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July 25, 2006



"Mr. T apparently is a Christian, who is reported to take his faith seriously these days."

He also has a unique way of evangelizing. He snarls and says: "Pray, sucka!"


I pitty da fool!

It would be the cooolest confirmation name.


Jimmy, I'm so glad we have someone like you around, to answer these really pressing, weighty questions...

What might happen if Mr. T and Chuck Norris were bishops?


Ah the Dumb Ox has posted on Bishop Chuck Norris.



If he was baptized as Laurence Tureaud, why wouldn't he be St. Laurence Tureaud? Wouldn't the baptismal name be used over the legal name? (Assuming for sake of this argument he had been baptized as a Catholic and not converting in the future...)

Perhaps he would be St. Laurence Tureaud the B.A.

John E

So we can pray that one day we add these names to the Litany of Saints:

St. Dweezil and St. Moon Unit Zappa...pray for us.
St. Sage Moonblood Stallone...pray for us.
St. Speck Wildhorse Mellencamp...pray for us.
St. Apple Paltrow...pray for us.
St. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence (take a breath)...pray for us.
St. Fifi Trixabelle....pray for us.
St. Pilot Inspektor Lee...pray for us.
All holy men and women...pray for us!

The parents obviously weren't thinking of the Litany of Saints when they named their children.


I think St. Mr. T has a nice ring to it.

"Pray, sucka!" Thank you bill912 for making me laugh out loud. I needed that today. :)


Jimmys cereal would of course be low carb!


I've seen Mr. T on TBN. I've also seen "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels (wrestler), Zeus/Tiny Lister (former wrestler/actor), "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (former wrestler) and many other famous personages.

Christianity is taking over the entertainment world!


With respect to typology, the A-team certainly does take on a whole new dimension.

Would he also be dubbed "the saint of the ignorant:" given that, as already noted by steve,he does 'Pity da fool.'


I would love to see Mr. T become Catholic, but then again, I'd love to see everyone become Catholic.

Thanks for this amusing topic Jimmy.


Mr. C

Since Mr. is his first name, and many saints are known only by their first names, couldn't he be known as St. Mr.?

Meg Q

There *is* St. Padre Pio . . . remember we were all asking about that a few years ago? "Saint" is basically just saying "Holy" at the beginning of a name, but we've made it into more of an honorific (think of the other descriptors in the process, "Venerable" and "Blessed" - "Holy" fits in there more if you think of it that way, but "Saint" is the word we use).

It would have to be "St. Mr. T" unless he went back to his previous legal name, otherwise it would just sound silly. I have to agree, if Mr. T converted to Catholicism and lived a life of heroic virtue, "Mr. T" would be one of the coolest confirmation names of all time! (Not a great baptismal name, maybe . . .) Like "Xavier", IMO. BTW, I pity da fool who doesn't cross the Tiber!

I'm sure this all sounds silly to overserious types but I do hope Mr. T (as I hope everyone else) becomes Catholic one day (did I once read about him going to Catholic elementary school? maybe not . . . ), and it is an amusing topic, which we don't have enough of these days!

(How about St. B.A. of the Baracus?)

Father Joe

It must be a slow week for you guys!


P.S. I got to see Mister T a number of years ago at a wrestling event. He was the side-kick to Hulk Hogan, who by the way, was always good in buying raffle tickets from the local priest.

My priest friend, Father Brian G., had an interesting parish, both William F. Buckley, Jr. (the intellectual and commentator)and Hulk Hogan (the wrestling showman)were his parishioners.

Ah, what a world we live in!


"Pray, sucka!" <-- I love this!

I can imagine other teachings:

"Repent, sucka!"
"Love one another, sucka!"
"Forgive one another, sucka!"


Mr T being a Christian explains why he has said that while he is always happy to do cameos in movies and TV shows, he has said that he won't do any nude scenes or sex scenes. (But I haven't heard of anyone wanting him to do any of those yet anyway!)


He might be called St. Padre Pio, but his official name is St. Pio of Pietrelcina.
Interesting topic!

M. Swaim

I don't know... this St. Hulkster thing is now starting to sound sort of appealing, especially after viewing a couple of episodes of "Hogan Knows Best." He did make a miracle comeback... does that count multiple times?


OK, when I find myself taking time to read this, that's when I know I'm really just procrastinating and ought to get back to work.


I can help the reader, I think. I NEVER think about Mr. T,except when he's in a news report, which is..what? Once a decade maybe?

Roman Sacristan

Well, maybe it would be like the popes that get canonized. Pope Pius X is now called Pope Saint Pius X (which always makes me wonder why we don't say "Pope Saint Peter"), so would it be "Mr. Saint T?" Of course if his name is just "Mr. T" I would have to guess it would then be "St. Mr. T."

Dr. Eric

After a few hundred years the earthly honorific will drop in favor of the "St." title. St. Teresa of Avila was also known as "Mother Teresa" back 500 years ago.


Saw this on Wikipedia:

In 2006, Mr. T announced he would never wear his chains again saying, “No, T, you can never wear your gold again. It's an insult to God." He came to this decision after seeing the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Mr. T also donated a great deal of clothing and money to Katrina victims. In October, 2006 [2] his new reality television show for TV Land, called I Pity the Fool [3] begins, which will find the devout Christian assisting those in need.

Dr. Eric

I pity the fool who doesn't pray at St. Mr. T's Shrine!

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