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July 14, 2006


John E

Sounds like a fun time. Some of the items on your list of cool things sounds like my brother in his younger days trying to keep my sister's birthday present a secret: "I'm not saying what you got, but it has two wheels and you ride it....and it's purple."

Jimmy Akin

I didn't say anything about what the main plot of the movie is. :-)

In particular, I didn't even say what the Dean Man's Chest is or why it's important.

Andrew S.

Honestly, I liked the first one better than this sequel. The plot was kinda hard to follow and was a bit confusing.

But you didn't mention how Davy Jones played the evil sounding pipe organ!! That was so unexpected and cool! Oh I love the pipe organ! They oughta put those in movies more often!


I especially liked the "Hello, beastie" moment as well. Jack does seem to be gallant at heart, doesn't he?


Don't forget some choice opportunities to say:




The bit after the credits.

Truly, every dog has his day.

Jeff Miller

The movie was great fun and makes you instantly want to see next Summer's conclusion. Seeing Keith Richards play Johnny Depp's father ought to be lots of fun also.

Some of the religous elements were also cool such as one of the sailors praying the Rosary and the choice some made to rather be judged by God then stay on Davy Jones crew to delay it.


The Jack-kabob was my favorite. And what an ending!!!!


I don't particularly like the last bit (I hate cliffhangers) but I absolutely love the way it was done.

"Look. An undead monkey."


"I want to shoot something. Where's that monkey?"

"You know that doesn't do anything."

"It makes me feel better."

I can't wait to see it, but alas, I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD. We have little ones and no reliable babysitter. We own #1 on DVD and will own this one! Hurry, please!


Suzanne says all that up there


The film could have also been titled: "Monkey Island: The motion Picture."

I wrote these spoilers on my livejournal:

Jack Sparrow is frozen in carbonite, so in the next film they are lead by Captain Lando Calrissian. Will also finds out who his father is. The film also features the Sarlacc pit and the International House of Mojo. The monkey doesn't get two extra heads though.

I just hope in the next one it doesn't turn out that Will and Elizabeth are brother and sister.


"I just hope in the next one it doesn't turn out that Will and Elizabeth are brother and sister." LOL! I'm SO glad Capt. Barbosa will be back! Mr. Rush looked like he was having so much fun it was contagious.

Tim J.

My family really liked the movie.

My only gripe is that a couple of special-effects set pieces went on a bit too long (IMHO), but it was great fun.

The two pirate sidekick/comic relief guys were very good. I liked especially when they were arguing over the correct pronunciation of "krakken".


We now have a whimsical picture of Davy Jones up on our refrigerator, thanks to artist daughter Mary Beth, age 11 (who didn't want to see the movie in the first place)!

This movie rocked the house...we decided to splurge and see it in the more expensive theater with the nicer seats and bigger screen. It was so much more than just like being in the ride at Disney, which is what it was based upon.

Johnny Depp does somewhat remind me of Tim Curry's portrayal of Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island, another classic A+ pirate film (and I mean this sincerely).

The kiss was really super...and she wasn't sorry...for the kiss or for chaining him up!

We've been saying "hello, beastie" for the last 24 hours!

Well worth seeing, what a fun summer escape.


I'm shielding my eyes from any possible spoilers because I haven't see it yet. I wanted feedback on age appropriateness: how young of a child could see this, do you think? Background: My kids are all pretty fearless with regards to movies-- Star Wars and LOTR all make fairly frequent appearances in our house-- although the three-year-old, oddly enough, terrified of the Grim Reaper character in the Veggie Tales' Esther.

Jimmy Akin

This film has much less violence than LOTR and is much less dark than some of the Star Wars movies (e.g., Ep III).

Whether it's less scary than Veggie Tales . . . I couldn't say.

Jimmy Akin

It does have some gross-out factor at a couple of places, but most of that relies on an older perspective to realize what the gross out is. It'd go over the heads of small children.


I don't particularly like the last bit (I hate cliffhangers) but I absolutely love the way it was done.

"Look. An undead monkey."


My son says one of his fave moments was when Will Turner and Jack Sparrow were 'fighting on the Mill Wheel or whatever it is'.

Amy Pawlak

We are going to see Pirates tonight. Leaving the house in about 40 minutes, in fact.

I am very excited. Thanks for the interesting, but not spoiling, tidbits, Jimmy!


The bit at the end of the credits was more impressive in the first.

On the other hand, this ending was more dramatic. This is an example of How To Write A Series. The obvious change in tone.


I hope this movie becomes an icon. Certainly Davy Jones and his crew will live forever, as they must. But I don't understand Capt. Jack Sparrow's moral compass. He's got that physical Compass of Heart's Desire, which is a great metaphor, but I guess I shall have to see the movie again in order to gain some insight into Jack's complex morality.

The Kraken is for real, folks - it must be... check out Wikipedia. Why Disney risked its tropical cruise business by revealing this monster is beyond me as well.


My wife didn't like this one as well as the first, and I have to agree with her. A lot of the stuff was way too hokey.

But these movies have something for everyone... Action, romance, swordfights, gunfights, horror, humor, slapstick.

The villians are creepy, but there's enough humor so it takes the edge off their scaryness.

I'll see the third, and hope it is like Indiana Jones. A great first, a lukewarm second, and a bang up third.


I hadn't seen the first one in awhile, so I was a little confused about the monkey's "condition". But thanks to USA Network's showing the first movie Saturday night, I understand. It's amazing how little details can pay off later.

Amy Pawlak

Saw it. Loved it.

The eye makeup was very unsettling, in that it looked very real and gave Sparrow a completely different look when you paid attention to it.

I enjoyed it as much as the first, and the ending caught me off guard.

Can't wait for #3...


"Somehow, I doubt Jack will consider employment the same as being free."

And the scene where Bootstrap offers to take Will's whipping for him, and Davy Jones established himself as evil beyond a doubt.

J. R. Stoodley


I'll warn you that the first few minutes are probably the worst. It looks very dark at first, there is a scene where a guy gets his eye graphically poked out by a crow, and then there is a sexual reference more explicit than anything in the first movie though that would go over small childrens' heads.

Regarding the movie from my perspective, it was good, though I must say I don't like what they did with Commodore Morrington (or whatever his name is). He was, with the possible exception of Elizabeth's father, probably the best man as an actual person in the first movie (though maybe a bit heartless about executing pirates), but now in this movie.... I don't think the Commodore I know and love from the first movie would act that way. He would have accepted the consequences of his actions in an honorable way.

There is also the reinterpretation of the two goofy pirates. Does no one remember how evil they were in the first movie, like the scenes where they kidnap Elizabeth or when they tell Will how his father "died"? Yet the most suspicion they get from the good guys is a puzzled look from Elizabeth. Still, they were used to show how people can rationalize sin with their ideas of "salvaging" and "removing temptation."


..Finniest..wickedest movie I've seen in a looong time..yes! just a bit too lonnnng...wonderful computer graphics..make-up that ought to get two Oscars ...ill see it again...so much to miss first time round.


I liked the idea of a compass showing Jack what he wanted and not working when he wasn't sure. One of the puzzling moments at the beginning of the film - which I didn't understand until towards the middle - was why Jack headed the OPPOSITE way that the compass pointed. At the end, he followed the compass.

This is a lot more sexual banter in this film than in the first, but there's a surprising lot in "Captain Blood" and some of the old swashbucklers, too.

I agree with J.R. Stoodley on the commodore's return. It seemed out of character - but I suppose that was the point, after all. Looking back at the first film, there are some lines (especially with the sword-reference at the end) that hint that he might have viewed marrying Elizabeth as an ACCOMPLISHMENT rather than a sacrament.

I thought the two daft pirates were, at heart, the same as in the first film. I just wonder how they escaped from Norington and hanging.


Yeah, I had a few problems with Norrington's character, too.

Does no one remember how evil they were in the first movie, like the scenes where they kidnap Elizabeth or when they tell Will how his father "died"?

Or when they assure Will that there's nothing to worry about, they just need a little blood, another pirate says they will slit his throat, and they say, "Guess there is something to worry about" -- and laugh?

Characterization is never, however, a strong point with comics, because you want to sacrifice it to laughs.


saw it last night as an escape from the heat. I thought it was a good movie, and I could also tell that I missed a few things that may have been more interesting to others as I had not seen the first movie.

The last scene confused me. Who was the last guy? All I could assume was that it was Will's father. But since I never saw him without the "Davy Jones" makeup, I wasn't sure.

help me understand - feeling a little silly not getting it.


You know, I was thinking that there are several things that make no sense without the first movie. . .

Ok, his name is Barbossa. He is not Bootstrap Bill but the villain of the first movie, and the traitor who stole The Black Pearl from Jack. At the climax of that movie, Jack shot and killed him.


From Kathy Shaidle's website (Relapsed Catholic), http://relapsedcatholic.blogspot.com/2006/07/does-new-pirates-movie-have-christian.html

Does the movie have a Christian theme?

My daughter and I saw and I would have to say yes, at least more than I'd expect from a pirate movie.


Jack was betrayed with a kiss, and died for his crew... Certainly the oddest messianic representation ever.


Hey! Thanks guys & gals for all the insights!

I'm planning to watch this tomorrow with my boyfriend, since it's my birthday. So I can only share my comments after that :p

Most especially, thanks for "hinting", "telling" me that there's more after the credits. This time I'm gonna make sure I sit through the credits and catch EVERYTHING. I'm still in regrets until now for leaving the theatre too early after X Men III!

Gene Branaman

Jimmy, you left Captain Jack's enterance off your list! This one's even better than in the first film. Loved his "oar". And I can't wait to see what how he'll first appear in At World's End!

"My kids are all pretty fearless with regards to movies-- Star Wars and LOTR all make fairly frequent appearances in our house . . ."

If they've seen LOTR, there's nothing new here. The violence is not bloody even though quite a lot of swash is buckled. There is some gruesomeness but it's the sort of "ew, look at how cool that is" sort of gruesomeness, if you know what I mean. Davy Jones is the most original & really frightening bad guy since Darth Vader's first appearance in the original Star Wars! Jimmy's totally right; if you haven't seen pictures of him, don't seek them out - he's worth the surprise.

I loved DMC & I really need to see it again. I didn't find it at all slow or overlong; Black Pearl, however, I thought ran about 10 minutes long but . . . there's nothing that could have been cut, really, so that's not meant as a complaint.

Norrington is very interesting. It seems he simply can't get over letting Jack get away. Considering the very real Christian themes in the films (intended or not - I can't say for sure, but it's just too consistent not to be, really), his portrayal in DMC is a fascinating example of how bitterness can change a person. And . . . we still don't know all of his motivations, especially for taking the contents of Davy's chest. That will have very interesting consequences for At World's End, it seems.

I really liked how the stakes for all characters were raised as the film progressed. And Barbossa's return in the final shot was a stunner for me - I did not see that coming! Think of it: we get Davy, Barbossa & Jack (& Jack's dad) in At World's End! That will be a hoot!

"I didn't say anything about what the main plot of the movie is. :-)"

Quite right -- my comment was sloppy. It just made me laugh because it brought that incident to mind. My brother wasn't too good about keeping secrets from my cousins on movies we'd seen either: "You'll never guess who Luke's father is -- he wears black, that's all I'm saying."

David B.


A teenage boy has taken over your website and is writing reviews for movies! ;-)


I did not like this movie at all. If had to do it over again I would wait to watch it on DVD.


Jimmy! A teenage boy has taken over your website and is writing reviews for movies! ;-)

I am a teenage boy. I'm also a seven-year-old boy, and a three-year-old boy. And I'm a 25-year-old, and a 32-year-old, and a 37-year-old.

I'm not just one age, I'm all the ages I've ever been. And if you ask me about Dead Man's Chest -- which is to say, if you ask the teenage boy that I was and am -- I say it's wicked cool... just as if you ask the three-year-old that I was and am, Bambi is one of the best movies ever.

Deacon Joe

i just returned home from the movie theater... Wow! Awesome movie. Epic, but not overwhelming. Tight concept, script, direction, and acting.

I am especially impressed that Keira Knightley turns out to be a very good actress!

This movie, like Haunted Mansion was based on a ride, but unlike HM was remarkably well-developed.

Like Star Wars, like Back to the Future, a fun, interesting, and pretty-good first outing has been followed up by a matured, excellent sequel.

David B.


uh, well... that was nice. :-()

I want you to go back... go back... go back..!

David B.


Freud is calling... He wants to know if you would like a pacifier with your beer. :-)

Gene Branaman

"I am especially impressed that Keira Knightley turns out to be a very good actress!"

Deason Joe, I suggest you rent the recent version of Pride & Prejudice with the charming Ms Knightley as Elizabeth (she can't seem to get away from characters of that name, can she?). Or just go buy it if you like those sorts of films - it's excellent! They distill the story into 2 hours without it seeming as if much is lost. It's a great script & extremely well-acted. The direction is subtle & delicate with some of the best transitions I've seen recently. Great stuff!


JeremiahBailey, re: odd messianic representations: clearly, you've never seen Lee Van Cleef in Death Rides a Horse. Or been to Singapore ;)


David B:

"When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." — C. S. Lewis


David B.


I always wondered if, as an adult, I was being childish for keeping the toys I played with when I was young. What do you think?

David B.


Pardon that strange interlude ;-)


I always wondered if, as an adult, I was being childish for keeping the toys I played with when I was young. What do you think?

Why have you always wondered that, David B?

Please help me understand. Of what possible relevance is it to ask whether something is "childish"?

Some aspects of my childhood I have outgrown; others I haven't, and wouldn't care to. I threw a ball as a child; I throw a ball now. I loved The Chronicles of Narnia as a child; I love them still.

A man of forty must be more than a boy of six. But he need not be less. He must outgrow his immaturity, his innocence, his lack of sophistication; he need not outgrow his sense of fun, his taste for chocolate, his admiration for his father.


P.S. Sorry, missed your disclaimer until after posting my reply.

David B.

It's all chill, man.

Another strange interlude:

"Why you couple of baboons, what makes you think I'd marry either one of you? I came here lookin' for a party, and what do I find? Nothing. Not even ice cream. The gods look down and laugh. This would be a better world for children, if the grown-ups had to eat the spinach." :-)

David B.

I'm sure SDG knows who that quote is from, but for those who don't, it's Grucho Marx in "Animal Crackers"

David B.


It's 'Groucho', not 'Grucho'. Sorry. :-(


Ran across some -- interesting comments.

One site I think was Protestant, because it described the sailor who turned down Davy Jones as clutching a cross. Actually, the cross was hanging free from the rosary he was clutching.

Another pointing out that Bootstrap tried to take Will's punishment, and afterwards assured him it was for the best -- er, no. This was not a case of all discipline at the time seems a cause for sadness; it was an actual wrong that Bootstrap was trying to mitigate. (And, indeed, while his motives were impeccable, one can wonder if inflicting an unjust punishment is right, even to prevent the victim suffering a worse one.)


Golly, this was such a *swell* movie. Seeing the old gang again was really keen and I liked the ending really much.


Pirates are so cool i love threr movies? pirates of the caribbean RULE

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