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March 10, 2006




Do you have a web site of your own art? I've seen some of your still life, and was wondering if you've ever done any religious art.


Actually, I think Frank Gorshin was the Riddler on the old Batman show.

He was also the famous black/white faced guys on that episode of the original Star Trek.



Correct, Josh. Cesar Romero was The Joker. Shame on you, Tim (No, wait; that was Cliff Robertson).

Jamie Beu

So Tim,

Did you find the hidden "Nina" in the cariacature of Orson Welles?

You know, every Herschfeld drawing has a number of "Nina"s written into them (his daughter's name) - and that number is usually written in a corner of the drawing, next to his signature.

I'm still looking to see if he may have slipped any "Nina"s into the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment of "Fantasia 2000", but I doubt there are any.

Tim J.


I mis-spoke (wrote). Of COURSE I know that Gorshin played the Riddler.

I was just testing you all. Yeah... that's the ticket. I even did a post about Gorshin's passing, a while back, so I should have caught it.

I also can't explain why two large chunks of this post are in BOLD type. I did not mean for them to be, but for some reason TypePad would not let me go back and edit my post in the normal way. It would only let me access the HTML, which is useless to me.


I don't know...I know people knock realist painting, saying why not just take pictures, but for me, knowing how difficult it is to create such realistic paintings, they always take my breath away -- just imagine the painstaking attention to detail and unbelievable skill with the medium.

And realistic watercolor paintings are the best.

Randolph Carter

Much of the great art we see from the ancient and medieval eras, not just in Europe, but around the world, both shies away from realism while still depicting real objects. Look at the ancient figures of Egyptian pharaohs and the drawings of samurai from Japan's middle ages. It's all highly stylised work, and even though it is not strictly realistic, these styles are still capable of representing reality, and can often times contain more subtlety, nuance, and symbolism (and a lot of other fancy words) than more "realistic" works.

By the way, Mr. Jones, I take issue with one aspect of your post, and it is this: Frank Gorshin did not do impressions. He did impersonations. He was not an impressionist. That's a kind of painter. He was an impersonator, one who does impersonations. Sorry to raise this issue, but I really hate it when people mix up impression and impersonation :)

Gene Branaman

Excellent post, Tim! Thanks for this series.

It's too small for me to have seen any Nina's Jamie. Eventually, word got out about them & Hirschfeld started putting a number by his signature that indicated the number of Nins'a that could be found in the piece. There have to be some in Orson's beard, scarf, & the hair just above his ear but I can't tell. (SIGH)

And, Randolph, the terms are used practically interchangably when it comes to what Mr Gorshin did. Merriam-Webster.com defines impression as follows in entry #7: "an imitation or representation of salient features in an artistic or theatrical medium; especially : an imitation in caricature of a noted personality as a form of theatrical entertainment" & impersonate this way: "to assume or act the character of."

The definition given for impression suitable describes both Al Hirschfeld's & Frank Gorshin's work, as well as that of the impressionistic movement of painting, sculpture, etc. Tim's point is quite well supported by this definition, as well.


Tim, I absolutely love your art and enjoyed your site very much. I would love to commission you to capture my beautiful children timelessly with your talent, if ever I could afford to do so (which admittedly is unlikely!). God has gifted you so greatly, and in allowing us to view your work, you gift us too.

God Bless.

Tim J.

Hey, ukok, try me!

Easy monthly payments!... ;-)

Thanks for your kind words. I'll be doing a post soon about my latest portrait commission (which was especially gratifying) and my plans to "go liturgical" and do some big religious art projects I have had in mind for some time.



my car exhaust and back box (rear silencer?) is hanging off and I can't afford to get it fixed so it may be a while before I can afford to comission you :-(

I'm looking forward to reading your plans to extend to religious art...can't wait to see some of your pieces. Art, I'm no good at it, but I certainly appreciate it...thanks be to God for the gift of sight!

God Bless.

Tim J.


I was just funnin'. I really don't have a payment plan!

But I would invent one if the need arose. :-)

I know what you mean about cars. I have one now that requires me to enter and exit through the passenger door, and another that has a loppy speedometer. It will just drop out suddenly, leaving you to guess your speed.

It's fun to see how closely you figured it when the gauge comes back on.


Are our cars related, I wonder?

The passenger door of mine won't open (and I'm having trouble with the boot not opening at the moment too - and my fog lights just died on me) so when I do the school run and pick up my friends kids each morning, my son has to climb across the driver seat and over the handbreak (without hitting the rear view mirror -I yell at him "Watch the mirror!!!" - it once got knocked off and the garage charged me to stick it back on with an adhesive pad!)...so that we can fit the three girls in the back!

I've never yet had a car that cost less to service or MOT than £500. I think it's because I'm a woman, they can see me coming...well they couldn't really miss me, but you get what I mean, I'm sure.

the good thing about it is that it's a nice Catholic coloured car...when a friend told me I was driving a Catholic coloured car I hadn't a clue what he meant until he explained (he being an anti Catholic Scot had who was well educated in the Celtic/Rangers battles)

My car has a name, does yours?

I called her (yes her) Terminator...I used to have a red fiat called 'bambi' and it near enough fell apart. I figured when I got this car last year that an invincible sounding name might just make all the difference...it didn't work :(

God Bless!

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