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July 17, 2006


Gene Branaman

It never ceases to amaze me how interest in a particular subject can lead to learning about another (seemingly) unrelated subject. I do this all the time. If I open a dictionary, I could get lost for an hour, easily!

Cool post, Jimmy!

BTW, there was a doc on Blackbeard on the History channel (or was it Discovery?) over the weekenend. I caught a promo for it. It as along the lines of "Blackbeard: Truth or Fiction" though not quite that . . . silly.


Oh heck, what does science know?

Redheads are attracted to redbeards because they KNOW that here is a wicked good blend of the passionately fiery and a Huck Finn simplicity.

(Unless one is Howdy Doody.)


"Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts."


Okay, this is going to show the geek in me!

I have done a lot of research on genetics and hair color is fascinating and extremely complex. The most complex hair color - you guessed it - red! This is because in addition to being recessive, there are two genes specifically for red hair that have to be inherited recessively and "turned on" to get the typical bright red hair. These genes can also turn on and off at different points in life, usually toddlerhood or adolescence.

This is why red hair is actually becoming much less common as people travel and mate different ethnic backgrounds. Some even estimate that in another 100 years, you may not see much red hair at all, even though there will be carriers still out there.

Jamie Beu

"It's all part of piratin', lad!"

I can't believe that JA made a presumption about a film based on a wikipedia entry!

Jimmy, if you like Monty Python humor, you'll appreciate Yellowbeard. Yes, it's got some bawdy humor in it, and it makes fun of the Spanish Inquisition by casting Tommy Chong as a Spanish priest, but the movie itself is pretty funny.

(chief of secret service to a spy, who happens to be blind)
Chief: Did you see... (to first mate) he's blind you stupid twit!
Spy (with Cockney accent): I may be blind, but I `ave acute `earing.
Chief: I'm not interested in your jewelry...

Rent it from Lackluster, if you like Monty Python at all.

Brian Day

but I've noticed that women who are or who used to be red heads often seek to engage me in what I can only describe as "red-head mutual bonding conversations"

Don't knock it. Who knows, it may give you a head start to the future Mrs. Jimmy Akin.


I believe that redheads are getting rarer. My father's hair was bright red, my mother's strawberry. 2 out of 3 of their children inherited the bright red of our father. Out of 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, there are no redheads. My son was born w/ red hair but when his baby fuzz was replaced, he was white blond. His beard was red when it first came in but by the time he was 30, it was the same dark blond as his hair. I didn't like having red curly hair as a child. Hated the catcalls and teasing. Now I enjoy the difference - and not needing perms.


I used to have a lot of red in my mustache. Now, the red is a different color, which is why I don't have a mustache any more. (The brown seems to be holding its color, even now in my fifties).


The red haired gene is definitely *not* dying out in my family. Two of my kids have very red hair, and third is more of an auburn. What really upsets me, though, is that my hair has lost a lot of red the last few years, shifting more towards brown. It's gotten to the point that people that didn't know me ten years ago ask me, "Where does she (my daughter) get that bright red hair?!?? Does her father have red hair?" Waaaah...

Kevin Jones

There was a real Barbary pirate called "Redbeard," only he wasn't a redhead. His arabic name was Italianized into Barbarossa.

Mike P.

My mom and I both have hair as red as it gets (hers is turning very slowly to white), but none of my 4 kids have it. Maybe one of my future kids will inherit it.
As far as the red-headed kinship thing goes, I had a funny experience when we visited Italy and the gentleman working at a hotel we were staying in was thrilled to encounter another red-head (must not be too many there?) that he kept calling me "My brother!"


Mike P. - It could have been a red-headed brotherhood thing, or... When I was in Rome, though, they called me "Mother" in a sort of affectionate way and I had/have no idea why. I've got fair Nordic-Anglo coloring/features. "Mother" to me sounds so matronly and I'm 33 and look even younger; not exactly "matronly" the way I think of it anyway. I found it charming but perplexing.


Like others, I used to be a redbeard. My question is about the grey beard effect.
Some years ago there was an advertisement on TV by the Montreal Canadiens hockey legend Maurice "Rocket" Richard for a product called "Grecian Formula".
Now, as Roman Catholic, as opposed to a Byzantine, is a "Grecian Formula" permitted or should I be looking for a "Roman or Latin" Formula?
However, I do notice that the Kyrie is in fact Greek. So I am confused.
Any suggestions?

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