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August 17, 2006


Gene Branaman

Tim, this piece is really beautiful - as is all of your work! God had indeed blessed you. You & your family will most definitely be in my prayers!

Jared Weber

Working without a net is tough. I wish I could commission a work from you but know that you have our prayers.

May God bless this apostolate.


Your work is beautiful and the painting of Our Lady is actually my favorite, not just in subject but in execution. I can really see that you poured your heart and soul into this one. I am truely amazed.

I do have a couple of suggestions…based on experience. Have you networked with other (high traffic) Catholic (non-art) sites that would link to your website and promote your work? This comes to mind as well…the artist and writer Michael O'Brien said that he took his paint brushes to the church and actually prayed for them to be consecrated for the Lord. He has a newsletter from his website which also is very helpful in seeing his newest updated paintings.

As an artist and a painter, and one who has tried to make it painting for God…I totally understand what you are going through. Please know that you are in my prayers.


I am the proud owner of a giclee print of one of Tim's works, and I can attest that the giclee prints are outstanding. Of course they're nothing close to the original.

Tim, you and your family are in my prayers. If I could afford it, I would commission a piece.



Tim, you should either link directly to the "Liturgical Art" section or tell people that's where they should look. Make the purchase easy; don't frustrate the customer. :)

If I had $2400, that painting would be mine in a hot second. It's an exceptional piece, not just well-executed and beautiful, but with that extra oomph of real feeling and that indefinable quality which makes me want to look at it again and again. When the eye and heart are both drawn to a piece, it's something special.

Tim M.


Take heart. I concur with the above comments. Your heart and love for Jesus and the Blessed Mother can be seen in your work. Your works are truly beautiful. They bring to mind comments by B16 about Beauty and God and us.

t above is referring to www.studiObrien.com. I just love how Michael D. O'Brien considers himself an artist that writes.

I know that God hears our prayers, has our best in mind and that His will is not necessarily our will. I have been seeking his will for help in paying off old debts, in forming me and growing me in Him. I have been surprised that he answered these by arranging a second job for me delivering pizzas in the evenings.

May HE be your net and give you and yours all the grace that you need.

peace to you,


Tim, I hear you. Unfortunately, I can relate.

Tim J.

"Tim, you should either link directly to the "Liturgical Art" section or tell people that's where they should look."

Thanks, Maureen. I have not been able to make that direct link to "Liturgical Art" work yet, so... everybody, if you want to look at the painting and get more information, please go to my website;


and click on the "Liturgical Art" link in the left-hand column.

(Sorry... technology is not my thing)

Thnaks, all, for the kind words and prayers.


I can relate all too well, I was out of work for months before, by the grace of God, I found a position. Like you, I was promised things that never came through or (in the case of one employer) was outright lied to about the pay rate and nature of the position.

I'll keep you in my prayers.


Absolutely beautiful work. I will keep you in mind; and if I ever hear of any need for artwork, I would be honored to recommend you.

You have a great gift--plus, I always enjoy reading your posts and comments on JAO.

God Bless


That is probably the most beautiful rendition of the Immaculate heart I have ever seen. It shows a more accurate age of the blessed mother.

Well done! Bravo Zulu!

Jim Janknegt

Dear Tim,

As a fellow artist my heart goes out to you. I have been a professional artist since 1982 showing my work in galleries and other places. I have always had a full time job to support myself and my family. Besides painting I have worked at the University of Texas Performing Arts Center for the last 18 years. 8 Years ago I made the choice to do work that was only concerned with my faith, largely working on a series based on the parables of Jesus. Not surprisingly my sales dropped of dramaticly but I felt then and do know that is what God wants me to do since I don't depend on my painting sales to pay the bills. But I often struggle with why God doesn't let me do this full time?? I don't have a pat answer but only trust in Divine Providence and that God does have a plan for my life. After all Paul apparently continued to make tents while he was being an apostle (Acts 18: 1-4) Now if I was God I would have had Paul spend every minute of every day doing apostolic things, writing more letters etc. but apparently that wasn't Divine Providence. Contiue to trust in God's love for you and make contributions to the treasury of grace, even your suffering can be a contribution.

I think your newest painting is beautiful and full of grace as our Blessed Mother is. Please continue to paint more liturgical and devotional paintings. The church and the world needs artist who are commited to an artisitc renewal NOT based on the artist desire for mere personal expression but as servants of our Lord Jesus and His church. Keep up the good work!!



please know that you and your family are in my prayers and that I will specifically pray for you at Mass tomorrow. Your work is so attractive to me that if I ever reached a point in my life when I wasn't completely broke I wouldn't hesitate to contact you and comission you to either sketch or paint a portrait of my darling children or a litugical art, piece.

I feel privileged to know, if only via cyber means, such an exceptionally gifted and talented artist.

God Bless you and your loved ones.

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