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June 13, 2005


Brian Day

SuperPope. Wasn't that a song by Rick James? ;)


What this reporter seems to be missing, in the declaration that B16 "tilts left", is that Ratzinger has not reversed course on anythng he had proclaimed when he was still head of the CDF. In other words, the stuff they hated about him isn't going away. So it is absolutely stupefying to think that anybody can conclude that this Pope (with his first political victory coming AGAINST stem cell research in Italy) will "tilt left". The Left has no monopoly on pastoral care and sensitivity.

Eileen R

I'm looking forward to Allen's new, obviously more considered, biography. The last one was a bit of an unfortunate last clarion of partisanship from Allen, but if he's written something new, I'm sure it'll be interesting.


Of course I don't expect B16 to be Super Pope. For one thing Super Pope is an anime character and can fly and force chokes demons. I'll be happy to see Benedict send a couple of American bishops into retirement.


"He's a super pope
super pope
he's super Popey!"

Wait... what?? lol

Brian and Philip, since reading this post, I have had that silly Rick James tune stuck in my head. With, of course, the alternate lyrics:

That pope is pretty Catholic.
That pope's a superpope!
The kind of pope you read about
In CRISIS magazine!


I thought superpope was at www.planetnintendo.com/superpope/spep1.html

did I miss something?

John Underwood

I can't help feeling that there was something of the super-jedi grip in the first Curial proclamation after Papa Ratzi's induction. It required registry officers in Spain to refuse, in conscience, to officiate at homosexual "marriages" even at the cost of their jobs. I wonder if they would be required to do the same thing if asked to officiate at the civil wedding of a couple of whom one was a married Catholic without an annulment (that at least would only have imposed Catholic discipline on Catholics).

What does a registry officer do? Surely nothing more than provide a civil stamp to a relationship. It doesn't create the relationship, which would exist even if the civil action didn't take place. One can ask what role a Church wedding has in bringing a relationship into existence, rather than celebrating it - but there is no suggestion that a civil wedding whether between homosexuals of heterosexuals does any celebration, it is merely a legal formality whose major purpose is to ensure a cheaper handling of the problems which will ensue if the relationship ends.

My concern is, though, that this publication only confirms the old Ratzinger which many of us have, over many years learnt to love, as commanded, but with distrust. (I leave it to the reader to discuss whether the commandment refers to love of a brother or of an enemy).

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