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July 10, 2006


Joy Schoenberger

Sounds like good common sense to me, Jimmy. I always work on Sunday - in my garden! It's hard work, but I love doing it, so it's leisure for me.

Dean Whinery

Good advice, Jimmy. Education is important, and it sounds as though this young person has his/her head on straight by making certain of meeting Sunday Mass obligation.
Many schools require participation in activities outside of classroom time in order for the student to attain top grades that will be needed for college. This certainly limits time for money-earning.
Some managers are not very accomodating. I actually had, in writing, an agreement that there would be no Sunday work unless there was an emergency. A new manager came along, tossed the agreement, declared every Sunday to be an emergency (because an ex-Catholic and a Mormon needed the time off) and told me to have my priest move Sunday Mass to Tuesdays because that was to be my day off. An appeal to the corporation led to a trumped up charge of "customer abuse" and the corporation was notified of my termination three days before I was.
Best wishes and God Bless you to the student who asked this question.


Our family is very tight-knit. We talk, have fun and, particularly in the last couple of years, have grown close to each other and closer to God, appreciating all He has done for us. Having been repeatedly disgusted with school systems we've tried, both Catholic and government-run, we homeschool, which involves great financial sacrifice. As a result, I have to work a part-time job, which includes four or five hours (sometimes more) on Sundays. Without it, we'd be in dire straits. We compensate by working family time around my work requirements. It's not a perfect system, but it's the best we can do for the moment.

I'd like to think Our Lord wouldn't hold that against me, come Judgment Day.

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