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July 07, 2006



Didn't there used to be some graphics at the very top of the page?


also, the title is not showing up

John E

That'll save some wear and tear on my ring finger. And it saves you from having to say "double-u double-u double-u dot", possibly the only acronym where it's quicker just to say what it stands for.


Wow. So is this like, the same place? Or are we on an alternate universe version of the jimmyakin.org?

Everything seems more or less normal ...

Except that when I go here the clock on my wall becomes a mime pretending to be a clock on the wall.

But other than that, it's an exact copy of the original!


Yup, your banner header isn't showing up, and the green doesn't paint all the way to the bottom of the page when you're viewing/adding comments. Otherwise it seems normal. Or as normal as it used to be...

Cajun Nick


You know, I think you may by on to something. All that talk recently about rebooting the Star Trek universe may have actually been preparing us for a reboot of the Jimmy Akin universe :)


"All that talk recently about rebooting the Star Trek universe may have actually been preparing us for a reboot of the Jimmy Akin universe."

Maybe that's what "Secret Project # 4" is!

Mary Kay

Cajun Nick beat me to it.


Or, perhaps CAL has found a way to transmit into outer space with a view to evangelizing any intelligent life form there may be. Stitch that Bible Answerman.


Now the graphic at the top of the page links to a folder within Jimmy's domain instead of just displaying www.jimmyakin.org as the URL.


as long as your fixin bugs and updating the HolyGrail..why not fix that picture of you Jimmy?.come on now..get a lil more Left Coast


Boy Jimmy,
If Secret Project #4 was switching from www.jimmyakin.org to jimmyakin.org, I can't wait to be underwhelmed with secret projects 1-3! Just kidding!

Bill Q

Interesting -- I've had your blog's RSS feed on my Yahoo home page for so long I can't remember the last time I came in through the front door. I just see what's new and click my to it.

Ed Peters

Jimmy, when I click on your site i no longer my secret angel lucky lotto numbers....oh wait, that was a different site. Never mind.

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