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August 21, 2006




Can anyone help me with this annoyance? It happens on my own iPod which I use w/ a Mac and my husband's iPod which he uses with a PC & Windows XP. (We both synch our iPods with iTunes).

We subscribe to a lot of podcasts. Podcasts do show up in their own category, as they should. But individual podcast shows also appear in the Music/Songs directory. That means when we shuffle music (i.e. Songs) to play, every once in a while our iPods will start playing a podcast! But we only want to hear music. We don't want podcast shows and musical songs to both be under "Songs". Is this a bug or is there a workaround to suit our preference to keep music and podcasts separate?

Oh and related to this: If we have a music video for Group X, it'll also be in the artist's playlist if we are trying to listen to only the songs for Group X. Somehow the music video will be in the same list as the other songs from Group X. This happens even though there is a separate menu listing for Music Videos. TIA!


The librivox project (www.librivox.org) has volunteers creating public-domain (as in free) recordings of public-domain works. Their library's not that extensive (yet), but it might be worth keeping an eye on. And it might be worth volunteering, too.


Great tip, Jimmy. This has been a pain in the neck for me for a while, and I'd always chalked it up to assumed limits of my Shuffle (which can really take forever to FF to find your place again in a long book).


Thanks, Jimmy -- this was always a pain for me, too -- and I'd just memorize the minutes marker where I left off in case my iPod didn't remember for me. I'll do this now.

You're always a wealth of information!


"Thus if you have a whole bunch of mp3s in a row that you want to audiobook, all you have to do is select "Next" and then "Remember playback position" and then "Next" again until you're done, at which point you hit "Okay." "

There is a script available that allows you to SELECT a whole list and it will automatically change this setting. I believe it is here:

It works VERY well and I use it all the time.


Thanks jimmy. I purchased nextup a while back on your recommendation and have been working through hughes's church history. This will make it a whole lot easier.

Jeff Miller

Yeah that change in 6.0 was a great improvement, since I also listen to many converted books and texts.

But even in previous versions there was a way to do this. Convert the mp3 to AAC, iTunes native formation, then rename the extention from m4a to m4b. The b just stands for bookmarkable.

One thing I do wish they would do in iTunes in this regard is that they would allow you to mark multiple files with "Remember Playback Position." Right now if you add multiple files that you want to do this to you have to do each one individually.

Gene Branaman

Thanks, Jimmy!!! I was totally unaware that this was part of the most recent iTunes version. I haven't taken the time to install it yet - way too busy.

I haven't even had time to put some new CDs I've purchased on my iPod yet.

Anyway, this'll be a real help!


Note that most of the other hard disk based MP3 players do remember last MP3 position. Apple has been late in the game because it likes to promote AAC files for this purpose which have always had this feature.

The best hard disk player for audio books (even though it did not have audible support) was the old Rio Karma. It allowed you to have bookmarks which saved not only your position in a file but also the position in a playlist, the volume setting, EQ setting, whether the playlist was random or sequential. Also the Karma did not have as many problem the iPod has with VBR files.

Catherine L

Thanks for a great tip! I listen to audiobooks extensively when doing housework, sewing, cooking, (all those mom things). It's great having someone read to me when my eyes have to be elsewhere. If you've been listening to a book on the iPod and then want to listen to it in iTunes you can just plug the iPod into the computer and play the audiobook from iTunes where you left off.

Another thing I would really like to see is for iTunes to allow you to create multiple bookmarks on one audiobook.



On older iPods, there was no option to "shuffle songs" directly from the main menu, so you had to enable shuffle in the settings, and then play. My suggestion would be to create a smart playlist set to 'Artist' and 'is not' for each podcast subscription. The advantage of the smart playlist is that no matter how much music you add, it is automatically included in the smart playlist as long as its artist name is not excluded. Just add each podcast's author as you subscribe to new ones to the playlist's rules and you should have the problem solved, except being to access directly from the main menu. You could also experiment with the smart playlists to fix your other annoyance.


Thank you very much, Josh. I will give Smart Playlists a look this afternoon!



If you happen to look at this thread again, in the same place that Jimmy pointed out for bookmarking, there is an option to skip the track when shuffling. That's probably more convenient overall, but I think the smart playlists will be quicker to set up, especially if you have a lot of podcasts, since you can only flag one track at a time to be skipped or bookmarkable.

A person can name his organization anything he wants. For example, I came across a group called the "evangelical catholic church," which claimed that it espoused the principles of true Lutheranism. The word "catholic" (lower case) merely means universal, and nothing more. As the term "Catholic Church" is customarily thought of, however, to say that a group is "Catholic" and not in communion with the Pope in Rome is a non sequiter. We Eastern Catholics are in communion with Rome, but as we prefer to say, the Pope is in communion with us!

Mark Hamilton

In iTunes 7 you can now highlight any number of files and hit Command I and select the bookmark option. Problem finally solved in an efficient way!

Some Day

Anyone know how to add the "album playlist"again when you deleted it with an external program?

Liam Dowling

Thanks for that tip - I had spent months trying to sort that problem out without success- much appreciated

Rolf - Trying to Manage my Time better....

Thanks for this explanation! It used to drive me up the walls when I lost a position in an audiobook!


I am trying to convert an audio book I have so I can listen to it on my Ipod.. I keep getting this error when trying to convert with Ipod AudioBook
.1 Date : Sat, 17 Feb 2007 21:16:06 -0500
2.2 Address: 7C910F29
2.3 Module : ntdll.dll
2.4 Type : EAccessViolation
2.5 Message: Access violation at address 7C910F29 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Read of address 00000000.

can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it? sadly I cant get anything but dial up in my area so downloading audio books is not an option.. I thought this program would really be a life saver so I could convert ones I had purchased and some of my favorites.. so far.. all I am is frustrated.. please help!
Thank you

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