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August 11, 2006


J.R. Stoodley

As if our current president doesn't make me crazy enough!

paul zummo

And for all these years I thought it was spelled Ktulu. Thanks, Metallica.


It has been suggested that Metallica chose to spell it "Ktulu" because they thought "Cthulhu" might be copyrighted.

However, "Ktulu" is a legitimate spelling. Human vocal chords cannot actually pronounce his name, so all spellings are approximate.


Eh, they've had those for years. I've seen black&white versions for sale at comic and game stores. I think one had a slight modification of the slogan to "Why settle for voting for the lesser of two evils?"

Now, the Cthulu plush dolls, _those_ were disturbing...


Hey Sarah, I've got a Cthulhu plush doll sitting right here on the monitor of my office computer!

Anyway, various Cthulhu for President stickers/t-shirts/posters/etc have been floating around geekdom for at least the past 20 years.



Cthulu plush back-packs for the middle school set are wildly popular items at the comic/game store near me.

Gene Branaman

Way too funny! Thanks for the Friday laugh, Jimmy!


It looks like one of the ghosts that chase PacMan.


Somewhere online (and the link died with my old computer), there is a story about the Cthulhu plushie and the effect of his arrival on the other stuffed animals. I believe one cute bunnie beanie baby had an untimely (yet bloodless) end. :)

Jimmy Akin

Perhaps you were thinking of the one linked HERE :-)


I hate to break it to you, Jimmy, but, were he to win, Cthulhu could not serve; he's been trapped in the "Hello Kitty" pocket dimension for some time now...

http://www.hello-cthulhu.com/>The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu


What is the nexus of Jimmy Akin and science fiction?

Bill Walsh

My plush Cthulhu is purple, Sarah.

And Chaosium, publisher of the Lovecraftian RPG Call of Cthulhu usually puts out a "Cthulhu for President" pack around the time of every presidential election. There's usually a bumpersticker, button, and some sort of poster or two. They have established that Cthulhu is the candidate of the Elder Party.

For the best in Cthulhoid cartooning see Fran├žois Launet's Unspeakable Vault (of Doom):


Randolph Carter

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu for president! Make R'lyeh part of the union! Make insanity a requirement for citizenship! Ha ha ha! All shall bow down to Cthulhu! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

. . .

Ahem. Quite.


Ah, you guys rock with your links and knowledge of insanity-inducing terror. :)


Great. You can now vote for fictional entities. Why not choose Godzilla for Governor for some state?And have Darth Vader run for Vice-Governor. At least many presume Ctulhu to be real, let's also say those two are real beings.

Sean S.

Godzilla would be an awesome governor.


Godzilla for President! So long as he doesn't run with Godzuki, we've got a deal.


The plushies are disturbing - but in a funny way. I just wouldn't think of them as a good kid's toy ("Hey - why is little Susie crying at night all the time? We gave her a lovely plush Cthulu to keep her company..." :) Sorry to anybody who thought I was criticizing.

The tropical vacation Cthulu is twisted. And it made me laugh.

Years ago, I knew someone who had made her own Cthulu plush by combining a squid, the wings of a dragon, and another toy's body. It was funny ... but disturbing. Plush + Cthulu does not compute :)


I think that the Cthulhu stuffed animals are generally not intended for kids. Not little kids, anyway. Kids who are old enough to love monster movies and not have nightmares about them, maybe.


I'm tempted to buy one for my D&D group. "Hey, lookit this week's monster-- it's a poofy mind flayer!"


Now if they'd only bring back those 'Frodo Lives!' bumper stickers!

Jim Janknegt

I saw a "Republicans for Voldemort" bumper sticker the other day. I laughed out loud.

J.R. Stoodley

Have you all seen the Christopher Walken for President stuff? Seems to be a pretty big thing, though it isn't for real thankfully.

The "official" web page was disappointingly unfunny though. I think the funny part is their trying to trick the gullible into thinking Walkin is actually running. The only bit of outright comedy I spoted was the supposed quote from Walken "If you want to learn how to build a house, build a house. Don't ask anybody, just build a house." Also it contained a very unfortunate promotion of Embryonic Stem Cell Research.


What does 'No More Years' mean? Will Ctulhu replace the Calendar and abolish the word 'year'?


What does 'No More Years' mean? Will Ctulhu replace the Calendar and abolish the word 'year'?


Ctulhu will bring about the utter distruction of humanity--thus, without people to observe them, no more years.

Some Day

What is this Chia pet or something you are talking about?
Omnia Dii Gentium Sum Demonae

(ihop i spilled it rite)


Suddenly nuclear bombs ain't scary anymore. Ctulhu makes Hitler, Lenin,and Mao Zedong look like saints. But why will people vote for someone who'll exterminate them? But then again, We live in a Culture of Death.

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