does God bound them there?
2: If we as a mass group (globally) knew for a fact that hell was lingering down in a hole in Serbia and had a recording to back this up, and a physical place to go, we would no longer need apply faith. And the bible mentions how essential faith is. That's our duty here on earth. If faith wasn't applicable then the whole being here on earth would be voild. At least with my God.
If there's a hell down in that hole, why aren't there any research projects currently being underway? Think about it, the world would no longer be skeptical. The proof would be there as sufficient evidence right in the palms of everyones hands.
Just my thought.


I'm pretty much an atheist, I won't go into that, but I will say that the audio for this 'Well to Hell' thing is freaky sounding. I knew it couldn't be true, and I personally think scaring people into converting to Christianity is the wrong way to go about it.

It's like holding a gun to someone's head. And frankly, it seems rather un-Christian to me.

I was raised Baptist, in case you're wondering.

I found what everyone's said to be interesting, and as someone without a religion, I feel that if there is some greater power out there, I think it has no gender, and we can't touch Heaven or Hell, if they do indeed exist. It seems ridiculous that Hell is in the Earth's core. Fire and magma and all that can be seen as evil or whatever, but it's also beautiful. An erupting volcano is spectacular. And, it also makes no sense to me that Hell would really just be this intensely hot place. So...what happens with the damned? They disintegrate from the heat over and over again?

I think emotional pain would be far worse than being burned to death...the fire and brimstone is a metaphor, I believe. I may be just repeating things that have already been said, so I'll stop here.



ok!so God created hell because he loves all his creatures?!!I prefer Hitler he was more humanist...just think that you have to KILL animals or plants to feed your flesh people...God must be a Sadist....

Hell is God's respect for our freedom of choice. God sends no one to hell. Some choose to go there because they cannot stand the sight of God. Those who are in hell hate being there, but they would hate heaven even more.


That was me.


Logic doesn't have anything to do with faith..
Book of Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen". Now no matter how you search for truth in this case physical truth, or science as we call it. We would still be doubtful and unable to explain anything pertaining to GODLY and hidden things. It's all in the heart and mind. Which is the HUMAN SOUL>..


Actually, logic (or reason) and faith have a lot to do with one another. Faith never contradicts reason, although it may be above it.

elma shal

so is it true that scientist discovered hellfire in russia


One doesn't have to die and got to hell to feel the burning heat of hell. Ever blushed in shame, rage, or remorse?
One doesn't have to die and go to heaven to feel the illuminating light of heaven. Listen to a baby belly laugh or hear a Strauss waltz, or watch a kitten chase it's a ball of yarn. The kingdom of heaven is within. So is the kingdom of hell. We live in either state according to our obedience or disobedience of God's spiritual laws found in the Bible.

Casandra Pena

The bible is clear and it says that hell is in the center of the earth, because Jesus spent 3 days there. Also the bible says that hell is a burning lake of fire and is very hot and there will be weeping and wailing and tormenting and knashing of teeth. Well that goes along with the siberian story because it was very hot and there was wailing and tormenting heard in the recording and it was from the earths core. # 2: It is possible that those sounds were heard because the drill went all the way through the crust down to the empty cavern or core and the microphones were lowered down there as well. #3: I seriously doubt that reputable geologists would risk their reputation for a joke. #4: If you hear the recording it sounds authentic and you can hear deep voices in the backround taunting the people which is also biblical. I believe those were demons taunting the people like the bible describes. It also gives creditability to the fact that in general, basements tend to be a little creepy. Two houses I lived in had basements in them, and for some reason even though I am not scared of the dark, the basement in each of the houses, gave me creepy indescribable vibes that scared me a lil. I dont just believe in part of the bible, I believe in all of it and this is just more evidence to add to the bundle. I believe that it was possible for Jacques to hear screams from the ocean floor because in some parts of the ocean floor the earths crust is not thick and the sounds of thousands of screaming people is loud enough to hear from it.


"The bible(sic) is clear and it says that hell is in the center of the earth..."

Chapter and verse, please.

"...because Jesus spent three days there."

The Hebrew word is Sheol, the Greek word is Hades. They both mean "The Place of the Dead", not "The Place of the Damned".

I came back

Uh Jimmy, the Hell and Heaven not in this universe is dead wrong.
Things either exist in the Universe or they don't at all, obviously except God, as everything exists in God.. That it is impossible to arrive is another thing.

If your statement was correct, the Church cannot be called Catholic because it is limited to the Universe and not Heaven as well, thus you get one if not th worst torment of Hell, which is no longer being part of the Church.

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