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August 16, 2006



Sorry, I only speak geek.


And English around my wife and family.

Rob F.

I'll be happy to help. When do you need it by?



Not to be nitpicky, but you really don't need someone that "speaks" Latin, do you? :)

I can read (and even recite) Latin, but under no circumstances would I claim to be able to speak it!

And I drift from ecclesiastical to classical pronunciation when I'm not paying close enough attention. Actually, I think John Paul the Great did the same thing, but he was Pope so he could do that.

(Oh-I'm not volunteering, unfortunately I'm sure my Latin wouldn't be good enough to be helpful. Got a minor in classical Latin in college.)


When did anathemas disappear, exactly?


Will knowledge of classical Latin be sufficient? I majored in Latin, but my knowledge of ecclesiastical Latin is limited to what I pick up in hymns.

Francis DS

Carus Jimmy ,

EGO sum interested in nitpicking vestri opus. EGO sum an professor user of www.translation-guide.com quod mos effingo quod crustulum vestri opus in site quod simulatio futurus an professor in Latin.

Suffragium DS

(Hey, it even translated my first name to Suffragium).


I'm currently teaching both Latin and religion at a Catholic school, so working through your translation would be mutually beneficial. Let me know if you would like my help.



Trent didn't need to damn all Protestants to Hell.
That would be redundant.


Dico autem vobis quoniam omne verbum otiosum, quod locuti fuerint homines, reddent rationem de eo in die judicii.


Jimmy, If you ever need an Esperanto speaker, I'm your man.



Why are you doing this? It will only have the effect of further wussifying Catholicism... and haven't you neo-Catholics gone far enough with that? First, you admit to being scared of the bone chapel. Now, you want to take the bite out of the penalty of anathema and you act gleeful over the fact that it's no longer in use (even though it's a sorely needed ritual and could be brought back at a moment's notice). Generally, anything that has the effect of making Catholicism seem tough and hardcore is a *good* thing.

Some Day

I agree there is something bad about using this, very beautiful document just to show that Protestants aren't "damned to Hell."

But fighting Mr.Jimmy like that doesn't help anyone. I personally think we must enforce more the Justice of God into the minds of people, because they are slacking. We seem to think that everyone but Hitler and Osama makes it to Heaven.
That can't be true. And people really think, "oh God is mercy, how could He comdemn any good person like me or a "good"muslim or "separated brothers"."
We need to remind people that God is merciful, that in fact He recieves more glory in showing His Mercy than His Justice. And that He is slow to anger and rich in compassion.
And I think since the Rennaisance to now, we got a lot to pay for. Sodom was Paradise compared to this world. Everyone commits sins of the flesh, curse and party like God doesn't exist. And then the ones who still got the custom (definitely not the Piety) of going to Mass, recieve Communion like nothing. I know people from High School, which I know what they are up to the night before, and then file up to recieve The Most Holy Lord. Do they even know God is entirely present when they recieve Communion? Maybe not, but they know that they sin, and don't care.
When mothers kill their children, when 5th graders already lost their virginity and are doing drugs and its all cool and sometimes legal, God will not stand for this. The Angels seek vengeance. Nature itself seeks to restore the Order destroyed my Man's sin. And it will be restored. That is why Our Lady said that punishment could be avoided, because we only get it if we deserve it. And we've done a good job since 1917. If she complained of immoral dress back then when men wore suits for everything and women covered down to their heels, then now even our own parents are much more in "trouble"than they where. We don't even dress like that for Mass. Not even for your own funeral. But God has to triumph. Regardless of our sin, God has to truipmh on Earth. In time, in here. The Church must be exalted to its real dignity.
But that won't happen with this society. That is why we need the chastisement. That will clean the Earth of its vileness, and leave room for the Reign of Mary, the Glorification of The Church even in the temporal society. Church and State, one flock, one sheapard.
Pray so that it happens quick, to get to that triumph.
Virgo Acies Ordinata, Ora Pro Nobis


Easeplay... owhay ardhay ancay Atinlay ebay?! :)


Ummm.... Mr. Akin?

Now, I'm no theologian, just a simple Latinist. But "We judge him damned with the devil and his angels and all the reprobate into the eternal fire" (until there is repentance and satisfaction) seems pretty clear to me. But maybe I'm missing something.

Anyway, if you haven't found someone to help yet (which seems a bit unlikely, given the volunteers above), I'd be happy to provide my services. Arguing about the finer points of Latin interpretation is what I do for a living. Petellius@gmail.com

Incidentally, if you've never seen the old Richard Burton/Peter O'Toole movie Beckett, you might be interested to know that the famous excommunication scene contains almost the complete text of the ordo excommunicandi, translated into English. (It's almost certainly an anachronism, since they used the text of the 19th century Pontificale Romanum, which is likely different than whatever would have been used back in the 12th century, but it's still pretty cool) Plus, it's just a good movie.

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