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October 12, 2005


Steven D. Greydanus

My readers know I'm a huge fan of silent film; and I enjoyed the one Lovecraft book I've read so far. So I'm looking forward to seeing this combination homage.

R.V. Miole

Awesome. Thanks Jimmy.


Brilliant! I'll have to get this for my son.

The one Lovecraft work I saw made into a (TV) movie was Dagon, and it was simply awful. I think it would be hard to capture the sinister evil lurking in Lovecraft's work on screen, but a silent film just might work.



I 'm waiting for the same thing with : "The case of Charles Dexter Ward", my favorite !

Patricio Acevedo

Sounds cool! but I'll wait for the subtitled version.

oh, wait...


I would buy this just to listen to the musical accompaniement. I really enjoyed the suspenseful and thrilling undercurrent.

The only way I can watch really scary films (actually I don't watch any anymore) is to turn the sound off completely. I could laugh all the way through my beloved Hitchcock's finest without a chilling theme playing in the background.

God Bless.

BenYachov(Jim Scott 4th)

INTO THE MOUTH OF MADNESS is the only Lovecraft inspired film that I think is any good.

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