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July 14, 2006


Steve w.

Jim Baen, of Baen Books, died on June 28th. Dr. Jerry Pournelle, science fiction author (and I believe a devout Catholic from his writings on his Blog) has some nice things to say about Mr. Baen and his company.You may wish to check it out. (http://www.jerrypournelle.com/view/view420.html#Jim)

Jeff Miller

I have converted many of the books available at Baen via Text Aloud to listen to on my iPod. Fallen Angels by Niven/Pournelle is pretty fun for SF fans.

Eric Flint who helps to run the site has many of his books available and has an editorial on the site why offering books for free can help sales. I agree since I have bought one of his other books after listening to the majority of the ones of his on the site and will probably buy others that concludes some series available on the site. I have a feeling though that he is a lapsed Catholic with a Catholic school education. His books contain many plots based on alternate history that often times includes the early Church in the plots and bits of philosophy (one where there is a division between the Pauline and the Petrine church). Though not all of his books are like that and he does have some interesting novels other than alternate time-lines that are pretty inventive.


Last time I went to a convention I did a cosplay (costume play) as a power droid from star wars.

Michael Fraley

The selection of authors looks great Jimmy, but not having read much science fiction written after 1940 (yeah, I'm a diehard Hugo Gernsback rivet-headed dinosaur boy), I'm not familiar with a great many of the names.

Wonderful resource, though, to become acquainted with the works of currently published authors.

My last sf convention was probably eight years ago, Concave in Michigan. Very fond memories of my time there, very bright people in attendance. In one room, the Star Trek guests failed to show, so we just had a good time sitting around talking about why Y2K wouldn't be as disasterous as many believed, for various reasons. Great time.

Jimmy, if you haven't already, check out "The Mountains of Mourning" there by Lois McMaster Bujold. Great story with a very pro-life theme about infanticide and disabilities. The hero is the disabled son of the local Count who is sent to investigate the infanticide of a baby girl in the backwoods of their planet.


The Baen online library is a blessing for folks like me who can't buy books without a good look at them-- in the store I usually look at the cover, then read the back, then read the first few pages before I really want to buy.

Usually, I'm at least two hours of highway driving from the nearest bookstore. So, Amazon.com owes these folks a *lot*.....

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