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August 22, 2006



Awesome. I knew Patrick Stewart was an actor but a singer and a dancer too?


Randolph Carter

This is indeed a disturbing universe . . .


"...a singer and a dancer, too?"

So that's what that was.


I guess since Riker plays the trombone, the captain can't be upstaged by his number one....


Either that, or the holodeck is infected by a reaaaaallllly bad virus.


Well, he IS an actor...he's also apparently on the board of a minor university in the U.K. (Huddersfield). He's a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person, I guess.

Having said that, I'm used to seeing him so much more...DIGNIFIED than that. I can't help wondering whose idea that was.

Weird. Very weird.



Hmm, no wonder he didn't finish the song. "Me" does not rhyme with "zed"!


Are Federation captains required to humiliate themselves in this way? Where are the secret Janeway videos?

Mike Melendez

This has been around for quite a while, though not on the web, and was done for Sesame Street, as if you couldn't guess. Add the context, preschoolers and kindergarteners watching, and everything is as normal as Mom laying out dinner. Then again, this is an excellent demonstration of the problems with proof texting. (Which I suspect was Jimmy's secret plan ;)

Tim J.

I think we may be caught up in some multi-dimmensional harmonic cross-phase.

Mark Shea has posted another video of another former star ship captain acting inexplicably.



Jeff Miller

All I can say is
"Don't make it so Riker"


Add the context, preschoolers and kindergarteners watching, and everything is as normal as Mom laying out dinner.

No. It is still frightening.


"...and everything is as normal as Mom laying out dinner."

"No, Warf, it is I who will eat you!"

(Sorry, couldn't resist. "Three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys".)


I'm so glad Star Trek gave us the concept of "Hitting the universe's reset button" so I can assume that never happened.


If it's for preschoolers then why "zed"?

If you go to the utube link theres a funnier sims/Picard dance there and a weirdly relevent clip called, "Picard goes crazy" from a movie where he's ranting (about the Borg?) that we've backed up too far and now its time to "draw the line here". Is this allagory for the current middle east crisis?


'Z' is an American pronunciation, while 'ZED' is the British and Canadian way of saying the final consonant.

David B.

Geek alert!

It's Worf, not Warf.

David B.

Patrick Stewart has been frightening since he did his take on Scrooge.




Martin-- it is rather fitting, is it not? Especially since Borg are one of the few "races" that aren't a species, they infect groups and take away free will, generally causing death if the infection is removed.... (Honor killing for converts, anyone?)

This is... *shudder*. He needs a fedora.


At least it beats Mr. Spock's awful hobbit song.


There was that episode when the entire crew went loopy due to some infection (the episode was a remake of a TOS episode)--"The Naked Now", I think?

Could the Captain have had a relapse?

Jared Weber

Man oh MAN but that seemed really que... Q!?

It seems Prof. X has been hanging out with Ian McKellen just a little bit too much.

jared again

Great. Thanks a lot Amanda! Now I have that stupid "BIL-BOOO! Bilbo BAGGINS! Greatest little hobbit of them all!" in my head.


Well.. it's better than Shatner's "Mr. Tambourine Man"..

Also, if you ever get a chance to listen to Brent Spiner's "Ol' Yellow Eyes" album, it's priceless! He has the rest of the male ST:TNG cast sing backup. And they're not bad!

(Stewart's part in "It's a sin to tell a lie" is probably the best part..)

Ann Margaret Lewis

It's more in tune than Shatner's Tambourine Man...but that's not saying much.

If it was for Seseme Street they should have given him backup instrumentals, it would have helped his intonation.

And where's Cookie Monster to eat his hat?

Jared Weber

Ann: I think Cookie Monster, as loopy as he is, knows better than to have anything to do with that ... er ... performance.

Near ....

No wait.


Very far, indeed.


Um, hello? Avery Brooks dueting with James Darren on "The Best Is Yet to Come" isn't exactly chopped liver either. And yes, he was a captain at that point.


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