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August 02, 2006



Is it RoboPriest? :)


We can't do it anymore!!!

stop taunting us!!!

(or keep it, whatever...)

good luck


Yeah Jimmy, Put up or shut up!



Why the secrecy Jimmy? You're killing us.


Is the secret going to drop today on CAL?

Gene Branaman

Prayers for the success of Secret Project #1 on their way!


Complying with your prayer request with a good will, but much puzzlement....

My serious theory, which I've held for a while: a database of audio answers to questions about Catholicism.


Tomorrow's post:

Secret Project #1 a success

Yes folks, it looks like secret project #1 is a go. Unfortunately, due to this and that, we still can't tell you what it is yet..


Jimmy Akin

Why the secrecy Jimmy? You're killing us.

It's not my intention to kill anybody, honest!

The reason for the secrecy is the same as the reason JMS uses when he's hinting about an upcoming project: I'm not yet authorized to talk about them publicly and--in some cases--talking about them publicly at this point would harm their chances of coming to fruition.

In the case of #4, there is no chance that it won't come to fruition. It's a done deal. It's just a question of when it can publicly launch. My current estimate is September, so next month.

In the case of #1, it's at a delicate stage, which is why I'm asking for prayers for it. This one could go either way. I'd very much like to see it happen, but it is *NOT* a done deal, and talking publicly about it at this stage could harm its chances of happening.

My solution is thus to let people know that there is a project that--in my opinion--would be a very good thing and a thing that I think many here would be interested in and that, at this moment, it happens to need their prayers.

It's either that or keep quiet and let the project go un-prayed-for.

I'd rather see it entrusted to God in prayer.

But it's not my intention to kill anybody with suspense! Truly!

Marty Helgesen

People who think they're being killed by curiosity ("What did the cat want to know?") should pray all the more that the project comes to fruition because the sooner it does, the sooner you'll be able to tell them what it is.


So are you an undercover Swiss Guard?

The name's Akin, Jimmy Akin, VIA. (Vatican Intelligence Agency)

Seriously, Project #1 is being lifted up in prayer right now.


Jimmy, you could just ask people to keep Catholic Answers and its mission in our prayers without using the term "secret".

The teasing approach driving people bonkers and to the near occassion of sin.

Brad Haas

I have it! The secret project is to build the virtue of patience in Jimmy's tens or hundreds of thousands of readers by never telling them what the project is. When they pray for it, they're really praying for themselves!


will do

Randolph Carter

Now, if this project is named "Secret Project #1", and at some point it ceases to be a secret, does that mean that "Secret Project #1" will then cease to exist? :)

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