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August 21, 2006


Dr. Eric


There is a webstite called Brick Testament run by a "reverend" it portrays many Biblical stories and scenes.


The guy makes a point to include some of the stuff that is racy. Adam and Eve nude in the garden. This Patriarch "knowing" that Matriarch. Most of it is cute. Some of it is not good.

Be warned.


Some of the "Brick Testament" scenes with God smiting folks had me in stitches! It is rather racy, though.

As for the Lego Church, I noticed none of the women were wearing veils.. hmmm..


I watched Scientific Evidence for the Exodus last night on National Geographic or History I don't remember, but they showed a model of the temple. It was kind of cool. Apparently there is a lot of Exodus related material (Egyptian gold and carvings) in Greece.

Jared Weber

Hmm, no Crucifix up front. Just like most of the churches in L.A.

JM Kraemer

A few responces:

Jimmy: Once again thank you for showcasing my work on your blog. I really enjoyed it last time and I'm also impressed this time around.

I also like your idea. I think that would be a fun project in and of itself.

Jared Weber: The only reason I don't have one in this project is that I have yet to figure out away to build one. But each project is a learning experiance. So perhaps if it's not in this year's, could be in next.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported this!

-JM Kraemer
Saginaw, MI

The Lego Church Project


JM Kraemer --

The only way I can think of making a crucifix would be awfully big....

You know how you can turn the bricks 90 degrees and have them stick out the side of a wall? You could do that at varying depths, to produce a contoured body of Christ on the cross.

But it would be way out of scale with any church, unless you did it as a megasculpture in front of the church or outside.

David B.

JM Kraemer,

Have you ever thought of offering your skills to the L.A. Diocese?

Seriously. Your Church is a few steps up from churches I've been to.

JM Kraemer

Are the churches in L.A. that bad? I've been to many parishes in Saginaw and Flint, MI. I've always enjoyed how the places are layed out. Two places stand out to me though.

St. Helen's of Saginaw (my home parish) and St. Roberts in Flushing, MI. Many ideas from the last few years have come from those places.

Now the back cross was a new idea and was pulled off using some new "elements" that I got from a few of the small sets I pick up now and again.

I don't think it would be that hard to create a human figure and put it on a bigger version of that cross. Something that I've wanted to try. I've been doing these projects since I was a child. Each year I'm learning something new.



Dr. Eric: I saw it before. You're right:It's too 'graphic' on some scenes but one nice picture is Lego-Peter cutting Lego-Malchus' ear. One nice note is the Holy Spirit is actually represented as a 'Ghost', literally.

David B.


You're right, but some of the newer churches look like heck.


The funniest moment in the Brick Testament is Rahab, who according to Joshua 6:25 "dwelleth in Israel [even] unto this day," wherein she is shown in modern Israel with motorcycles and cell phones.


I say, why stop at Lego? It's much easier to work with card. Nice work, Mr. Kraemer.


The church is at least looks more Sacred than many Churches today. The only things we need now is Religious Images.

Jared Weber

JM K: Sorry, man. My comment looks pretty snarky in retrospect. Didn't mean for it to come off that way.

Yeah, I could see how that would be difficult. Perhaps if you modified one of the "people" figures ... or maybe that would look like they'd crucified one of the parishioners. Decidedly NOT the impression you'd want to leave.

Hmm. Dunno. But you're obviously a creative individual. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Y'know Lego gargoyles around the outside would be cool. Is there such a thing? If there isn't, there should be. Perhaps a few Lego saint statues? Some Lego frescos and tapestries? Huh?

Could be neat.

JM Kraemer

I have to tell you guys. I'm really enjoying the feed back and the questions.

The picture in the artical is from the point where I was just about to start the roof. The roof alone took me around 10 hours to build. Over all time for one project can be 1 month on the low end to 3 months on the long end.

Mini figures total around 210. The most I have ever had in any of my projects.

I also have it lit with a strand of holiday lights. So people can see inside of it.

Thank you all for your support of this. Thank you Jimmy Akin for another wonderful artical on something that I really enjoying doing, and enjoy sharing.

If you have any more question, feel free to e-mail me.



My eight year old really enjoyed looking at your creation and I have no doubt that I will be bombarded with, "Mom, look what I made can you guess what this is" many times today.

Thanks a lot!

Seriously...thank you for your inspiration.


Uh oh, looks like somebody is having a bad reaction to the holy water (bottom right.)

JM Kraemer

Charlotte: Yes, I have gotten many reactions from children over the years. Always a fun time. At the Redford display for the 06 project we even had the really young kids asking question. Very cute.

IA_: HA. I forgot I put that guy in there. His face is double sided. He has one normal face.. and then the one you see in the picture where he looks like he's having a bad day.

Good eyes.



I thought he was turning around to growl at the people talking behind him. Maybe it is because we were visiting a new parish last week and I fought the urge to do the same thing. My face looked a lot like his, I think!

J.R. Stoodley

His head turned 180 degrees! He wasn't just turning around! Clearly he is possesed by a demon like in those movies, reacting to the holy water or the tabernacle or the mass. He needs a Lego exorcist.

Either that or he just has a nasty face tattooed to the back of his head.


The great face debate!

JR: The figure is from one of the newer "Exo" suits that Lego makes. And the head has two sides.

You guys get a marvel "No Prize" for spotting it though.


Now in this picture their is something off. Because someone got me something from one of the Lego Land Parks.. I threw it in as a joke. Can you spot it?



Can't you include a bell tower in the church? By the way, you're really great. The churches i made in lego when i was a kid looked like cramped chambers with a flat roof. Even the door's a narrow hole. You would mistake it for a house if not for the (gigantic) cross on top of the roof.

David B.


Isn't there a white-red-blue image on the lower left-hand corner of the side of the church? I can't tell what it is.


To David B: You are right. Someone got me that part from Lego Land CA. I had to throw it in as away to let them know I did use the parts they got me.

Pat: Each layout is differnt. Most of the time the choice to have a tower or not all depends on how many parts I need for the main building.

As for putting one on LCP07.. i could do it in theory. It would have to depend on how much of the existing project I would have to change inorder to make it work.

Keep your questions coming!


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