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June 06, 2006



Wow, frightening! He's like your Orthodox evil twin, with scruffier grooming and less cool eyeglasses.

I like his comments on The Da Vinci Code, though. :-)


Or is that Jimmy in disguise on one of his secret missions that Ed Peters talks about?

David B.

It looks like Jimmy when he was captured by the Taliban!

David B.

If you do not withdraw your troops now we will...
cut off Jimmy's beard!


Jack Chick probably thinks its one of your Jesuit spy disguises.

Gene Branaman


Tim M.

Speaking of the Duh Vinci Code... but in an aural sense...

this is a little off the topic, but a protestant friend of mine was watching the DVD movie of "JP2: WITNESS TO HOPE" last evening and she kept saying... wow... this George Weigel sounds exactly like... Tom Hanks!

I closed my eyes... and bingo... what an uncanny resemblence.


I don't see anything similar but the beard.


Let it grow Jimmy. Let it grow!

Ed Peters

Inocencio: look in the usual places at the usual times. Can't say any more. You understand.

Jimmy Akin

Let it grow Jimmy. Let it grow!

Actually, at the moment my beard is longer than it is in the picture.

I also don't have my cheeks shaved, and my moustache is long enough that I can wear it in handlebar fashion if I wish.

But the Orthodox deacon does look remarkably like I do in the picture.

No, it is I who will clone you!

Justin West

Does anyone else smell the makings of a sub-par Tuesday night NBC sitcom?


Time for a new pic, Jimmy.

Be sure to handlebar it for the photo, and don't forget your six shooters!

BenYachov(Jim Scott 4th)

You know now that I think of it Jimmy looks like a young Fr. Grotechel as well(before Fr. Grotchel went gray).

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