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July 21, 2006



And they're using CLASSIC Supergirl! Woot!

Kara Zor-El lives! :)

I'm not a stamp collector but I may well buy a sheet to keep.


Showing once again that we can no longer distinguish between art and commerce.

When will the American Idol stamps be available?



Mulopwepaul --

It's obvious that you're not a stamp collector. For many, many years, all sorts of countries have been releasing all sorts of stamps of this type. Disney stamps are an entire branch of philately in themselves.

The US government is in fact doing something quite similar to releasing fairy tale stamps or Robin Hood and His Merry Men stamps -- they are supporting American folklore.

And yes, folklore, art, and commerce have always been intertwined. Those troubadours didn't sing for pure love of music, you know.

(Btw, I was quite amused to see the vastness that is the San Diego "comics show" referenced in such a bland way.)


I am disturbed, however, to note that DC Comics heroes, and only DC Comics heroes, are being released first.

Do they want to unleash religious warfare by militant Marvelites? Oh, the humanity....


Sorry Mulupwepaul, but there won’t be any American Idol stamps anytime soon. You have to be dead or in an alternate universe to get on a US postage stamp.


Will these stamps be available worldwide ? My son would love them! I won't tell him about them just in case we can't get them over here.

Very cool.

Cory Sticha


You probably won't be able to pick them up overseas, but you might be able to order them from the US Postal Service's online shop.

Cory Sticha

Sorry, I meant "pick them up at a store". Didn't want to cause any more confusion than I usually do. ;)


"And yes, folklore, art, and commerce have always been intertwined."

The difference is that Time Warner and Disney own their characters, and derive advertising benefit from their publication.

Here we're intertwining folklore, art, commerce and a government-backed monopoly.

Anyone who thinks this art is truly a public commodity should try incorporating some of it into their own works and see how amused Time Warner and Disney are.

If these images were truly folklore, we ought to be able to use the images without copyright lawyers. This is exactly what Disney and Time Warner spend large amounts of money making legally impossible.

Our culture is being transformed into commercially licensed "content," and I think that's going to make everyone worse off culturally in the long run.


Jonathan Prejean

I wonder if Jimmy's going to ComicCon this year! The events list looks a lot like his blod entries...

4:00-5:00 Adventures of Brisco County Jr.— The cult-favorite TV show returns with a screening of a special feature from the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: The Complete Series DVD. Featuring a panel discussion and Q&A with the show’s star Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness), Carlton Cuse (Lost), John McNamara (Fastlane), and Julius Carrey (The Last Dragon). Room 6B

5:00-6:00 Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski— He's one of the most popular writers in television and comics, and he's about to add the big screen to that list! J. Michael Straczynski, currently writing the Marvel flagship titles Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, plus Squadron Supreme, is also the creator of the fan-favorite TV series Babylon 5, Crusade, and Jeremiah. JMS is also the author of Changeling, a big-budget feature film for Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures, to be produced and potentially directed by Ron Howard. JMS reveals more about his upcoming work during this spotlight! Room 6B


Will these stamps be available worldwide ? My son would love them! I won't tell him about them just in case we can't get them over here.

Very cool.

Are you serious?


Ah, ukok, try usps.gov. For a second I thought, ... nevermind. Sorry. X-D


For ukok: http://shop.usps.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategoriesDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10152

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