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August 11, 2006



I use Logos/Libronix and it’s a good "Bible" program. But that’s all it is! I bought the "Catholic Collection" to get the NAB, Jerusalem, Vulgate Bibles and Jeromes, and use it for comparison “Bible” research but not much else.
I needed something for Catholic research so I tried Harmony Media "Welcome to the Catholic Church" v 4.0 and it just blew me away. This is a completely new version. The "old" v 3 was based on the original windows picture viewer, this one is not, so it is awesome! What makes it so awesome is the material contained in the program.
This is the answer to the Catholic problem of not having a good Catholic software program available to us. This one has it all…Just to list a few:

• New American Bible
• RSV Bible: Catholic Edition
• Encyclopedic Dictionary of Biblical Terms
• Theology of the Body
• Maps, Music, and 1500 Illustrations
• Catena Aurea
• All Vatican II Documents
• Hundreds of modern church documents
• All John Paul II documents (1978-2005)
• Sources of Catholic Dogma (Denzinger)
• Church Documents: Nicea - Vatican 1
• Code of Canon Law
• The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2nd Edition)
• The Roman Catechism
• The Catholic Catechism (Hardon)
• Summa Theologica (by St. Thomas Aquinas)
• Ecclesiology: The Church of God (Bouyer)
• Listings for all United States Dioceses
• Homilies of Pope John Paul I I (1978-2005)
• Cycle of Readings (updated to new Lectionary)
• Sacraments and their Celebration
• Catholic Prayers
• Lives of the Saints (3 Volumes) (NOT Butlers)
• Church History (2 Volumes)
• Some Early Christian Fathers

Download and Info:


This is a totally new format unlike the "old" v.3.0., its very user friendly, and so easy to navigate, very nice, it’s really a blessing to have all these Catholic resources available in this one fantastic program.

If you are unable to download the files you may request a physical disc by sending your name and address information along with your phone number to Harmony Media at [email protected] or leave message at 888-427-6334


OK, this is only sort of related to the blog post, but your talking about the Catechism brought something to mind for me.

Is there anywhere available the complete text of the Catechism that one can grab? I'm not talking about the versions on the USCCB or Vatican web sites where you have to click around to get to the text (probably in a similar fashion that Jimmy was talking about with this e-text software.) I'm interested in a simple plain text copy. Nothing more or less. Its for a programming project that I've been thinking of taking up (involving the Catechism, a text or two of the bible and some older church documents such as council texts and encyclicals.)

Don't know, it may never really take off, but I'd still like to get my hands on an electronic copy of the CCC.




Heh, the program says it can set itself up as a TSR. Sweet. While that's a cool (and useful) little program, I'm looking for the actual text itself. As in a word doc, ASCII text, or even RTF. The memorare link has other works in those formats and that's what I'm looking at for the recent catechism. Maybe I should just send off an e-mail to those guys to see if they have it or not.


Hi, Jimmy. I recognize you're coming late to the discussion, but I think this post misrepresents Logos's policies and practices.

1) Logos does work with Catholic publishers. We just signed a contract with Pontifical Bible Institute to produce several titles. We have worked with Liturgical Press in the past and hope to work with them more in the future. There are a few other publishers we’ve worked with.

So please don't read Bill's comments as an attempt to make a blanket statement about all Catholic publishers, or as a comment on Canon Law or any other such thing. These are, however, real obstacles we've encountered with particular Catholic publishers.

2) It isn't just about what books people can choose to buy. A perhaps bigger deal is all the little supporting files that are installed by default. For example, even if you never purchase a copy of Calvin's Institutes, there is a data type file for the Institutes (used for navigating, linking and searching) that is installed by default. The solution isn't as simple as just not installing the file, because the moment a user ran 'Libronix Update' to get the latest updates downloaded, they would be offered a data type for Calvin's Institutes. We'd have to maintain a completely separate set of Libronix Update code for Catholic users to prevent that sort of thing from happening, and then come up with a solution for Catholic users who WANT to buy non-Catholic books as well. (Not to mention, deciding how to handle Catholic books that cite the Institutes for reference, thus requiring the data type.)

This is what Bill meant when he said that we're not 'building a fence' around these Catholic products. We're not going to make it more difficult for anyone to get the supporting files needed to make the software run well. Sure, we are responsible for that policy; we don’t ‘blame’ publishers for it. From our perspective, building that fence would be basically spending a lot of development money in order to provide BAD service to our customers. I hope that these aren't permanent barriers.

3) We have no new policy about not making 'Catholic Editions' of works where we would be allowed to do so. But to my knowledge, ECF was the only time we've ever been asked for one. I would posit that very few books lend themselves well to being automatically converted into theologically neutral books. With ECF, identifying the footnotes filled with theological comments could be done programmatically. If we had to do that kind of editing by hand, reading all the footnotes, across 37 volumes, we probably would not do it. Not because we're jerks and are anti-Catholic, but because it would be prohibitively expensive.

We absolutely want to work with Catholic publishers, and I hope no one goes away from these discussions thinking Logos is hostile to that.

As a side note, we've come a long ways since version 2.0. We'll be releasing version 3.0a in a matter of weeks, which represents three development cycles from 2.0. I hope you check it out!

Philip R. Gons

Great post, Vincent. Thanks for clearing this up!


Is there anywhere available the complete text of the Catechism that one can grab?

check out this site


Brent Brown

Long ago, Logos had a product called the "Catholic Scholars Pack." While it was a bit on the pricey side, it has been a great tool for me over the years. It's sad that they (as far as I can tell) no longer offer it.


I have been surprised that Logos makes available to purchase so few of the classic catholic theologians of the medieval period. Many of their works are avilable in English translations that are now out of copyright. In addition, I presume, the Migne texts would be available for Logos to use if they wished (for those who wanted to work with the latin).

Just a thought...


Thanks Gilbert. I've been looking for that type of thing for quite a while. I'm going to be very embarrassed if you tell me you were able to Google for it.

Now I have to get my lazy butt into gear and actually do some coding...


The new Libronix library system reads the old "Logos Catholic" collestions.
Does anyone know where I can purchase an old Logos catholic collection?
Maybe someone who does not use the old Logos system because of the Harmony system and would be willing to part with their old Logos collection?
Blessings to all...


Just to clarify...a search of Logos' site using "Catholic" has turned up 81 products.

Here are a sampling of the titles:

Collegeville Catholic Reference Library:

Oxford Movement Historical Theology Collection (10 volumes):

Early Church Fathers Special Catholic Edition:

Catholic Principles for Interpreting Scripture:

Reading the New Testament Commentary (12 volumes):

Trinitarian Theology Collection

Mary for All Christians:

As I said...there are 76 more as of today....

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