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July 28, 2006



I forget... What was Secret Project #4 again?

No really... you can tell me. It'll just be between you and me...


prayer said!

J.R. Stoodley

You scared me Jimmy! OK, maybe it is easier to scare me after that "Them bones" thing, but still, usually when I hear "when it rains it pours" that means things are going from bad to worse, so for an instant I thought Secret Project #4 was falling through.


Gene Branaman

Most definitely praying, Jimmy! May God bless & be glorified through all your projects dedicated to the good of the Body of Christ, secret or not.


Okay, Jimmy, although I hope this secret project doesn't involve rabbits. They multiply quickly, too.

Dream Weaver

remind me again: is secret project #1 the one where we papists unite with the masons and enslave all the protestants? Or does it involve alien autopsies and a DaVinci painting? I get so confused. In any event, prayer said.


I want to know what these secret projects for. I have money...


it'll be a wiki something.

one of them.


Well, I'm pretty sure we've all come to the conclusion that one of these projects will be using that flying GI Joe wing thingy that was posted a while back.


No, Jimmy has a scheme to turn all RC churches into bone chapels. The previous article was softening us up for it. The "extra help" he's been getting is obviously to help collect the bones.

John E

Sounds exciting. May God's will be done.

timothy reihart

great show could you tell more carre thogh faith iam having a hard time fine it


My prayers are with you and your work, as always.



I hear Secret Project #4 has Jimmy rapping about how he likes big brown scapulars and he cannot lie; reportedly with an appearance from Mr. T.


Secret projects one through four are giant robot lions which, when combined will form the giant fighting robot Voltron, defender of the Universal Church.

The problem with Secret Project one is that the lion was buried in a volcano and nothing we have can survive the heat to excavate it ... until now. Hence the clever "back burner" "front burner" references to extreme heat.

Of course there is also the problem of the space mice stealing the keys, but for some waaay out reason, some of the locals can communicate with them. Hence the reference to local help.

And of course all the robot lions and Voltron can fly hence the reference to "launching" the project.

Can I pilot the blue lion for getting all the answers right?


Wife, two year old daughter and I prayed for all your work at bedtime last night.


My guess is that StubbleSpark is on the right track with flying.

Obviously what Jimmy means about Secret Project #1 coming back online is the breakthrough which means the Flying Monkeys are now go!

The robot lions were only a fallback when the problems with Secret Project #1 seemed insurmountable, though I do agree that they are cool.


Prayers !! Prayers!!
And Prayers!!

Dean Soto

I feel like Sister Lucia from Fatima! I can't wait for the secrets to be revealed!

9 paragraphs to say nothing. Someone call the Pulitizer folks.

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