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May 05, 2006


I guess that you were on one of the continents.


It's somewhere in western Oklahoma.


The first photo looks like a miniature Weathertop!


P.S. Where's the boot in the second photo? ;-)


It looks like Ireland, but since I know you didn't go there, I don't know.


Okay, I'm just gonna throw this out there . . . does it have anything to do with Mothra?

derk burrus



Spiro Mounds?


Kingman? Barstow? San Bernadino?
(apologies to Bobby Troup)


The first photo looks like many places and i don't see anything distinguishing. You cleverly labeled the photo without any location.

The second photo hint however, I presume, is near the mystery photo. Searching in InfoSync didn't help much. Zooming in the photo, there is a City Hall sign (so it's a smally town), and I'm guessing the door has the name of the town. I was guessing is starts with "King...". But, looking at the filename it lists "Binger".

A search on "infosync binger" yields the address of "202 West Main, Binger, OK 73009"

So what's near Binger, OK? A quick look at a topographic map and google maps didn't yield anything. I can't find anything of tourist value.

Is that a tip of a road sign in the ystery photo? That would mean it's just of a road (presumably a main road or highway). I need a boot in the photo for scale. :)

Dennis Eckert

1) I believe the building picture was taken in Binger, OK. a) when I saved the picture, I noticed that Jimmy named it 'binger'. 2) just to be sure, I blew it up and saw the name Binger on the window. 3) INFOSYNC is a company with HQ in Oklahoma City.

2) I believe the geological formation to be Rock Mary in northern Caddo County in the vicinity of Hinton, OK. Came to this conclusion by googling the phrase Rock Mary geological formation and came up with a 24-page PDF at http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v038/v038p130.pdf It includes the verbatim account of a Lt. Simpson in 1849 and how they named the formation. I won't spoil your reading by revealing here how it came to be named Rock Mary. I assume Jimmy has limited INET access so I will e-mail him a snippet from the lieutenant's report.
DEckert Everett, WA


No offense, but some of you all have FAR too much time on your hands. ;-)


Apologies for all of my typos above.

I did find the Red Rock Canyon State Park near, Hinton. It doesn't mention Rock Mary, so I presume it's outside of the park.

Good work Dennis, if you're correct.

Paul H

Wow, impressive detective work by Adrian and Dennis above.

Jimmy Akin

Adrian and Dennis are correct that the mound in the photo is near Binger, OK in Caddo County, but it is not in a state park and it is not Rock Mary.

Jimmy Akin

However, the place is mentioned in the PDF that Dennis links.


I didn't know that your alter ego was Richard Dreffus?
("Close Encounters of the Third Kind")


Trubador, in case you are not aware, the actual mountiain referenced in "Close Encounters..." is The Devils' Tower in Wyoming. More info: http://www.nps.gov/deto/

Well, I'm anxious to find out the mystery photo. Hopefully some else with more time has a better answer.

Dennis Eckert

I noticed that "a careful reading" of Jimmy's question did not ask to identify the feature but where he was. I'm guessing the area SW of Hinton, OK, and SE of Weatherford. I'm also thinking that the geo feature is named Ghost Mound after reading the report I posted earlier. Here's a TerraServer link for an aerial foto and USGS map of it. Is it Ghost Mound, Jimmy?


Richard de Lorimier

I think that's the big pyramid which is coverd by dirt and overgrown by flora - "the mound" - somewhere, like someone indicated, in the South, which is supposed to be bigger than the Egyptian and Central American pyramids.

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