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February 02, 2005


Tom C

Hmm. Looks like an underfed wild dog with a serious case of mange.


Looks like one of those extinct marsupial Tasmanian wolves they're trying to clone. Send it to Fortean Times!


Yes, it does. But, since they've been seen in packs of 3 per the 2nd article, that would mean there's whole bunches of mangey beasties like this roamin' 'round!

And it's not like any coyote I've ever seen. But then the coyotes we get here in NV might be a different species from those in TX.

Anyway, it's kinda creepy not knowing what it is. Please keep us posted, Jimmy, in case you find out more!


Looks...seriously freaky, i'm glad we only get wild foxes and squirrel's where I live! I thought it looked quite cute until I clicked on the second link... incidentally, I may have a slightly askew sense of what constitutes 'cute'.

God Bless.

Agent Fox Mulder

We will be in touch...


By the way,Jimmy, speaking from the Sooner state, I really haven't met a Texan who is very modest or humble;) As far as that animal is concerned, it doesn't look like a Mexican hairless dog at all-I lived in the Mexico for three years and saw many varieties of hairless dogs, but nothing like that. And thank goodness those things ARE hairless--they won't make it up to Oklahoma--winters are too cold.

Eric Giunta

These animals look very much like the descriptions typically given of the Chuapcabras, at least in general outline.

Ed Peters

I will never forget the tragic day when I saw a Chupa trotting down the path around sunset, with a crying baby in its beak, followed by pathetic peasants chasing it with crudely fashioned brooms. I snapped a couple of quick shots with my brownie, but I later forgot them in the suit pocket and they were all martinized at the dry cleaners. I'd'a been in the National Geographic with those photos. What a day.


It seems like it prefers to eat fruit and, given its reputation for sucking blood, and its pointy ears, I would have to say it is a giant, flightless bat.

A bat-dog. Or bog. A dog-bat. Or dat. Or dat doggone bog outbat.

The shape of the back of the spine and tail looks a little like the Tasmanian Tiger, but the TT had hair and stripes over its flank and side of its belly. And besides, the TT is a marsupial. The shape of the ears and jaw are similar to an Africal Hunting dog, and has the same slight forequarters and plump belly - unlike normal dogs that have stronger chest and forequarters and a lean flank.
Will be intrigued to find out if it is a separate species.

O f course, as EVERYTHING is BIG in TEXAS, it could be a small Texas rat (grin).

Quo Vadis

Hmm, looks like it might be an emancipated mange infested female jackalope.


Question: in the second article pictures from Oct 8 there appears to be some blue substance (paint?) on the ground at the bottom of the picture--and then it seems to be also on the leg and tail....I wonder what this is? Is it paint?

Circuit Rider

It had a very serious, lethal case of mange. Good thing it was put down before it spread it to the livestock.

Canines and other mammals will eat greens and fruit when they are sick.

The chupacabra sounds more like a raptor or one of the carnivorous kangaroos that used to live in South America and Australia. Or possibly phycoraecus or however it is you spell it, the giant velociraptor-like flightless bird of the Americas that lived into the times of human occupation.


definately not a dog, the bod shape is all wrong,


sry to burst yalls bubble and all but yea...that is kinda a dead dog w/ mange...it was on the friggin news...so yea...but keep on beleiving in yourself and maybe you will find a real one...not a dead dog w/ mange..but good luck

it looks like a huge mutant rat with a simulairity to a dog, so i say half dog half rat, "i guess"


We've got one in our neighborhood in Tucson. I've seen it several times. I thought it was a mange ridden coyote. But have been told it had an offspring that looked just like it. It's dark grey about the size of our coyotes and acts a lot like a coyote.


I just saw one of these in my area in Pennsylvania. How do I shoot it any ideas. E-mail me anyone who might know...


Hi there,

Don't be afraid, that's just a mexican dog called "Escuincle" or "Xoloscuintle". If you see one of those again, don't shoot it, they're not dangerous (they've been domesticated since the Aztecs)and they're SERIOUSLY expensive: here, in Mexico, they cost between 10,000 and 100,000 pesos (1,000 to 10,000 dollars). See you!

I am not sure but thats pretty scary looking.I think it is a real El Chupacabra but I would not no much I just watched National Geo Graphics and got enterested in them.It kind of looked like a doe. A couple of years ago I heard sounds in our yard and corn feild. It sounded like something was screaming and crying at the same time.
Well See Ya!


well i believe it because i seen it in the paper haha

holy crap!!! that looks freaky!!!


OMGD! Even though i have never even seen a chupacabra (except in pics) i DEFINETLY know and belive that they do exist!My nana has seen one and when i was searching for one she said that this is more or likly what it looks like! :/

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